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Here are our new military commanders

Meet our new military commanders : 
Abdel Fattah El-Sisi
The official photo for El Sisi
from SCAF official FB page
General Abdel Fatah El Sisi and General Sobhy Sedky, our latest minister of defense and chief of staff or to be accurate the first minister of defense and Chief of Staff to be appointed by the democratically elected civilian president since 1953. "The declaration of Egyptian republic".

General Abdel Fatah Khalil El Sisi is considered the 71st minister of defense in Egypt since the position came to the Egyptian government in mid 19th century.

It is not a first time to hear the name of El Sisi who has been a member of SCAF and the head of military intelligence.

Now quick bio : 
Born in 1954, his father was a merchant in Khan Khalil famous quarter which means he is from Cairo.
 He graduated from military academy in 1977 as an infantry officer not in 1969 as most media claim. Accordingly, He did not fight in 1973 war. He is the second youngest member in SCAF.
"Already not one thought to check back because if they did, they will know that in 1969 he was 15 years old !!"
Among the leading positions he occupied in the army :
  • ِA commander of the mechanized infantry battalion 
  • The military attaché in our embassy in KSA
  • The Chief of staff of the Northern Military zone "Alexandria" 
  • The Commander of the Northern Military zone "Alexandria"
  • The head of the information and security in the general secretariat in the ministry of defense. 
  • The head of the military intelligence and reconnaissance "He was appointed by Mubarak" 
Unlike other members of SCAF, El Sisi did not speak that much to the media or appear that much like other members of SCAF whether Ismail Etman or Mohamed El Assar.
Still, the only time he spoke to the media, he created controversy when he confessed to the Egyptian media that female protesters in Egypt were subjected to virginity tests in March 2011.
The virginity tests were conducted to protect the girls from rape as well to protect the army soldiers from being accused of rape !! 
This quote was actually was the first and maybe the only direct confession from SCAF members that this ugly practice was conducted.
Needless to say, it was quickly picked up by Amnesty International and BBC.
Later that year in June 2011 El Sisi met with officials from Amnesty international promising to end this practice forever.
Since then we did not hear the name of El Sisi except when Ultra-Manic crazy rude anti-revolutionary Tawfik Okasha unleashed his greatest verbal attack ever against Tantawy, SCAF and El Sisi after the victory of Mohamed Morsi in the elections.
In that episode, Okasha predicted that El Sisi, the man of the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to some friends El Sisi's family got some MB members yet as an army officer he could not have reached to commandership and held these important positions like the commander of the Northern military zone or the military intelligence in time of Mubarak except if he got no political affiliation with any political powers let alone the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is like saying that Sheikh Al Azhar's father is an atheist !! "Of course in a perfect world, it should not be a problem."
When it comes to the family, El Sisi is a married man who got 3 boys and one girl. Some are claiming that his wife is wearing a Niqab which I also highly doubt it because ladies who wear Niqab are not welcomed in the army's clubs.

On the other hand, revolutionaries cannot forget the role of the military intelligence in sabotaging the revolution's progress throughout 2011.

Already personally I am asking myself why we have this man as minister of defense when he is part of that disaster that took place in Sinai. There is no doubt that the intelligence failure is divided between the GIS and the military intelligence if we are speaking seriously taking in consideration for more than 15 months the militants were roaming Sinai freely.

Anyhow now there are rumors that Morsi to fire Anan and Tantawy after knowing from El Sisi that he gave intelligence to them and they ignored it.
I do not believe that I believe it was amicable retirement especially that Tantawy made it clear that he would retire after the presidential elections.
Needless to say El Sisi got the American blessing or approval so I will not imagine for one second that he is revolutionary for real.

Anyhow, I am quite amazed that people actually paying attention more to El Sisi and they forget that his position is actually a political one and the Chief of staff actually is not less important than it.

Sobhy Sedky
Our Chief of Staff now
General Sobhy Sedky El Siyad has been appointed as the chief of staff instead of Anan.
The 1955 born general is actually youngest member of SCAF.
There is not much information revealed in the media about Sedky except that he was graduated from military academy as an infantry officer. He was promoted to General in 2007.
He was appointed as the commander of the Third army "Canal Zone" in August 2009.
Again revolutionaries do not like him because of what happened to the Suez revolutionary activists who have been sentenced two years in front of the military courts for protesting in front of a military base earlier this year !!
You must know Morsi retired not only Anan and Tantawy , he retired the commanders of Navy , air forces and air defences forces.
BY the here is a complete list of Egypt's ministers of defence.
You can also check My Who is Who of Egyptian Junta from 2011. 
May God protect Egypt and its army. 


  1. Thank you indeed for publication! Love and solidarity, Mic

  2. Morsi "had" to retire the commnads of Navy, Air Force and Air Defense. In fact he had to retire all the people who were ranked higher than El-Sisi in order to appoint him minister of defense. The army does not work like a civilian institution where a young man can climb the ranks over older ones without them objecting. What amazes me is that all three branches commanders accepted their new civilian positions and went to work the very next day!!! If it were a surprise and they didn't know as some media claim, they would have stayed at home for at least a few days to digest what happened which they didn't. They all "knew" what was going to happen and approved it! By the way, El-Sisi was mentioned in one other incident other than virginity tests, that is the Americans trial case this last February.
    By the way, a typical procedure in these cases, if Morsi surprised them, is that the president would have ordered El-Sisi to arrest Tantawi and Anan or at least house arrest them as a preemptive strike against any thing they could think of doing which he didn't according to the official speaker of the presidency.

  3. military expert8/14/2012 03:09:00 PM

    Sorry but the new minister of defence and chief of staff were promoted, the one to Marshall and the second to three star general, and thus become seniors to the others.

  4. khaled, sorry to tell u that u are totally wrong, the commands was surprised as many of us, and they knew the news from tv or someone called them to tell them on the phone after they announced it , nothing was prepared and i'm 100% sure of what i'm saying cuz i'm a daughter of one of them, if are asking why they accepted they new civilian position cuz this is the normal route for their career , and in military the generals from the day they become admirals they know where is there next step , i mean sooner or later they will leave and as u said they are to retire automatically as the new defense is younger than them , it is avery normal process actually they stayed much longer than their period cuz of the revolution , so what happend is very normal , just media have to stop analyzing things in their own way and according to their own favors


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