Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We continue to amaze the world even with our false news !!

This so-called news was published in Youm 7
The employees of Egyptian intelligence protested today demanding the return of General Mourad Mawfi as the head of the GIS threatening to have a sit in at the intelligence HQ till his return !!
This news was not published in any other place and actually it is too crazy to be believed , this is the Egyptian intelligence not Khedive Abbas’ mother’s orphanage !! Now speaking logically anyone knows the GIS very well , he will definitely understand that this crap. We are speaking about a professional intelligence agency.
Also for the record Mawfi is considered an outsider , he is originally from the army. He used to be head of the military intelligence then the governor of Sinai before appointed as the head of the GIS after the revolution and appointing Omar Soliman as a vice president.
The current acting head of the Egyptian intelligence Mohamed Shehata is considered from the children of the agency.
Moving back to the news that made tweeps laugh and they have to , it is published in Youm 7 which its creditability is always in question !! Amazingly its editor in chief , the miracle boy of Egyptian journalism Khaled Salah has been appointed in the Supreme Press council by the MB dominated Shura council !!! May be he will be specialized in issuing tabloids after all.
By the way tabloids report that Mawfi wanted to travel to UAE “it is always UAE” to work there “Really !!” but authorities in Cairo rejected his request!! He can not go according to the law.

Updated : 

ElBadil reported that Amr El Lathy spoke on TV with a former intelligence general who denied the news. "We are not raised to protest" the general said. 

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