Thursday, September 6, 2012

Clever Move to win the army dear Morsi

Yesterday it was announced that President Morsi decided to give Major General Galal Haridy to a General as honorary promotion as the last living founding father of an Egyptian army forces.Galal Haridy is considered the Godfather of Egyptian commandos forces aka Thunderbolt

I am already surprised that Haridy has not been promoted to General after all those decades and popularity among the Special forces officers. At least I knew he was alive , most of the people thought that he was dead. Haridy is of course happy and thanks God that after 45 years he is being promoted by the first elected president in a short interview to Ahram Al Araby. He spoke about being in jail unfairly. The 45 years include Mubarak and Sadat !!? Anyhow I have to go back and read this era carefully. I forgot a lot in the past 18 months.

There is rumor that late General Saad El Shazly will be promoted as field marshal too. Morsi is trying to win the army and the people in one shot.

Now as usual most of the Egyptian websites and newspapers could not find a decent picture for the founder of Egyptian Thunder special forces thus they found it accepted to steal a recent photo for him and to crop without any mention to its owner.

That photo is for him in 2009 with one of the Commandos officers of legendary 39 unit “ I remember that some of the veteran officers of that unit joined the protesters in Tahrir square in February 2011, I can not forget it” that was posted last month in a Fan Page for Egyptian thunderbolt forces.That photo was cropped and distorted as usual. 

By the way I wonder if Morsi is going to honor Khaled Mohi El Din who is considered the last living free officer living who paid a huge price for supporting democracy in 1954. Khaled was not honored in 2002 , in the Golden jubilee of the 1952 revolution because as a veteran leftist he was from Mubarak opponents.

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  1. Morsi must not forget and work to release the army officers who stood with the protesters in Tahrir during the revolution! They should all be freed from military prison now!


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