Monday, July 2, 2012

At the Egyptian Embassy in Ankara

This photo was taken by dear friend Ahmed Zahran in our embassy , the Egyptian embassy in Ankara , Turkey.
The new presidential portait "Egypt" by Ahmed Zahran
In the past , the photo of Mubarak was hanged there but now it is Egypt.

President Mohamed Morsi already gave his orders not to hang his presidential photos and portraits in the governmental institutions, ministries and agencies as well in embassies.
It is radical decision without defying the international protocols but they are good enough to treat Egyptians from the infamous presidential cult they suffered for centuries.

Of course to be honest , personally I wish that his photos and portraits are hanged in army and intelligence building in order to teach the officers important lessons and facts like civilians can be their commander in chief , the president will not stay for 30 years insh Allah again and their loyalty should be for Egypt and its people.  


  1. +1 for putting morsi's portrait in military buildings :D



    What do you think of Fisk's new article? The fox he is referring to is one of the "free april 8th" officers who got shot in the leg but escaped. Could we have been deceived to think that Morsi is better than Shafik? Would the intelligence revolt?


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