Monday, September 10, 2012

#FreeHamhashri : Free our doctor plz

El Hamhashri
Egyptian doctor Mohamed El Hamhashri has been detained in Lebanon by Lebanese authorities yesterday as soon as he arrived at Rafik El Hariri airport after his arrival from London. El Hamhashri was in his way to refugees camps on the Syrian Lebanese borders. Some activists say that he will face a military trial , it is very disturbing by all measures.
Al Mannar channel "Owned by Hezbollah" claimed that Dr. El Hamhashri was arrested along with two Syrian ladies after the Lebanese customs found with them Satellite transmission devices used for live televised broadcast. The channel also added that the two Syrian ladies intended to smuggled these devices to Syria !!
According to El Hamhashri's friends online , he was arrested after it was found that he brought some sort of a device that strengthens the internet signals to Lebanon along with two Syrian doctors. It seems that this device is not allowed in Lebanon and that's why El Hamhashri is being arrested. Of course I am concerned about the news of   that military trial , it seems that we have to fight military trials for civilians in Egypt and Lebanon at the same time.
El Hamhashri is neurological and psychiatric disorders doctor and he is working in the psychiatric hospital in Heliopolis , Cairo besides his work in the Arab Medical union , which is one of the biggest relief organizations operating under the umbrella of LAS regionally. His family already contacted Dr. Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh, the former Presidential candidate and politician who heads the Medical union asking for his help. Of course Abu El Fotouh called the Egyptian ambassador who promised him that El Hamhashri will be fine.
Abu El Fotouh and the Arab Medical union issued a statement condemning the arrest of El Hamhashri and demanding his immediate release.
Some claim that he is going to be released and deported today, hopefully he will.
Activists and friends of Hamhashri are planning a protest in solidarity with him demanding his release at 6 PM in front of the Presidential palace to demand his release. His friends have already launched a Facebook Group in solidarity with him naming it "We are all Mohamed El Hamhashri"
The Arab Medical Union already supports and collects donations in Egypt to set up field hospitals in Syria as well to help Syrian refugees outside the country. Of course according to some sources most donations go to inside Syria. Already the Union sends doctors in the hot zones to operate in the field hospitals. Some claim that the Union also collect donations for the FSA.

Here is the #FreeHamhashri hashtag which was launched by his friends last night on twitter.

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