Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And Actually it is the responsibility of police and MOI

And 3 breaded men claiming to be Islamists stabbed a a university student called Ahmed Eid in Port Tawfik, Suez because he was walking with fiancée in the street at night in a horrific crime that shocked the whole country. Now Eid is labelled the "Martyr of Suez" in the media
Late Ahmed Eid May Allah bless his soul 
Sooner we find a shady statement from the so-called Egyptian Committee for the promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice “CPVPV” claiming the responsibility of the horrible murder saying that its members did not mean to kill him and that he misbehaved and they had to defend themselves in a very provoking statement. "By the way report this page to Facebook as Facebook page claiming for terrorism"
The CPVPV provoking statement 
The media found a golden opportunity to attack the Islamists , the Muslim brotherhood and new elected president Mohamed Morsi.
Now there are certain remarks I must hint out :
  • Up till this moment the police has not arrested those who killed him or knew who they are !! With my all due respect this had nothing to do with the Islamist political trend rise as much as it has to do with security in town. It is the responsibility of the police and the general security directorate in Suez.
Al Nour Salafist party denied to have any responsibility and its spokesperson Nader Bakar already claimed that the members of the famous Salafist party in Suez participated in the funeral of the young man. It is worth to mention that there is a strong Salafist trend in Suez starting from the life fact that Sheikh Hafez Salama , the icon of resistance is from the Salafist icons in the whole country. Al Nour party won the parliamentary elections in Suez in 2011.
Al Gama’a Al Islamiyya also denied any relation with the horrific act.
In my point of view the police is responsible before anyone for this crime when 3 thugs stab a student in the street and can not find them , already how the hell the police let those Egyptian CPVPV creeps spread terror in the society if the Egyptian CPVPV does exist in the first place !!? My humble knowledge with the law says that Using electric shock sticks is against the law and they are not allowed to be owned by civilians in fact. It is not the responsibility of the new president that only swore in from three days ago officially and has not formed a cabinet yet.


  1. Zeinobia. Egyptians have to wake up to the fact that Saudi Wahabism is being exported big time to Egypt and the region. These groups are funded by petrodollars. These mosques are build by petrodollars. 80% of US mosques are under Wahabi control. Saudi is desperate to hold onto its throne and do do that it needs to placate the Wahabi clerics who control Saudi. They have a deal between them. We rule and you reign and we will let you reign on your throne and keep you there as long as we can spread Wahabi terrorism and it's distorted Islam. Saudi is the nest of terrorism and it's time that the world took notice.
    rip to Eid just another victim of the fanatical radical nutjob Wahabi lunatics we are seeing spreading like a cancer all over the planet.

  2. Welcome to Egypt... Land of Sharia and Islamists Rule. A "revolution" to get rid of a dictator to bring in a theocracy. Good Job.

    1. Dear Z ; Did you ever believe that the mob responsible for such a disgusting crime will confess ????????? Are you that naive ??????

    2. Saudi Arabia is terrified of any revolution and would pay criminals like these to scare people. They are Egyptians and paid to kill in the name of Islam!

  3. zeinab only enraged fanatics like yourself would be apologists for these terrotists. Cheers

  4. Anon-Says
    Zeinobia: this the price muslim maojority pays by allowing visual appearance like beards (men), higuab/niquab(women) correlate with being religious muslim to the eyes of casual observers. Thus,all crminals need to confuse any eyewitness is to appear that way. This virus is introduced from Saudi Arabia where women who drive cars are treated as criminals while bearded men can play in large field of crime before being noted. Wake up Egypt and don't allow so called religious MBs make you sick beyound treatment.

  5. Thirty years of Mubarak took the country back a few decades, whereas
    religious fanatics emboldened by the election of Morsi will succeed in taking Egypt back to the stone ages.

  6. dose anyone know that he spent 2 hours BLEEDING in the hospital

    there was no blood or doctors.


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