Monday, July 2, 2012

Farewell Revolution Youth Coalition

Revolution Youth Coalition “RYC” members announced that the political coalition that Revoluton Youth Coalition membersformed in the early February 2011 is going to be disbanded as its members find that the new political stage after presidential elections demands new coalitions with new challenges. According to some of its co-founder members like Shady El Ghazli Harb there no need for the coalition now especially that most of goals have been achieved including the power hand over to civilians “Even if it were partially” so it is better to disband it.

The Revolution Youth coalition was born in Tahrir square , in early February when youth from not less than 25 political movements, parties and groups as well independent activists and protesters decided to have one voice to represent the revolutionary demands of that youth in the square representing all political powers from left to right. I am speaking movements like April 6th Youth Movement “Maher’s front” {Liberal} , Muslim brotherhood Youth as well ex-Muslim brotherhood Youth {Islamist}, Revolutionary Socialists {Leftist}, ElBaradei support campaign {Liberal} , Justice and Freedom Youth {Social Democratic} , Democratic Front Party Youth {Liberal} and Tagammu party Youth {Leftist}. There were also

All these powers agreed on the revolution’s demands : Bread, freedom and social justice yet soon they had problems that made it hard for this coalition to continue.

The biggest sin I believe RYC committed is the sin all the revolutionaries did by limiting the revolution in Tahrir square only and neglecting the simple demands of the public.

The second major problem they met was that they could not overcome their political affiliation and difference to reach for the common goals , the MB youth still take order from the guidance office while the leftists can not trust the liberals and the liberals got their communications with God knows what to that jazz we used to hear throughout last year. 

The media harmed them with its constant exposure especially last year positioning them as if they were the rulers of Egypt and responsible for all the problems happened after the ousting of Mubarak. The media harmed them when it focused on unpopular faces among the public like Shady El Ghazli Harb to become the spokesperson of RYC in the media. The poor guy was not popular among normal non-politicalized Egyptians or among revolutionary Egyptians !!

I believe till the coalition’s real power or role ended by the beginning of the parliamentary elections when its members already enrolled in the political process in different parties and electoral coalitions.

RYC’s experience is extremely important and I think we all should learn from its mistakes in order to not fall again in to the mistakes they committed.  

In the end Farwell Revolution Youth Coalition , you made us believe for awhile that we can overcome our political difference even for awhile.

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