Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 in #Cairo : The Conquest of the Flag

This is the Jihadist flag replacing the US flag at the US embassy in Cairo from short awhile and it is 9/11. Not less than 2000 protesters mostly from Islamists are at the American embassy in Cairo chanting Pro-Islamist anti-American chants escalating on the Walls the once fortress embassy with complete absence from security. “The photo below is by the famous hunk of Hamazon Ziyad Tahrirawi

There are also Pro-Al Qaeda chants unfortunately , the protesters also chant against Al Azhar protesters. These protesters are protesting against an insulting documentary against Islam and Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”.
Here is photo showing the protesters earlier by tweep Karim El Degawy

Here is a short video showing the protest outside the embassy whose employees have left earlier shot by journalist Cliff Cheney.

In short summary ugly radical bastard Morris Sadek produced along with infamous Terry Jones a documentary that insults Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” , ironically the ones who spread that documentary online mostly from Islamists. The documentary is awful , some poor disgusting
Now it is worth to mention that a considerable number of these protesters believed that this documentary will be aired on all American TV channels on the occasion of 9/11 with Arabic translation !!!
The US embassy issued an official statement earlier Tuesday about film despite officially it is not responsible for Sadek’s crap .
The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others
I do not understand how easy those protesters stormed the embassy , the embassy is more of a military base with tons of marines inside it , it is very suspicious by all measures. From two weeks Security forces beat the crap out of the protesters at the Syrian embassy literality and some of them are facing trial now !!
Another thing I do not understand why they chose 9/1. I got too many ideas , from one hand it seems that the Salafists and Ultra-Conservatives are creating problems for Mohamed Morsi  lately starting with the insults against actors to these calls targeting the embassy. This is the first real clash between him and them if I may say. Again the MB appears to be moderate of the Americans.
Journalist and Islamist movements specialist Eman Abdel Moneim says that some of these protesters from Jihadi Salafists ,the Jihadi Salafists are accused of attacking our soldiers.
Amazingly Hamazon boys who follows Hazem Salah Abu Ismail are there, I have also had my doubts about this man. Abu Ismail’s Hamazon boys are already making headlines now with their fighters in Syria. Some say that an Ultras group is there , I highly doubt that a major Ultras group would be involved in such action.
Strangely Nader Bakkar of Al Nour Party that got good relations with the embassy declared yesterday that the party was participating in this protest.
I wonder how he feels now when it turned that way. It is worth to mention that Salafists like Bakkar are trying to market themselves to the Americans that they are the second best alternative after the MB.
The embassy now by Liam Stack of NY Times.

Of course after what is happening today at the embassy on 9/11 , Morsi will have hard job in convincing the American businessmen to come and to invest in Egypt.
Lawyer and human rights activist Najed Al Borai believes it is an attempt to impose the emergency law once again.
It is crazy.
News reports and citizen journalists report that security forces from army and CSF to the embassy’s area. This is not good.
As a Muslim I feel what is happening at the embassy is the true insult to Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” , now all American channels will show that stupid film because of those stupid people who refuse to use their brains.

Update : 

Here is a video from RASSD network that follows the Muslim brotherhood showing the replacement of the flag.
Here is another video which reached international websites like Huffington Post showing the fate of American flag

Now amazingly the police is so tamed to the level that people are wondering why it did not beat the crap out of those protesters like it always does at the Syrian embassy which is only two blocks away from the American embassy. Already the army used to protect the area since the revolution but it disappeared for awhile now. Strangely enough we find the head of Cairo security directorate says that he is holding talks with Al Nour party and Salafist front "the mother movement of Al Nour Party" in order to end the protest peacefully !! He claimed that Nadar Bakkar promised the security forces that the protesters will leave within an hour. The police general also stated that most of the protesters were following the Salafist Calling.
The name of Ben Laden over Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" 
 Now we should not forget the historical fact that many of the Salafist calling's leading Sheikhs in Alexandria used to cooperate with the State security. Strangely and amazingly I found out that Hamazmoon group is calling for another huge protest at the embassy of Netherlands demanding its closure because the Dutch government is producing an insult film against Islam !!? Well I think they mix things up with the right wing's history in Netherlands from couple of years ago. The embassy of Netherlands issued a statement from couple of hours ago denying these claims.


  1. This is quite a serious matter. It's the lead story on Drudge at the moment, which is how I learned of it. By the way, this is a net minus for Obama and plus for Romney for those minding the odds. Thanks for the prompt report, Z.

    1. Mitt's name will change to 'examination glove' after Obama debates him.

  2. Here is a 13:51 clip from the problematic movie, which is in English: The Coptic abroad insulting the prophet.

    Here, in Arabic, is 7:19 of extremely inflammatory commentary on the movie: أقباط المهجر ينتجون فيلم يسخر من النبى ومحمد حمدى يفتح النار عليهم.

    These links are from The Atlantic: The Movie So Offensive That Egyptians Just Stormed the U.S. Embassy Over It which quotes Liam Stack of The New York Times as saying:

    The man in the scene says of his goat, "This is the first Muslim animal." He asks the goat if it likes girls; when it doesn't answer, he bursts into laughter and says, "He doesn't like girls"

    Also Muslims are called pedophiles. So that's what they're mad about.

    The movie looks terrible. I have never heard of it until now nor have most Americans I am sure. It has terrible production values. The actors playing Arabs all look like white Americans. Why anyone in Egypt is paying attention to this piece of crap is a mystery.

  3. It's interesting to note that these protesters take Terry Jones way more seriously than anyone in the United States does. Most Americans think the guy is an unhinged lunatic and pretty much ignore everything he has to say -- if they've ever even heard of him at all. He wouldn't have the wherewithal to buy a 30-second ad on local cable access, never mind produce a movie that would be shown on all major U.S. TV networks at once. Because ESPN is totally going to drop Monday Night Football for that...

  4. P.S. No American channels will show that film. We don't even know if there is a film. Initial press reports in the New York Times couldn't even identify the film, because they don't know what the protesters were talking about. Terry Jones is almost irrelevant in U.S. culture.

  5. The media coverage about the film is specifically planned to generate this reaction in 9/11 and propagate the lie that Arabs are behind September 11.

    Ordinary people were thinking if 19 Arabs were able to destroy US defense, why million couldn't do the same on their own countries?

  6. "the lie that Arabs are behind September 11"

    I'll have whatever you're smoking.

  7. @Zeinobia "I do not understand how easy those protesters stormed the embassy , the embassy is more of a military base with tons of marines inside it"

    They were able to get in because the Obama administration's rules of engagement for the Marines did not allow them to shoot unless first fired upon. The Embassy is sovereign US territory. The majority sentiment in the US that the Marines should have shot the twenty infiltrators as they came over the wall. Americans don't like a president who makes America appear weak. It's part of a pattern with Obama, like bowing obsequiously to King Saud and Emperor Akihito.

    1. Shooting protestors to death is not something that would be tolerated in America. I don't see how doing it in Egypt advances our national interest

    2. You call them "protestors"? Here is what they did, faggot:

      (1) Illegally and by force entered US territory
      (2) shouting anti-US slogans
      (3) carrying an Al Qaeda flag
      (4) on September 11.

      The Marines were clearly in danger from the threat of violence and should have been allowed under rules of engagement to open fire. What's not good for American interest is sending the message that these acts result only in feeble statements from Obama and Clinton condemning insults to Islam. And sure enough, looks what happens right away. They kill an American ambassador and Marines in Benghazi. Really, you're an asshole. Move to Egypt, why don't you.

  8. LIBYA TOO NOW. AhramOnline in English reports that the US Consulate in Benghazi has been set alight by an armed mob annoyed with the film.

  9. In the current internet and information age, every idiot can produce a movie about whatever he wants, and distribute it through the net. Does it mean that the mob will burn the US embassy each time? and kill some employees in the process(as in Libya)?

    With all due respect, killing people and burning buildings because of an idiotic movie (that no one even heard about before) is crazy. Not only that it brings huge (unwarranted) media attention to the movie, it also portrays the muslims as crazy extremists, which is exactly what the creator of the movie wanted... so sad!

  10. Those muslims are sad excuse for a people. The live all over the world on welfare. They should thank us for our generosity!

  11. The Egyptian army , police and security intentionally enabled this occurrence to take place. I am sure they had prior knowledge of this demonstration and did nothing.
    The question is who & why?

  12. Remember the attack on the Israeli embassy? Remember how the attackers were treated as heores? The police and the army don't want to kill "heroes" and maybe be thrown in jail!

  13. Ever since december 2010 I have been wondering why the west supported the so called arabian spring. It was clearly an uprising of muslim extremist, calling 'allah akhbar' all the time and locking women away (hardly any woman joining the revolts was seen on pictures, tv, etc). Surely the reigning authorities at that moment were cruel despots but at least they were dealing with the west without hating us for religious reasons. I do remember the us supporting alqaeda against russia, it was a tragedy for afghan women and turned out to be desastrous for the western cultures. We still strugle with the consequences today.
    To me it seems politicians are blinded by short term economic gain and to feeble minded to learn from the past. I feel sad to see I was right feeling uncomfortable in 2010 and I hope this is not going from bad to worse.

    I do want it to be clear that I don't accuse western politicians of the deeds that were/are done nor of the death of ambassador Stevens. I just hope somebody influential will learn from this, since I can perceive this others must be able to see it too.

  14. As everyone already knows, Allah has given Muslims the exclusive right to kill and insult the beliefs of any of the billions of non-Muslims in the world. Reciprocity is A Great Crime.

    In the 1940s, the Allies killed 10-12 million Germans, before they were persuaded that they had not the racial right to decide who can live, and what can be thought on the planet. Sooner or later, it will come to the same thing with Muslims.

  15. I got an idea of how these things happen
    for a year now there was this email that is sent to all contacts cyrcling the next saying the west is producing a (sensually offensive) film about the Prophet
    well I don't pay much attention to these hoax like mail that i consider much more like spam
    yeah i'm outraged but would i start burning public & private property and killing foreigners?
    thats misplaced anger, I'll take a more positive reaction and debate rationally with people on the net and avoid trolling
    yeah most people that assisted to that riot where misinformed
    and leaner the information distorted from second hand (check your facts before reacting)
    in a way similar to the outrage caused by an Iranian film "the fall of a pharaoh" that was produced by a religous group and not by state media like some Egyptian papers claimed

  16. If the unfortunate tragedy of killing the Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens helps Romney, then the U.S. is going along with teh entire Middle East, quickly to hell in a handbasket, for he's just itching to side with Israel and attack Iran. He's anti=everything except himself, and his fellow cultists, the Mormans. Watch out the globe is heating up if he gets in.

    We are all cooked.

  17. Morsy has to officially apologize on behalf of the Egyptian people to the USA. Otherwise we should set our aid to Egypt on hold, send all Egyptians back to their country, close American University and stop any cooperation

  18. These acts were not representative of all Egyptians or Libyans, and not even representative of all the protestors just like that stupid movie is not representative of all Americans.

  19. These acts were not representative of all Egyptians or Libyans, and not even representative of all the protestors just like that stupid movie is not representative of all Americans.


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