Sunday, September 9, 2012

#Ultras agony : Let’s pray it ends peacefully

The 74 martyrs of Port Said massacre
Millions of Egypt now are praying that the day passes peacefully and some kind of intervention “preferably a divine or even a presidential one” to save the day literally by cancelling the football match between Ahly and ENPI.
The Ultras groups are threatening to storm “actually they are going to storm” the Super Cup march between Ahly and ENPI football clubs at Borg Al Arab stadium “operated by the army” later today to protest the lack of progress when it comes to the prosecuting those responsible for the Port Said Massacre. “1/2/2012”
Since last Wednesday the Ultras Ahly groups have been protesting against the Egyptian Football federation and the game and nobody cared for them.
The Ultras’ groups I am speaking about mainly are Ultras Ahlawy 07 and Ultras red devils that gave orders to its members in 5 governorates in Delta and Great Cairo to mobilize to Borg El Arab “near Alexandria” in a statement with strong words “This game will not be held except over our dead bodies” but had to cancel this plan earlier this Moring as they realized that “It is not a football game , the ministry of interior wants a civil war”. According to leaks from Borg El Arab area which is outside Alexandria and got a Bedouin tribal population , the head of Alexandria’s security directorate Police general Khaled Ghorba ‘The infamous Ghorba who got bad human rights records since April 6 2008 strike” is spreading rumors among the tribes that the Ultras groups are going to attack them and they have to stand against them. The tribes in these areas are highly armed and this is so Port Said Déjà Vu.
I do not know if they are going to be able to stop this mobilization or not , some sources say that not less than 5000 Ultras members are already there. The buses from Alexandria refused to transport the Ultras members and yet they are insist to go on foot !!!
By Karim Diab

Things are getting serious especially that we got a leaked interview with some Ultras member and some Bedouin from Borg El Arab who reveals that the ministry of interior told the tribes to attack the Ultras groups as soon as the Ultras start clashing with security of interior. It is horrifying to imagine to the lowest level the ministry of interior has reached.

Earlier today we find a statement spread by news website “Mojaz” allegedly released by members of Arab tribes of the North Coast declaring their refusal to the football game and their support to Ultras demands.
The Statement
It is no longer a sports issue as April 6th Youth Movement announced its support to the demands of the Ultras and had a protest in front of the Presidential palace demanding the President to interfere and to cancel the bloody game. Revolutionary Socialists also announced their full solidarity to the Ultras’ stance and demands.  The Constitution Party also announced their support to the Ultras demand.
President’s adviser Ayman El Sayyad has declared that he is totally against the game and demanded its cancellation , many public figures are with him but no one is listening.
The Egyptian Football federation is full of cronies and corrupted bastards who should be purged. Ultras groups, those kids that some mock and consider as crazy kids want to fight this corruption indeed. Of course the Sports media in Egypt declared war on Ultras and ironically the Freedom and Justice newspaper published by the FJP and the MB joined that war and attacked Ultras groups terribly.
Of course after receiving huge criticism the Muslim brotherhood heavy weighted leaders began to speak against their newspaper , we got the MB's deputy chairman Khairat El Shater himself criticizing the journalists of the FJP newspaper for not knowing the truth about Ultras’ stance and asking its editor in chief to apologize.
Too late unfortunately !!
Now the editor in Chief of FJP tabloid newspaper defends what was published in his newspaper !! You can not deny how the MB changed their position 180 degrees as soon as the Deputy chairman declared his anger !! Of course I can not ignore how they claimed that President Morsi would cancel the game and now we got the official spokesperson of Presidency Yasser Ali denying as usual this claim insisting that the presidency WILL NOT INTERFERE IN THE BLOODY GAME !!
 I support the ULTRAS’ demands because honestly I am tired of treating martyrs in Egypt like chicken. Anas, Omar and Karim are not chicken for God sake.
I am holding my breath already. Hopefully today will end peacefully. I do not want another 74 to be killed
To the ministry of interior I dedicate this song


  1. Seriously what kind of brainless morons threaten to cause riot and bloodshed apparently in the name of dead martyrs which would cause way more people to die. Seriously what kind of retarded brain thinks in that way!!!

    What kind of buffoon talks and hails and supports these antics like it is a just and noble cause?

    What kind of mental degeneration allows people to think that this is in any way right or even logical I have to ask myself.

    Do the buffoons in Egypt not realise that there are hundreds of foreign investors in Egypt right now ready to invest?
    Do the Egyptians with so much lead in their brain cells have any idea at all how to think logically?
    I have not read one single comment on any board condemning the Ultras!
    What the hell has happened to the brains of the Egyptians where they sit there at home and type total crap like "I hope it doesn't turn into a bloodbath" and other such trite remarks.
    God the Israelis must be loving this!

  2. I have to agree with the first poster. This was really dumb and only harms Egypt.

    " I support the ULTRAS’ demands because honestly I am tired of treating martyrs in Egypt like chicken. Anas, Omar and Karim are not chicken for God sake. "

    The correct and logical thing then would be to condemn a potential bloodbath and focus on the courts and judicial system.
    Massing outside a stadium in huge numbers with a huge potential for fighting is insane especially as the other poster said when foreign investors are in Egypt.
    Why is that alien to your thought process?
    What possible good would it have done Egypt?

    Do I hear about the protests for wearing seatbelts and safe driving that kills the same amount of people in 4 days from Egyptians? 20 deaths per DAY. Do you hear outrage about that in the cafes and Egyptians putting seatbelts on or buying car seats for their kids who jump on front and back seats at 90kmph?
    Sure the deaths of the martyrs is bad enough but priorities for goodness sake. Lets stop the carnage on the roads every single day. Do you have a single thread addressing that on the blog raising awareness and condemning that because that is a real issue to be tackled in Egypt.
    Thing is it needs people to follow rules and law and that is something Egyptians rarely do without being coerced or threatened.


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