Sunday, August 5, 2012

#Syria Revolts : Rebels from Space !!

From me this is the most interesting defection I have heard from the Syrian Arab Army since the defection of superstar Manaf Tlass : Syria’s cosmonaut Mohamed Firas announces his defection and his escape to Turkey.
A cosmonaut announces his defection
Oh Yes Syria had a cosmonaut who is considered the second Arab and Muslim to fly in the outer space. Of course he went there as part of the Soviet space program and late Mir station
Here is a short clip from Russia Today’s documentary in Arabic about Firas.
RT’s short documentary about Firas
Here is also a space conversation between him and Hafiz El Assad in 1987. “If you read the comments on YouTube , you will find some cursing Hafiz and some cursing Firas now for betraying Hafiz !!”
Firas speaks with El Assad “the big man” in 1987 from outer space
This is the fourth time Firas tries to defect , this time of course he makes it. Now I find it so interesting that all those years I did not know. I remember that our science books in Egypt only mention the Saudi prince Sultan Al Saud as the first Arab and Muslim to fly in space but nothing about Firas.
I am really proud and happy to know that Syria got cosmonauts , hopefully he will not be the last.
Of course despite we had very cozy relations with Soviets then the Americans we never thought of sending some pilot to outer space !! Of course when I think about it we should not be sad after all we got the fantastic and amazing Farouk El Baz and his historical role in Apollo program. “Ancient aliens’ maniacs believe that Farouk El Baz and his father Sheikh El Baz of Al Azhar knew that ETs exist through ancient Egyptian history !!!”
Anyhow hopefully insh Allah we will have soon our own astronaut ,we got brilliant space scientists like Essam Haggy and our brilliant nerdy boy Amr Mohamed.
Amr Mohamed 
Again remember that name Mohamed Firas as he is part of our science history as Arabs. To be honest I am scared to death on the lives of Syrian scientists after what happened

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  1. Hello,
    Just for your information: his name is Faris, not Firas.


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