Sunday, August 5, 2012

#Sinai : We have seen this coming

Just from minutes ago it was announced that a number of Egyptian policemen and soldiers have been shot in Sinai in some terrorist act.
According to early reports a terrorist group allegedly attacked the central security forces camp on the Egyptian Israeli borders “Rafah” killing not less than 15 soldier and officer and stealing at least one vehicle before heading to Israeli borders. The vehicles were allegedly used in some operation in Gaza , it is chaotic !!
Now Reuters says that 20 solider and officer which means a whole unit while from the Thalatheen hospital in Al Arish we find that 16 have been killed and 6 were badly injured.
From what I understand the unit was having their breakfast.A source says that this massacre took place shortly before breakfast !!
I am so shocked. Now the army allegedly has sent its elite 777 special forces unit to the area.
This attacks comes shortly after the official Israeli warnings to its citizens to leave Sinai specifically from Taba immediately because Israeli citizens allegedly are in danger of being kidnapped.
This is not the first time Israel issues a warning to its citizens and then a terrorist attack happens , you can check my blog when it comes to Sinai !!
Of course I can not forget how the officials in Egypt said that we should not be worried from Israeli warnings as it is a dirty trick to hit Egyptian tourism !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Interestingly also took place at the same time Israel is attacking Gaza !!
There are lots of conspiracy theories now , I will not waste my time nor yours in sharing them for now but one thing for sure is not a conspiracy theory : From months local tribes and activists in Sinai have warned from the militant Islamist cells from Jihadist who were let mess around Sinai with the approval of security apparatus for stupid evil reason for sure.
Those who play with fire , who will get burned and as we say in Egypt the only who brings a jinn should know how to get rid of !! I am furious because I feel
Nothing on the National Egyptian TV , we get the info from Israel as usual before Egypt. The IDF killed the terrorists and saved the day !!

May Allah bless our soldiers and officers souls. May Allah bring patience to their families.

Updated : 

It turns out that terrorist cells in Sinai distributed from 3 days flyer threatening to target Egyptian security forces !!
According to Adraee , the Spokesperson of IDF in Arabic the IDF in quick action saved Israel from big operation
Up till now there is nothing official from Egypt. Up till this moment no Egyptian official spoke to the media from the army or the presidency. The MB boys are saying that President Morsi has ordered an urgent meeting for SCAF and national security council
The army and police boys say that the 777 is on its way. Adraee has just posted this photo exclusively in his twitter account showing one of our military vehicles burned
Gendelman also revealed that 7 terrorists were killed in the operation , 4 terrorists were killed in Israel and 3 in Egypt "Who killed those 3 in Egypt !!" Just in less than 2 hours we find Adraee saying that one of the terrorists involved in the operation was a man called Ahmed Said Ismail from El Tofah quarter in Gaza who is also a member in the international Jihad group !! All the information is claiming from Israel , it is so 1960s !! Now to Egypt the ministry of health officially stated that 15 were killed and 9 were badly injured. Now for what happened in Rafah . Both friends Ahmed Raged and Mohamed Fadel got some interesting info each. Ahmed Rageb , one of Egypt's best investigative reporters who writes in Al Masry Al Youm says that according to his sources 3 Land Rover vehicles carrying militants attacked a check point made of 23 soldier and officers using machine guns , they killed 13 and injured 10 before stealing a vehicle. Rageb did a report from several months ago about Jihadists in Sinai as well Egyptian POWs. Now the same version was repeated by Mohamed Fadel, CNN's correspondent in Sinai who is from the few journalists that know Sinai for real.Fadel added that the militants were masked. Moving to North Sinai according to some Unofficial FB page the CSF has stormed the tunnels closing them for the first time since the January 25 Revolution . The page claims that 17 masked men were killed by security forces. As soon as the locals in Rafah knew about the attack , they headed to El Arish hospital to donate blood for their brothers. This photo is from my friend Mohamed Sabry right now from the hospital.
Updated #12:23 AM 
At 11:52 PM we found out through Egyptian TV that President Morsi held a meeting with Tantawy , Anan and Mourad Mwafi , the head of the intelligence. Already it was announced that he will address the nation soon. I do not know when !! 

The presidency issued a statement condemning the attack and presenting it condolences to the families of the victims vowing for harsh response. 
The Egyptian government decided to close the Rafah crossing indefinitely 
Now officially the death toll has reached to 16 , 3 badly injured victims have been transferred to Cairo. 
Here is a photo showing the CSF injured soldiers in Al Arish hospital by Mohamed Sabry The governor of North Sinai is in the hospital now. 

Some sources close to Police forces say that they are actually 30 !! 
Here is a video from the IDF channel showing the Egyptian military vehicle after being hit in Israel. 

Hamas has condemned the attack denying any relation with it. Islamic Jihad also condemned it. 


  1. How does Israeli concerns for the safety of its citizens that they issued a warning effect the terrorist actions of some in the Sinai? Obviously, there is NO connection and toimply there is any is simply fanning the flames of unjustified hatred of Jews and Israel. I'm disappointed in the obvious bias.

    1. @paylmarcelrene - You don't know Israel very well, do you? It's got Mossad prints all over it and for you to accuse the writer of hatred against Jews for revealing a truth is so dishonest.

    2. @paulmarcelrene: He never said anything about hating Jews or Israel, he's just stating facts. You are so dishonest!

  2. Dear Z;
    What is the reference to"Terrorist Group" means? are they Egyptians? Israelis? What potential motive(s)? objectives?

    I am not surprised of the horrible event as I predicted chaoes in Egypt to trigger vented reactions and cause divisions to Egypt.
    I don't believe anything happended in the region as random! all are parts of a bigger devil plan with supporting money coming from the Salafi Empire!!!

  3. Stay tuned, more to come, go a head and release more political prisoners, this is their way of laughing at the President for the idiotic decision to let them out. Do you remember how Lebonan was destroyed for years. The government could not protect its borders, and to think that Israel is going to sit idle for long then you're wrong. Israel will act swiftly, they don't joke around when it comes to their safety. I wouldn't be surprised if they enter Sainai and create some buffer zone after more stupid attacks. No one will blame them if they do...Beware, those radical groups are sucking Egypt into a war with Israel. I feel sorry for those who voted for Morsi, they will loose their kids eventually, beleive me it's coming!!!!

    1. The Egyptian-Israeli border is located in a desert area which is mostly unpopulated, so the desert from the Israeli side is already a buffer zone. Since the terrorist attacks of Aug-2011, there are serious warnings to Israeli citizens not to travel along the border.

  4. My condolences to the families of the victims.

    Three comments:

    1. The Israeli troops probably heard the commotion on the Egyptian side, and as a result they were ready for the subsequent attack.

    2. Will all the gas pipe explosions going on in Sinai (I think we already lost count), its clear that something bad is going on in Sinai.

    3. This attack could be a retaliation of Iran/Syria to what is going on in Syria and the sanctions against Iran.

  5. This is actually a huge conspiracy by Israel and Iran against Egypt.

    Zenobia, basically this attack has been organzied by those people who are not happy about the new dawn of relationship between Egypt and Palestine. They are not happy how Egypt had opened Rafah Crossing and allowed humanitarian aid to Gaza !!! Israel was angry with Egypt.

    At the same time, Iran is also angry with Egypt and Morsi. Why ? Because under President Morsi and Chief of EGIS General Mowafi, Egypt entered into a new relationship with Hamas !! For many years Iran considered Hamas as its younger brothers and saw it as a legtimising of its Palestine cause !! Now since Egypt is taking over the role, Iran will get elbowed out of Plaestine. No longer will Iran claim to be the leader of the resistance !!!

    So basically I think that this attack has been jointly planned by both Iran and Israel to kill 2 birds with one stone -

    1. Destroy the positive relationship between Egypt and Hamas.
    2. Close down the Rafah Crossing.

    Basically Egypt is the target of this dirty game.....also some NDP supporters and Mubarak loyalist in Interior Ministry and CSF is playing along, they allowed these foreign intelligence agents and Jihadist groups to operate in Sinai, just to discredit President Morsy and try to topple him !!

    I would love to have your reaction to my theory, Zenobia. I can tell you, I am not the only Egyptian to believe this theory !!

    1. Gamal, you need to take a deep breath and consider why on Earth would Israel oppose to Egypt opening the border with Gaza? This will enable Israel to finally close its own border with Hamastate permanently. Egypt would be held responsible for Gaza's welfare and the whole issue of weapons smuggling will become Egypt's responsibility. Think harder, my friend.

  6. Three possible sources, which one is it?
    1. Egypt points the finger at the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.
    2. Israel at Sinai Salafits.
    3. Tehran put Gaza Strip Islamists and/or Palestinian proxies together with a Sinai al Qaeda cell for a coordinated attack on Egyptian and Israeli military targets to avenge the presence of al Qaeda in the anti-Assad revolt in Syria.

  7. It's clear it is yet another Israeli false flag operation.

    The aims

    To close Rafah which they achieved and now have total control again

    To gain support for attack on Iran

    Soon we will see them blaming Iran for this!!!

    Just wait and see!!!!

    I bet you!!!

    anyone falling for this latest Israeli false flag is a fool

  8. Ahavat Eretz Israel8/06/2012 02:30:00 PM

    Just for the record:

    1. We warned Egypt (of course they did not heed that, because of the usual conspiracy blablabla)

    2. The terrorists announced the attack (Egyptian police had to enjoy breakfast and were sent straight to paradise)

    3. @Gamal: You are wrong (and Jason is right), because we are actually busy kicking Iran out of Syria and soon wiping them from the map - so why would we conspire with them?

    4. While this Egyptian "777" (or is it "696969"?) are riding on their (equally confused) camels in circles, we punished the terrorists already.

    Israel forever!

  9. A bad day Z, I guess that it is more like 1967 army (failure)..
    Moreover, some points:

    - Not a single bullet was fired from the slaughtered Egyptian soldier’s martyrs, A BIG FAILURE from security perspectives, how come they are all having Iftar and no one is on guard?!!!

    - Those Jihadist terrorists who dare killing Muslims having their Iftar are far beyond the ones that we had in the terrorist waves in the nineties, they are more armed and surely more trained ... No estimations on their number ?!! They are definitely not an outcome of the Outlaw Bedouin smugglers.. Who doesn't see the links with some Jihadist groups in Gaza (Who Hamas was fighting one year ago, by the way) is blind.

    - Attacking the Israeli side using Egyptian army armored cars, was because their armored or for something else?!! I mean what was the original plane.. They knew that they will now get through the Israeli buffer zone.. So, did they intent to attack and leave the vehicle and go back to the Egyptian side?? Why did they blow the Egyptian first vehicle? 45 minutes before attacking the Israeli side , bullets from the Egyptian side attack would have been heard from the other side putting every Israeli soldier in alert , and ,you add another big explosion before crossing the border while you know that they are ready for the party ???!!!!

    Condolences for every Egyptian for the losses…

  10. Egypt MUST stop Israelis entering Egypt.

    Thousands of them are all wandering around Sinai and thousands of them are off duty IDF!!!!
    What are they up to in Sinai with no one keeping a close watch on them?

    Time to stop Israeli passport holders entering Egypt. Do as they do to Egyptians. Do you think Israel gives visas to Egyptians so easily?
    Sinai needs to stop the non visas scheme that allows entry for 15 days so easily!!! this is priority for us as a nation!!!! anyone can enter without even a visa!

    1. I completely agree with you. Camp David Peace doesn't mean putting Egypt's own national security at risk. Israel never has any good intentions. Infact President Morsi is thinking of some new Law, in ehich relations with Israel will be scaled down.... We can have peace without too much openness. Hamas and Palestinians are our brothers, not Israelis.

      And I blame Camp David clauses such as demilitarization of Sinai. Why Egyptian Army doesn't have the right to enter Egyptian territory ? This is disgraceful. Infact the whole of Sinai security, inclduing Border Guards, is provided by CSF, can you believe that ?

    2. Ahavat Eretz Israel is actually an Iranian agent pretending to be Israeli in order to discredit the Syrian Revolution.

      Don't worry, the true Muslims of Syria will kick out the taghout Assad regime and they will also get the Golan back.

      Nowadays Iran and Israel are working together so much you cannot even tell who is what.

      Both are enemies of Islam.

      Zenobia I am still waiting for your reply to my earlier comment.

    3. People forgot when Israel helped Iran fighting Sadam by facilitating sale of Weapons to Iran (Iran-Contra affairs with Oilver North!!).

    4. > People forgot when Israel helped Iran fighting Sadam by facilitating sale of Weapons to Iran (Iran-Contra affairs with Oilver North!!).

      So what? People also forget that German fought the US and GB in WW2, and that Ukraine and Poland were hostile to western Europe till the fall of the iron curtain. Currently, USA/Israel/EU are on the verge of war with Iran, just read the headlines on any respectable news agency.

      You keep blaming Israel, and you ignore that Arab muslims kill other Arab muslims constantly all over the Arab world, whether in Iraq, in Syria, in Palestine (Fatah vs. Hamas), in Lebanon, in Jordan (1971), and the list goes on ...

      Confronting reality is the only way to improve yourself. Blaming Israel (and "Zionism") is not confronting reality. It's same old Arab mantra that led us to this pitiful state of the Arab countries.

  11. "Ahavat Eretz Israel is actually an Iranian agent"

    Just when I thought you couldn't say anything stupider, Gamal.

  12. Ahavat Eretz Israel8/07/2012 09:16:00 AM

    Gamal like most Arabs is suffering from delusional pipe dreams. I have nothing in common with those crazy mullahs in Tehran.

    To me my precious good is Israel as it is promised by God:"To your descendants I have given this land, from the Egyptian River as far as the great river, the Euphrates." (Genesis 15:18).

    Here for you Gamal that (even)you understand what this means:

    There is one thing where we agree. Camp David needs to be revised, because God gave us Sinai and hadn't the Americans stopped us, today our southern border would be the river Nile.

    1. Please ask your god to phone me and confirm his statement.
      Thank You.

    2. Ahavat Eretz Israel8/07/2012 02:01:00 PM

      Please give me your number and I will try to get you in touch - however, I am afraid my God does not talk to infidels ;)

    3. If he is a true god, he should know my number unless he is a racist Jew like you!

    4. Ahavat Eretz Israel8/08/2012 06:51:00 PM

      ... the number for racist Muslims like you is the one of the Devil! Although, I guess this one is already in your phone book ...

    5. I'm a Christian you moron and have a lot of Jewish friends unlike you fucker.

    6. Ahavat Eretz Israel8/09/2012 08:29:00 PM

      Oh yeah? Christian?! Still an infidel ...

  13. Zenobia please ban Ahavat Eretz israel from your blog because he is proposing Zionist plans including conquesring of Egyptian territory.

    1. Ahavat Eretz Israel8/09/2012 08:32:00 PM

      Gamal, somebody has to do this, otherwise you would never know that the Jewish conspiracy is true ;) and besides, Egypt is now a democracy (=freedom of expression and all)

    2. Gamal, you are a deeply unpleasant person.


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