Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Apology to dear Tunisian Friends

I apologize to dear Tunisians for the huge insult the Egyptian presidency has committed today during the reception of President Muncif Al Marzouki.
I apologize on how president Mohamed Morsi sent the minister of electricity to receive President Muncif Al Marzouki instead of receiving the special guest of Egypt himself at Cairo airport. Already the Tunisian president is the first foreign and Arab president to visit Egypt after electing Morsi as a president.
I apologize on how the presidency did not put the beautiful and great Tunisian flag behind Mr. Marzouki at all Itahadia palace during his summit talks with Morsi.

Where is the Tunisia flag ?? "Reuters" 
 It was there during the press conference.
The Tunisian and Egyptian flag as they should be 
I do not know how or who is running the show in the presidency when it comes to basic protocols but this is huge thing and unfortunately I fear that the presidential palace staff from the old ones seemed to be lazy to do their work properly after year and half of being idle or did the presidential palace staff miss its old boss !!?
Again I apologize to all my dear Tunisian friends.


  1. i dunno, it must be some protocol or so! see this pic

  2. I hope this whole Presidential Palace staff, security and guards are not a bunch of Fulul whose loyalty is for the filthy old regime and corrupt family, and that they are not trying to embarass the new elected president and for that matter embarass Egyptians and their own country, May Allah protect this country and its people.

    1. Sack the old staff and bring in people close to the new president.


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