Thursday, August 2, 2012

#Syria : When No news becomes bad news !!

Since yesterday the communications were cut in Aleppo ,internet and mobile communications have been reportedly blocked in the city that witnesses huge battles between El Assad forces and the FSA troops.

From what I understood from Syrian tweeps Aleppo already hosts a major internet server that covers the areas of Aleppo, Idlib and Hassaka which means those areas do not have internet access anymore.

Some say that some telephone landlines are working but again we got no info since last night to the level that I am extremely worried . Sometimes no news means bad news in war zones.

Already there is tragic human situation there with more than 200,000 citizens left their homes in Aleppo taking refugees in schools and universities with no proper food or water supply in Ramadan , yes in Ramadan. Refugees from Aleppo are heading in Damascus and Idlib as well the Turkish borders. Here is a video report by two citizen journalists from Idlib describing the situation of refugees in the city.

The lucky ones who got money fled the city earlier in flights to Cairo. Yesterday a plane came carrying 151 Syrians from Aleppo including 11 babies. Already it turned out that Cham Wings Airlines , the only privates airlines are transferring the refugees in an airlift from Aleppo to Cairo. In the past 48 hours not less 300 Syrians

According to Syrian tweeps are owned by Ramy Makhlouf , El Assad’s cousin unlike what was mentioned in the mainstream media that it is owned by Essam Shamot. The original usual route of the airlines was Damascus-Sharm El Sheik. Already my friends in Sharm El Sheikh have noticed an increase in the numbers of Syrians in the famous city more than usual especially in this circumstances.

Some of these Syrians in Sharm came from Daraa. I think these Syrians came through Jordan.

The official number of Syrian refugees registered at the UNHCR in Cairo is 1230. Of course this is very small number to what I hear from numbers from Syrians. Already for months Syrians have arrived in Egypt as there are no visas between both countries and Egypt Air was from the few airlines that still working in Damascus just like our embassy which actually helped refugees.

When it comes to refugees in Egypt , in Cairo in particular my dear friend Um Farouk can help you a lot.

Speaking about Refugees , the Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus are now target for El Assad’s shelling !! Not less than 15 including children were killed in the attack today . The Palestinian refugees were supporting the revolution as it seems and now they are paying the price. There are more than 100,000 refugees in the camp.

Politically the Palestinians themselves are divided between Anti-El Assad and Pro-El Assad and in the end

Already FAO has published a statement saying that not less that 3 million Syrians are in need of food, crops and live stock assistance and that 1.5 million Syrian are in urgent need for this assistance now.

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  1. The FSA will adapt. Assad is trying to fight guerrillas with heavy weapons & jets. Assad cannot hold territory, he can only slowly lose territory. He won't gain new supporters either but the FSA will as civilians are inflamed by the atrocities. He should be reading up on Vietnam & Algeria, with the ghost of Harriri looking over his shoulder.


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