Monday, September 17, 2012

And So #Israel has Failed to foil #Zewail’s big project in #Egypt !!!

And so Israel has failed today in sabotaging Dr. Ahmed Zewail’s big project in Egypt !! At least this is what famous TV host Ahmad El Muslimani hinted out in his TV show on Dream TV2 tonight as part of his comment about what happened earlier today at the disputed Nile University premises. “Israel is fighting Dr. Zewail’s project , his university which will launch Egypt’s big scientific project !!” This is what El Muslimani said in his TV show today.

I do not know what Israel has to do with the struggle of the Nile University and students up till this moment but I know that Mubarak’s speeches writer is using the anti-Israel feelings to create sympathy with Zewail and his city for technology in the cheapest way ever !!

Strangely Zewail was awarded in Israel the Wolf Prize in 1993 and his views does not reflect anti-Israeli sentiments at least in the West !! I can not stand these double standards. 

I do not know how we foiled Israel’s big plans in the region and its war on Egyptian scientists when the security forces dispersed the sit in of the Nile University students by force in order to enable Zewail and his city from the buildings of the disputed  building premises. NU Students were dragged from the NU campus using force in front of their families and friends by police forces including some who are being arrested and will spend the night in detention pending investigation !! I do not know what victory it is !!

On Sunday the court ordered the evacuation of the NU Students to the premise after their “#OccupyNileUni” and to transfer them to Mubarak City for science and technology “MUCSAT” in the Smart Village !!

Strangely on Saturday in a TV show on Al Nahar channel Minister of higher education Mostafa Mosaa said that the students of NU can use the buildings for another year until they find a permanent solution.

Despite what happened small number of students continue in their sit in in front of the university refusing to leave up till this late hour.

Already there is a huge development that the head of the university Dr. Tarek Khalil announced his registration objecting the attack on the students. The students issued a statement later demanding the following demands :

  1. The immediate release of their colleagues from detention. “Already done according to news reports”
  2. To give Nile university the right to restore its buildings and labs in Sheikh Ziyad city.
  3. To ratify the decision of recognizing the Nile University as a National University following the state. “The most important demand. “Already in March 2011 it was announced that the Nile University has been recognized as National university”

April 6 Youth movement , Strong Egypt Party , Constitution Party , Free Egyptians Party and Egyptian Current Party announced their full solidarity with Nile University students so did many prominent political figures especially after the use of force against the students in a way I think Zewail will not like at all.

Among the prominent figures we find some of President Morsi’s advisers taking a stance in solidarity with NU including Ayman El Sayyad and Ahmed Seif El Dawla. The statements of Ayman El Sayyad on Twitter already made headlines tonight in Egypt.

Speaking about President Morsi , from two days ago a man called Ahmed Soliman came to the NU sit in introducing himself as the president’s envoy and according to the students he said contradicting statements that no one can understand exactly ; whether the presidency and the government is with the NU students or with Zewail !! For instance he says that the government wants the university to become a national one because national universities are better but Zewail wants the university for his city !!!!

Here is part of what he said as recorded by the students.

There is huge criticism to Morsi on how security is still being used to disperse sits in and protests by force after his election , especially today security forces also dispersed by force another sit in for public transportations workers today. This is another huge test for him now.

If I were from president Morsi and wanted to solve this huge problem , I would create reallocated the City of Zewail from October city to one of the palaces and land owned by none Other than Ahmed Nazif and other NDP cronies confiscated by the State as a revolutionary decision.

By if I were from president Morsi and wanted to solve this huge problem , I would create reallocated the City of Zewail from October city to one of the palaces and land owned by none Other than Ahmed Nazif and other NDP cronies confiscated by the State as a revolutionary decision. he way I do not like how Anti-Morsi Pro-Shafik team mainly from Amr Adeeb’s specimen to use what happened today to attack Morsi regardless of what because honestly they do not support the NU or its students sincerely but rather they use to attack Morsi for their own reasons !!! By the way Ahmed Shafik is part of this problem too.

According to former PM Abdel Aziz Hegazy who heads NU’s board of trustees Zewail got the land and buildings after a “nice meeting” at Shafik’s house right after the revolution.

Now Zewail had to defend himself or to be accurate his office had to defend him via twitter today.

With my all due respect to Dr. Zewail but I think if he is committed to his project for real without any fear he would be in Egypt and in the location with no fear like those NU students and professors. I feel that he is acting more of a star more than a scientist when it comes to his third world country.

Now anyone who does not approve Zewail’s insistence on taking over the Nile University building is considered a traitor who works for Israel according to his friend Ahmad El Muslimani.  After all the Zewail’s city needs our donations to save Egypt from the danger called Israel scientifically !!


  1. Is it possible for someone who starts his project by stealing, through legal fraud or shady connections to have any real credibility, as a person or as a scientist?

  2. To follow up with Nile University updates visit or @SaveNileU

  3. Before NU was built, Zuwail City or as it was known by it's other name City of Education Discovery City was the huge complex that was used. What is strange is that Zuwail was using that city complex and when Nile City got built they suddenly took that one over!!! Who is now using the huge Discovery City of Education? It is less than 2 minute drive from NU ? It's not in Smart Village where these students appear to have been located so WHO is using Zuwails old Science City? You can see it on Wikimapia just type into Wikimapia ..... city of education 6th october city

  4. I think it is quite the opposite. It is Israel which is using Dr. Zewail to destroy Nile University.

  5. @Zeinobia "if he is committed to his project for real without any fear he would be in Egypt"

    He does regularly go to Egypt as you know, but this is the beginning of the academic year and he is busy with his responsibilities at Caltech. Like everyone with a job, he can't go where he wants when he wants.

    @kaled Stealing? Fraud? You're a disgrace. Egypt's national slogan should be "Let no good deed go unpunished."

  6. Asalamou Alyakoum Zenobia,
    Here are parts from an article by Farouk Goweida, as it seems it where published 2009 about Nile University :
    طبقـا للقواعد الهندسية والعلمية كما يؤكد خبراء" التعليم فإن المساحة المطلوبة لإنشاء كلية من الكليات الحديثة ثلاثة أفدنة فقط.. ولو أن فى كل جامعة 10 كليات فنحن فى حاجة إلى 30 فدانـا لإنشاء الجامعة.. وهذا يعنى أن مساحة 127 فدانـا التى حصلت عليها جامعة النيل بحق الانتفاع كان ينبغى أن تخصص لإنشاء 4 جامعات وليس جامعة واحد"ة

    هناك سؤال يجب أن تكون له إجابة.. من يملك الآن" جامعة النيل, هل هم مجموعة رجال الأعمال الذين تضمهم الجمعية الأهلية فى عضويتها.. أم هى وزارة الاتصالات التى أنفقت مئات الملايين من ميزانية الدولة التى هى أموال الشعب على هذه الجامعة.. وهل من حق أعضاء هذه الجمعية بيع هذه الجامعة أو فتح أبواب الشراكة فيها فى أى وقت من الأوقات, أم أن هناك ضوابط تمنع ذلك، وما هى هذه الضوابط، وماذا عن مصير127 فدانـا قيمتهم مليار ونصف المليار جنيه فى هذه الحال"ة

    لماذا الإصرار على هذا التداخل فى الأنشطة بين" مسئولية الحكومة ورجال الأعمال.. نحن أمام صيغة تحتاج إلى قدر من المصارحة والشفافية.. نحن أمام فريق من رجال الأعمال هذا الفريق قرر أن يقيم جمعية أهلية.. هذه الجمعية الأهلية قررت أن تقيم جامعة خاصة.. حتى هذه النقطة نحن أمام معادلة صحيحة, ولكن حين دخلت وزارة الاتصالات.. وحين تسللت شركات المحمول.. وحين تسربت ملايين الجنيهات من ميزانية الدولة للمشروع، وحين صدر قرار بتخصيص مساحة من الأراضى للجامعة قيمتها مليار ونصف مليار جنيه أصبحنا أمام معادلة خاطئة تماما.. وهذا الموقف هو الذى ينبغى أن نتحدث فيه.. بعيدا عن الاتهامات والتشكيك.. نحن أمام سياسات متداخلة, وأدوار متشابكة, ويجب فض هذا الاشتباك ليس فى جامعة النيل فقط، ولكن فى مجالات كثيرة أخرى تشهد هذه الظاهر"ة

    The link:

  7. Farouk Gowaida brilliant analysis as usual..
    I am not disappointed from Zoweil & Muslimany , for the past years when I kept watching the annual Zoweil show in Opera house or the AUC and him acting like the Nation's mentor , I was always telling the people around me that his ideas are like soap bubbles ( empty & transparent ), he is surely a great scientist and that's it .. As for Muslimany, it is enough to watch his program and wonder what are the criteria for choosing TV hosts...

    Zee , How can we help Nile Univ students who are fighting for their place ???

  8. The comment above are really disturbing; I wonder what Zewail did to brainwash people in such a manner???

    Guys wake up... Zewail worked for Israel, took the Israeli Wolf prize from their president Ezer Wietzman. And now he is Obama's scientific envoy in to the middle east... can't you see what's going on???

    The comment about Farouk Geweda is pathetic, since when he became an expert in education? how would he explain giving 300 fedans to the AUC and 200 to the GUC or the Japenese Univ. for peanuts???

    Unfortunately, the media is behind a lot of misinformation regarding Nile University.

    Read this blog:
    It explained a lot to me, that I didn't know before. It confirms that Zewail is just another lier who is after personal gain.

    1. Dear Anon.,
      If u meant "Disturbing" referring to my comment , I am against Zoweil's propaganda for the past years in Egypt and Muslimany's both ( his presence as TV host & his writings in general ).. So we are on the "Same wave length" ...
      No one said that Farouk Gowaida is an expert in education , I just referred to his analysis and that's it..

  9. Yes lets blame everything on fucking israel. Do you ever think israelis feature Egypt so significatly in their everyday discourse? I dont think so. 7aga tshill.

  10. Zewail is a very selfish person
    Zewail doesn't care about Egypt's scientific progress
    He doesn't care about the poor students being beaten He doesn't have a problem in taking pictures with Zionists in the Knesset
    he just wants a city called by his name that's all What he wants...

  11. Ahmed Zewail can work in any university in any country he wants. He loves his homeland and wants Zewail City to benefit Egypt. But he's casting pearls before swine.

    Nile University is not worth saving. It's a crap university even by Egyptian standards. Zewail would replace it with a world-class institution, but the Egyptian commenters here don't want that. Why not? Because Zewail won the Wolf prize in Israel. In a sane country, that would be a great recommendation. Israel, unlike Egypt, is chock full of great scientists and Nobel prize winners, and their judgement of who is worthy of a science prize is well-informed. Unlike the opinions of illiterate Egyptians, who decide everything on the basis of Jew hatred and cab-driver conspiracy gossip. The commenters above are morons. You are why Egypt will forever be an impoverished shithole.


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