Thursday, August 2, 2012

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2012 : Hagar, Sahar and Egrama-14

Here is our 416th night of our Radio Arabian night , the 14th part of our tale , the tale of Hagar , Sahar and Egrama.

Tonight Sahar continues to resist the old king “Seksek” who is insisting to earn her love at the same time she began to listen to Hanoma , the old concubine from Ethiopia who advised her to continue resisting the old king.

Strangely enough Hanoma told Sahar that soon enough she will be rescued either by Hagar or by someone else refusing to give more details. On the other hand we knew that King Kaood knew that our knight Hagar is in his way to save his beloved Sahar.

The night ends when King Seksek heads to see some Indian fortuneteller.  

You can refresh your memory and remember what happened last night here.

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