Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Quote of the Day : MB Vs. MB

Ayman El Sayyad :
Does the "Muslim brotherhood" work against the "Muslim brotherhood" ?? a question I do not want anyone to ask for its explanation.
Unfortunately I want to ask him about what he meant because I got too many thoughts about this quote.
Does dear Mr. El Sayyad notice that there is something of spilt in the brotherhood and a single branch began to work against another branch ?? The throne got its own power.
Does dear Mr. El Sayyad mean that the MB is united unlike the Non Islamist forces and parties that work against each other ??
Ayman El Sayyad is President Morsi’s adviser and a journalist. The best political categorization for him is an Egyptian who cares for his country and future. He is known for his balanced unbiased pro-revolutionary opinion.

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  1. Abdallah el Sinawy article published today in el-shorouk raises the same point .


    it's very interesting


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