Sunday, August 5, 2012

RIP Mohamed Noah

Mohamed Noah "1937-2010"

Egyptian musician/actor/political activist Mohamed Noah has passed away earlier today in Cairo. Young generations do not know Noah but I think the 1960s,1970s and 1980s generations know him for very well thanks to his patriotic hit "Shady Hilak Ya Balad" that he composed after the 1973 war to commemorate the martyrs in his own way. 
As a political activist , Noah was from the opposition since very long time. Despite I always considered him from the leftists , I was surprised to find him from the early members who joined the New Wafd Part after its resurrection in late 1970s. 
I once saw him at Al Maghrabi hospital , it was from couple of years ago in Ramadan. He was suffering from some illness in his eyes. News report say that he lost his sight in the last few years :(
I remember this song whenever I remember the martyrs as it gives me hope.  
If one martyr is killed , there are thousand men like him will be born

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  1. I lived in Egypt in the 70,s fir 5 years. They were the most memorable years of our life and Noahs songs were a great contribution to this joy. He was among those who made Must my home. May Allah Bless his soul.


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