Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Metal , Satanism , El Sawy Déjà Vu we are back in 1996

You may have heard that the lawyer of Freedom and Justice Party “FJP” Ismail El Weshahy reported the famous El Sawy Culture wheel center to the ministry of interior for hosting satanic rituals and bands in Egypt !!
Those Satanic bands in Egypt are actually Metal music bands !!!! Yes 1996 déjà vu once again !!
El Weshahy claimed that he was not acting as FJP lawyer but rather he was representing two clients who were shocked to find Satanists at El Sawy Culture center last Friday wearing black T-shirts with Satanic symbols as Satanic accessories and were doing some Satanic rituals !! Oh and they were wearing those black bracelets that are actually are worn in concerts in different colors worldwide !! El Weshahy represented over 100 photos and videos from the concert to prove his case to the prosecution office.
Yes last weekend the Culture Wheel hosted metal and hard rock Egyptian bands on Thursday and Friday where hundreds of metal and rock fans went to see their favorite bands wearing black shirts with stupid symbols and did their own head banging. It is not the first time or last time
Here is a video shot on Thursday showing one of the bands “Origin” playing on stage mixing metal with folklore and Tanora dance. They were wearing black Galabiyas too. "I wish to hear that track using this mix"
It is ironic and completely hilarious for one main reasons;  Among the private cultural centers in Egypt , El Sawy wheel center is considered a conservative one . You are not allowed to smoke , films and plays are censored. In 2011 there was that photography competition and one of the photos was excluded because it would harm the Islamists feeling. It was a photo of 6 years old girl wearing a veil while lifting up her dress in some beach. The photo was so beautiful showing the innocence of a tiny girl yet the Center found it could be offensive.

Already Al Sawy issued a statement yesterday defending itself and denying hosting any Satanic activity from any kind since opening its doors in Zamalek under the 15th May Bridge in 2003. The statement is already a typical religious conservative one quoting from the Holy Quran in the end !!
It is ironic and completely hilarious when I remember how its founder Mohamed El Sawy was rejected by intellectuals in Egypt when he was appointed as the minister of culture in the ill fated Ahmed Shafik cabinet right after the revolution. He was rejected because he was considered a conservative man who censors arts for God sake !! 
After the revolution El Sawy co-founded a party called “Al Hadara” that is regarded a moderate Islamist party and that party was a member of the Democratic alliance for Egypt electoral coalition in the parliamentary election in 2011. That coalition is headed by the Muslim brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party. El Sawy is already regarded in Egyptian politics as too close to the MB and yet his center is accused of organized Satanic events !!!
Ironically Mohamed El Sawy used to organized the rock and metal bands concerts and events in Egypt in mid 1990s through Allamia company if you remember that case. Oh yes in the infamous 1996 his name along with Hala Hashish and Osama Kamel were mentioned. Also did you know that the journalist who got that amazing scoop about the Satanists in Egypt and their secrets was non other than Abdullah Kamal , yes the legendary @abkamal of Gamal Mubarak and Shafik
The confessions of Satanists in Fax
By Abdullah Kamal  Kamal
By the way in 1996 none of those boys and girls arrested by State security were found guilty or even convicted , they did not even stand a trial thanks to the lack of evidence. Those boys and girls were accused of Satanism , disrespect of religions, possession of drugs to the end of that list. When I look to this case and it is time frame , I know that the world had this Satanism/Black metal/ death metal phenomena but of course in 1996 and judging from how the media used it by the orders of State security, I wonder what was taking place politically that needed that huge media circus. Of course I will not deny that there were crazy kids then but many families suffered from defame because of it.
Anyhow back to 2012
In order not to lose a good political ally , Freedom and Justice Party distanced itself from its lawyer and his complain and its acting leader Essam El Arian stated that he respected El Sawy so so so much.
Now the Metal heads in Egypt are defending themselves , they had enough from accusations in the media every time the regime or whoever needs attention diversion from whatever happening in the country.
Here is Ehab Khaled Fawzi , a member in a metal band “I think Origin” speaking in a short clip in his YouTube Channel to the public defending himself and metal youth.
Ehab Fawzi :
A word from one of the Satanists in Egypt ,  I prayed at Zamalek Mosque Al Maghreb prayer before heading to stage wearing a galabiya.Why do not you go after thugs and criminals instead of us !? Stop that 1990s actions.
Fawzi accuses that lawyer of being attention seeker.
This is also Wael Osama , who is another active Metal band member in Egypt.His band is called “Enraged
Osama :
We need to correct some concepts in the public perception. The accusation involves ignorance and generalization. I defy anyone to find a single Egyptian metal song that glorifies the devil and if there is one , it will not represent the people who listen to metal song in Egypt.
Osama spoke wonderfully and reasonably about the metal music. I spoke to him yesterday and the young man is concerned about the reactions of the radicals in Egypt after these allegations . By the way Osama is the man behind "Batman president for Egypt"
I feel for those young men so much , they had enough for real.
By the way there will be another Metal concert at El Sawy center at 20:00 CLT for a band called Varden.


  1. I saw 2 Origin members yesterday on tv,& they made the attorney,who spoke by phone,a laughing stalk!!!At least now,you have a chance to get answers to lies,directly on tv!!!I wish we had THAT much press freedom here!

  2. At least now,we cld see two members of the Origin group on tv,defending themselves,making the lawyer frm the MB,wish that he hadn't talked to them by phone,directly on the program!

  3. this is the real fight for Egypt. We need to ensure ALL shades of muslims are freely represented in Egypt. Personally I am into Jazz which in the west has been called the devils music (partly due to racism against blacks). However the great Jazz musician Jaohn Coltrane married a muslim and was a monotheist who dedicated his album "A love Supreme" to the 99 names of God. Subhana Allah. If the narrow salafist strand is allowed to merge with the conservative mentality in Egpyt it will be a bad result. Shout loud Yes to Islam no to obscurantism. Let out leaders know what we want and what we will not allow. "God will not change the state of a people unless they change themselves"


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