Thursday, September 6, 2012

Documentaries Time : Egypt's Stolen Billions

And here is it online in Arabic , BBC Arabic's documentary "Egypt's Stolen Billions".

 I hope you enjoy watching it and please tell me what you think.


  1. More will be stolen from Egypt before this is all over. More importantly, who killed the Egyptians in Rafah? Who killed the demonstrators on the 28th? At Maspiro? At Mohamed Mahmoud? Etc.
    The day the killers are brought to justice, all forms of thuggery will cease.

  2. hi
    it is going to take many years to reclaim back the money that was stolen, but we need to start now.

  3. There seems to be a lack of political will to reclaim the stolen monies because the old guard is well and alive.
    Simple proof for this is Susan Mubarak is receiving money from the government and has not been jailed after a year and half!!!!!!

  4. Does Suzanne Mubarak really need the money? Ridiculous, but all governements do this. Pay the top people pensions, even when they are in jail goes to the wife at home. I hope the Govt. takes them all to court and gets judgements for the release of those stolen funds. And does it sooner then later, before they start to die off and hide it even more.

  5. Substantial assets haven't been frozen in Egypt and elsewhere in the world, for different reasons. But as It has been said in the conclusion, the dramatic transformation that occured in the mindset of the Egyptians since the Revolution will be the main driving force behind any efforts to recover these assets both in Egypt and abroad. All the radical changes that Egypt have witnessed recently -positive and negative, depending on how you see them- were made by the people, which the real achievement of the Revolution.

    Reda El Mawy - BBC Arabic - London


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