Monday, August 6, 2012

#Sinai : Bad night , bad morning

The general mood in Egypt is mourning one after the Sinai attack despite there is no official mourning just like in the days of Mubarak, Egyptians get killed and no official mourning !! People are sad in work and in homes. No TV channel has announced national mourning except ONTV as well Cairo Opera House that decided to cancel its artistic activities for three days in mourning. Al Shorouk newspaper has announced that President Morsi announced the official mourning for three days.

The death toll of victims raised to 16 !! The photos of martyrs began to find its way to social media. Young officers and conscripts whose ages range from 18 to 29 years old. The victims are from army and central security forces. Their bodies should reach to Cairo soon this afternoon !!
Currently there are strict check points in North Sinai according to Journalists who head from Cairo to Al Arish. The residents of North Sinai have already cut the roads and set tires on fire in solidarity with the Egyptian army.
Angry citizens in Sinai "AP"
Here is the televised speech of Morsi which he said very late night.

Anyhow this clip did not have the slightest effect on Egyptians compared to that video showing the victims transferred to the morgue. "Graphic"

Now interestingly enough it turned out that the Sinai tribes' Chieftains were having a breakfast with none other than the head of Egyptian intelligence "GIS" Mouard Mwafi at the tim of the cowardly act !! It is unclear if they were having the breakfast in Cairo or in Rafah. Mwafi used to be the governor of North Sinai before appointed as the head of the GIS after the #Jan25 revolution. Today Morsi is having another meeting with Mwafi.
Now in Israel , well the Israeli government is bragging on how they beat the terrorists in 15 minutes insisting that they gave intelligence info their Egyptian counterpart. I will buy this.
Israeli PM Netanyahu has visited Israeli Egyptian borders and the locations of clashes in Karam Shalom.

His Arabic media spokesperson of course continued to tease us and published a photo for the burned military vehicle.
Of course the IDF could not leave us alone and decided to post the video showing how they blew up the bloody Egyptian vehicle !!
Here is a quick round up from reactions in Egypt following the attack

Freedom and Justice Party issued a statement last Sunday night condemning the attack describing as “criminal terrorist attack” demanding President Morsi, the supreme commander of armed forces and the government to take all the needed procedures to face “that challenge facing Egyptian sovereignty” and “to protect Sinai from all militant groups”.
Moderate Islamist Al Wasat Party demanded a quick and harsh reaction following the attack in order to “ revenge for the blood of Egypt’s heroes” and “to arrest those terrorists behind the attack” through tough procedures to track the planners of such act and those funding them from inside and outside the country.
Al Wasat Party added in its statement issued on Sunday’s night that it put itself as well other powers in the society in the support of the armed forces in securing the borders and Sinai.
Liberal Al Wafd Party issued a statement condemning the attack and paying its respect to the soldiers and officers from armed forces killed in the attack adding that Al Wafd Party has already warned from what it described as sleeping terrorist cells in Sinai targeting the democratic transition in Egypt.
Liberal Democratic Front Party’s general secretary office held an urgent meeting on Sunday’s night following the attack as well to discuss the implications resulted from that attack demanding a harsh reaction. The party also decided to half-mast its flag for three days in mourning.  
Today Egyptian athlete was qualified to the semi-final 800m race , Mohamed Hamda did the military salute in a very significant moment.
Now at the same time anti-Palestinian sentiments are back in Egypt thanks to the biased Media machine , Hamas in Gaza held a memorial service for the late victims of the attack. Hamas reportedly offered its full help to arrest those who are standing behind the attack. 
In Gaza "AP"
Any serious researcher in Islamist groups will know that Salafist Jihadist groups "suspect" are actually against Muslim brotherhood and their way of thinking. The Salafist Jihadist groups consider the MB to be the liberals of the Islamists. 
In afternoon Morsi paid a quick visit to Al Arish , to Rafah along with Tantawy and Mwafi , he did not visit the site of the attack for security reasons yet he vowed that the army will fire back. Now he did not give an order to destroy the tunnels but Tantawy gave an order to destroy the tunnels. News agencies say that Egyptian air forces are already there !!
Tomorrow there will be big military/popular funeral for the victims tomorrow at Al Rashdan mosque attended by the president. 


  1. This is actually a huge conspiracy by Israel and Iran against Egypt.

    Zenobia, basically this attack has been organized by those people who are not happy about the new dawn of relationship between Egypt and Palestine. They are not happy how Egypt had opened Rafah Crossing and allowed humanitarian aid to Gaza !!! Israel was angry with Egypt.

    At the same time, Iran is also angry with Egypt and Morsi. Why ? Because under President Morsi and Chief of EGIS General Mowafi, Egypt entered into a new relationship with Hamas !! For many years Iran considered Hamas as its younger brothers and saw it as a legtimising of its Palestine cause !! Now since Egypt is taking over the role, Iran will get elbowed out of Plaestine. No longer will Iran claim to be the leader of the resistance !!!

    So basically I think that this attack has been jointly planned by both Iran and Israel to kill 2 birds with one stone -

    1. Destroy the positive relationship between Egypt and Hamas.
    2. Close down the Rafah Crossing.

    Basically Egypt is the target of this dirty game.....also some NDP supporters and Mubarak loyalist in Interior Ministry and CSF is playing along, they allowed these foreign intelligence agents and Jihadist groups to operate in Sinai, just to discredit President Morsy and try to topple him !!

    I would love to have your reaction to my theory, Zenobia. I can tell you, I am not the only Egyptian to believe this theory !!

  2. Israel and Iran, both non-Arab and non-Muslim countries, are now after the blood of the Muslims and Arabs everywhere. Now they are slaughtering Syrian Muslims en masse, and their next target is Egyptian and palestinians.

    Sunni Arab will be victorious over this Zionist-Persian-Russian conspiracy.

    1. Gamal , I disagreed with you several times when you were dreaming about the MB clean agenda. Thia time I agree with you for the need to look at the bigger picture of the near future of the middle east. Iran and the Khomeini regim are key players of the most complicated zionistagenda for the arab world. As anexample is the fake story we keep hearing about Iran developing nuclear weapon, supposedly to threaten Isarael!! I didn't see or read the nuclear weapon will distinguish Israelis from palestinians, from Syrians from Egyptians?? why don't they advertise how fake soap opera drama it is!!!!!??

    2. Gamal,

      And, why would Israel blow the Gas pipe that delivers Gas from Egypt to Israel? It is hurting its own economy now by this in a significant way.

      People like you who constantly blame "others" (non-Arab, non-Muslim), are the ones to blame for the problems of the Arab society.

    3. You summarized the old Muslim Arab male mentality succinctly - its always the other guy's fault (or the women). Its never my fault.

      Let's hope the Arab spring will really change things in this regard as well.

    4. Don't hold your breath.

  3. Something seems wrong here. I'm thinking black flag operation. Why would a small group of extremists attack? What would they gain other than causing the anger of Egypt and laying the blame on Palestine?

  4. "Israel shared some of the intelligence it received with the Egyptian army prior to the incident, but there is no evidence Egypt acted on the information." Haaretz

  5. And what if the MOSSAD/CIA connection has worked their way in and triggered that proxy operation.. We know that infiltrators and sleepers are planted deep in various fractions of the Egyptian society since the "Moderate" rule of the over-ruled Mubarak. Both agencies have long history and experience in similar cases in Mexico, Panama, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, Eritria, Rowanda, Iraq, Chad, Colombia, Indonisia and throughout the world even before the First Cold War.. So this could be a simple walk in the park for them especially to discredit the new Egyptian Executive and establish the motive for escalation and maybe extort a hasty confirmation to the Camp David Peact Treaty accords.
    They would gain much by such operation, much more than Radical Extremists whom I beleive were dragged into a trap carefully set for them in the name of testing enemy reactivity.

  6. It seems since Mubarak everything is always seen as a conspiracy somewhere by so many people.
    People are suspicious of everyone.

    This was a gang of hoodlums from Palestine (the leader from Rafah it was reported and only 22 yrs old)
    Perhaps misguided, who knows.
    Young people who are misguided and think they can change the world, by crashing down borders who first needed uniforms and a truck. Stupid people that's all.

    No conspiracy going on.

    Too much Mubarak or too much TV.

    Not everything is a conspiracy in the world.

  7. Sure, the MOSSAD/CIA did it all - they murdered Anwar el-Sadat, Rafik el-Hariri, they created the wars in Lebanon, Iran'Iraq, Egypt-Yemen, 9/11, Sudan, Syria, Palestine, and you name it.

    Its never our fault, we have no responsibility whatsoever for anything. Its all the fault of the MOSSAD/CIA (and if its not the MOSSAD/CIA then its probably aliens from outer space).

  8. Those of us who despise the MB and religious extremism of all kinds should not allow themselves to be blinded by their own prejudice, especially when the facts so glaringly point in a very different direction.

    Notice how the international media is covering this vicious attack against Egypt with the narrative that Sinai is a wild, no-man's land that represents a grave threat to ISRAEL's "national security". The international media consistently reflects the Israeli/Zionist public-relations line.

    Since Israel's puppet Mubarak was removed, Israel has been gradually preparing the ground to replace its virtual occupation of Sinai and access to its resources, which it enjoyed under Mubarak, with a real invasion and occupation of that resource-rich and under-populated territory. Remember that Israel has tried repeatedly to grab and annex it since the 1950s, and its intelligence operatives have enjoyed free reign there for decades.

    This monstrous crime was designed to set the scene for future Israeli military aggression, and to demonstrate Egypt's incompetence to govern Sinai and neutralize the "threat" it represents, from 'Islamic terrorism'. All the supposed "evidence" pointing to Palestinians originates with Israel. Who benefits? God knows, it's not the Palestinians, nor the people of Sinai, nor any other Egyptians.

    To investigate any crime, one first determines who benefited, and then narrows the list of suspects to those who also had the means, motive and opportunity to commit the crime. When we do this, the list is shortened to one party: Israel.

    1. Basically, you're saying that the Arabs are not capable of making self-hurting mistakes, and whenever some individual Arabs are making a mistake that hurts the Arab nation, it's Israel's fault.

  9. Don't Kill Your Own People -- Expose The Jews' Criminal-Demands of Killing and Expanson in the Region

    Since the 1st of January 2011, Egyptian people, properties and facilities had been stricken plenty of times by FOREIGN AIR-FORCES, and in a number of these destructive horrifying cases we have found the "fingerprints" of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to be very obvious. Blood-shedding, Destruction and Horrifying are meant as 3 main goals of these un-humane and anti-humanity Zionist Blitz-Attacks. But we should behold also the Over-Pushing effect of these attacks on the Egyptian Political and Military Elite : As they get 'terrorized' from the ruthless zionist-levels of slaughter and havoc, they panic and start to obey the zionist threats which are accompanied by harsh or criminal demands. As a known example : The stereotyped humiliating order of "Subject Your People To An Invented Crisis", was obeyed by the military council for dozens of times, since January 2001, till now. What is Very Fierce and Very Stupid in the chaotic responses of the bravery-lacking Egyptian Authorities now, to the Aerial Blitz-Attack on the Karam abu-Saalem border-station, includes the criminal obeying of the zionist criminal orders that demand the killing of some people of Sinai, without conviction or trial, because they are of the kind who would take part in the defense of Sinai, when it would be attacked in the future by any zionist surface forces, no matter if they were to be Hebrew or American, or a combination of both. Such succumbing major sins by the Egyptian Authorities are utterly terrible, because : 1. They call for A Great Anger of God on Egypt ; and 2. They destroy the waiting Inside-Sinai Popular Resistance to foreign invasions, which the zionists are afraid of and need to eliminate before re-occupying it ; and 3. They invite and encourage the zionist jews to attack-again and attack-again and attack-again, because they have become sure that the Egyptian Authorities are afraid of them. -- Instead, the regrettably implicated "Controller"/ M. Mursy and any 'wise men' around him should : 1. Enhance the dependence on God to defend Egypt ; 2. Lessen the 'national sinning amounts' ; 3. Increase the readiness of ordinary people to any possible foreign invasion ; and 4. Fight-back with clever courageous means that include the media-revealing of the real ruthless criminal doers of the Aerial Blitz-Attack on the Karam abu-Saalem border-station, and all the previous similar attacks, like those of Alexandria, M'aady, Dtandta, Quweysna and Suweyss. -- When their peoples get to know how evil and ruthless they are and what horrible crimes they are devising and implementing, they would be susceptible to toppled and deprived of their powers to hurt us any more. The same promising-to-be-efficient tactic of 'Exposing-through-Media' could have been used by the 'Real Rebels' of Syria, to destroy the International Zionist Conspiracy that is engulfing and destroying their country, at the time being . It is very obvious that the Zionist Jews in both America and Russia are collaborating so that Bashshaar and his gang are protected and encouraged while they do the "dirty job" instead of the jews, and so that All Syrian Land south-west of al-Foraat river are, and are to be, evacuated for the near future occupation by the Jews.

  10. No, Anonymous, that's not at all what I'm saying. In fact, Israel's strength is rooted in our weakness, something that Zionists understand very well, and why so much of what passes for Israeli 'intelligence' consists of sabotage and provocations designed to exploit and promote our weaknesses. It's simple logic, and also supported by the facts.

    But in the case of this attack, I approached it like any other crime, asking the five basic questions: 1) Who benefited? 2) Who had the means to carry out the attack? 3) Who had a motive? 4) Who had the opportunity? The answers to all five questions taken together clearly and unambiguously point to Israel.

    Add to this, the fact that Zionists have characteristically used false-flag attacks to frame Arab/Muslim perpetrators for horrific crimes that serve Israeli objectives, going back at least to the terrorist bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem back in 1947, when Menachem Begin and his gang of terrorists 'dressed as Arabs' as they planted the bombs. They've been expanding and using this tactic consistently ever since.

    Finally, the tip-off was the otherwise inexplicable decision of the 'highly-trained' terrorists to quickly drive the armored trucks to the Israeli border crossing, which on the Israeli side marks the beginning of an electronically-monitored no-man's land known to be a trap where anything that moves is instantly destroyed. Why would they do that? There are no Israeli targets there.

    The only possible answer is that they were returning to their home base, mission accomplished. All "evidence" to the contrary has been provided to us by the Israelis themselves since then.


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