Friday, September 7, 2012

#Syria : 4 Ladies , the #Strikers4Syria At #LAS “Part 1”

There are 4 Syrian ladies now who are on hunger strike for three days now in Cairo at the League of Arab states HQ for 4 days now
Those 4 Syrian ladies are : Louisa Abdel Karim, Lina El Tibi  Rola El-Khash and Salma El Gazerialy who represent different Syrian sects as well areas. Louisa is from Damascus while Rola is from Hama.
Those ladies got important crucial demands from LAS and from Cairo according to statement they got :
  1. To stop the Russian Chinese and Iranian military ships carrying arms to El Assad from passing in Suez Canal.
  2. To settle down the Syrian Refugees in Egypt and not to deport them.
  3. To stop massacres for real in Syria
The idea of that strike came after a series of similar sit ins by Syrian activists “Mostly artists” in Paris and other European capital as well in Jordan.
When I went on Thursday those fantastic 4 were waiting Syrian Cairo based actress Wafaa Salem to join them. They welcome anyone to join them and I think we got enough activists and supporters to stand with Syrian Cause in Egypt. This is much important than protesting at the Syrian embassy and having clashes with security forces.
Here is Louisa Abdel Karim speaking about sectarianism and revolution as well the Syria she wants and dreams of : A civilian Syria based on Freedom , dignity and Social Justice.
Louisa Abdel Karim
I spoke with the amazing Louisa twice and got so many quotes from that the world should read and hear in order to know what the Syrians say and think.
Louisa is Alwite yet contrary to the wide perception about this minority she is with the revolution since day one and refuses any fears about sectarianism talk. She is also an artist who presented a play about the Syrian revolution in Cairo. She left Syria and headed to Cairo as she is being wanted by El Assad. Her family is spilt between Damascus “El Sham” and Latakia , she can not speak to them regularly for fear they would be traced

About the fear from Sectarianism

I am not afraid from sectarianism because as a nation we got too many DSC04071sects and ethnics “over 70s” and we lived all that time together, I can not deny that there are radicals in every sect but we can not generalize our judgment based on this or that. The generalization is a problem of its own
Already I used to protest in Damascus among Sunni ladies while being covered as many ladies used to so while they are not covered in order to be stalked by security forces.
There are Alwite officers who defected from the regime’s army and is working in the relief of the people in different areas.

About the concerns of Jihadists

Not a danger as you think , already how many they are ?? 200 , 300 Jihadists they will not change Syrians or Syria. I am not afraid from them.

About those Syrian artists still supporting the regime

They have no excuse now , I fled the country and others like Fadwa Soliman and Rima Fleihan to spread the message abroad. If they are afraid on their families and money , they can transfer them abroad to safety.They are afraid on their interests and believe that they are doing to El Assad regime a favor.
This part one of my amazing meeting with these ladies who need the support of Egyptian activists and people.
Update : Louisa is now sick at Tahrir square.


  1. Louisa says she is not afraid of the 200-300 jihadists. She is very very very naive. George Bush and Tony Blair launched an invasion of Afghanistan on the basis of 100 jihadists living in the caves of Afghanistan and look at the mess of that country after Western help to capture them. Make no mistake about it. Those 200 jihadist are a very low estimate considering Saudi Arabia is involved in funding them. Louisa would be better to protest that Assad and the rebels talk and then for transition to take place because this is not like Egypt. There are too many outside players involved with their own interests and they will ignore the Syrian peoples as they always do. Syrians need to focus on the bigger picture and be asking for dialogue with Assad and reforms and keeping their own country free from foreign elements. Learn from history dear Louisa and the rest of the hunger strikers. Learn from history.

  2. Agree (Anon),in principle with the picture you described about those jihadists. What I am puzzled about is how the Saudi Arabia fund them and maintain peace with the USA???!!. Doesn't that make us worry about the role the USA plan/implement in the Middle East with the help of Israel??? Simply,how the Saudi and Gulph states fund both sides of the conflict in Syria and maintain good relation with US & Europe??? It is all looks like soap opera...

  3. Because they are part of the axis of evil. The US-Israeli-Saudi pact.

    US wants oil
    Israel wants Palestine all to itself
    Saudi (and this is the crucial one to watch) wants Wahabi ideology throughout the region

    Dont forget the US CIA and Saudi founded Al Qaeda the database to fight the soviets in Afghanistan.

    AQ is their own terror network.

    1. Yes they are the axix of evil AQ included. One of the problem AQ created conflicting with their key objectives was interfering with the `Silk Road` i.e the Opium path, since 75% of the world`s Opium is grown in Afghanistan , process in Burmathen travelled through Russia and Other European paths to the rest of the world. AQ created problems and the Soviet coummunism ended , so the rest is open to our deductible mind what evil plan (plans) are in progress . Worry, the Saudis are playing a key role.

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