Sunday, September 9, 2012

#Syria : 4 Ladies , the #Strikers4Syria At #LAS “Part 2”

Here is the second part of my posts about those 4 Syrian ladies who continue in their hunger strike for the 5th day in row amazingly. Louisa did not change her clothes up till now since I had met her on Wednesday.
The second lady I spoke with is friendly sweet amazing Mrs. Salma El Gazayerli. Mrs. Salma is not an activist but rather a Syrian lady who left her country from more than 40 years. Mrs. El Gazayerli settled down in Egypt after marrying an Egyptian businessman from 22 years ago. She joined the Egyptian revolution and headed to Tahrir square when her husband was worried from it, she went to Tahrir square and wished that something like that would happen back home. Her wish came true after all.
When the protests started at the Syrian embassy , I began to head there ; DSC04076at first I stood away but every time I went there , I came closer to other Syrians in Egypt whom I have not had any contact before as we used to fear each other in Diaspora. Hafez El Assad made us mistrust each other. Since the start of the revolution , I felt for the first time I have got a country and I want to return it back. Insh Allah I will return back as soon as we get rid of El Assad even  if it were on foot.
Despite living all those years abroad , the Shami accent of Mrs. El Gazayerli did not change , she says that she kept to hold that part of her nation all those years.
The third lady I spoke with Mrs. Rola El Khash , the Syrian activist who came from UAE to Cairo in order to participate in the strike. The UAE does not allow foreigners to have protests or any political activities , thus she came her.
Mrs. El Khash is actually from Hama , from the famous historical city of Masayaf. Her family is famous and big one there with many intellectuals and poets. Rola is a writer and activist. She is related to
Now Rola told me that her city is considered a diversified society made of several religious minorities along with Sunni. Unlike other areas in Hama , there were no offensives against it but there has been huge detention campaign against the youth there for month because their refusal to join El Assad’s Syrian Arab army and their support to the revolution. Here is a Pro Revolutionary FB page from Masayaf.
Rola had a message to Syrian mothers back home : Please do not send your boys to El Assad army to kill their own brothers.

Unfortunately I was not able to interview Poetess Lina El Tibi as she was talking to others when I was there last Thursday.
You must know that the Strike began to attract other Syrian ladies and activists in Cairo including Cairo based Syrian actress Wafaa Salem. These ladies need support and they need more media exposure to their noble cause for God sake.


  1. What I find strange is so many of the spokespersons are living abroad. FSA leaders all live abroad.
    In a way it remind me of the spokesperson from the Copts who also live abroad and talk of the slaughter and killings of the Copts in Egypt. How the Muslims are slaughtering Copts every day and there are almost no Copts left in Egypt because of the campaign to ethnically cleanse them out of Egypt all said by Copts living abroad and not in Egypt.

    Of course we all know that what they say is not true but it is never the less still being spread through the news and internet just as so many ex pat Syrian are doing the exact same thing on the internet.
    How do they know what is 'really' going on back in the land they were born in and left?

    Just a thought

    1. Dear anonymous hundreds of thousands of refugees of Syrian are leaving their towns
      Last Friday I spent all day long with Syrian refugees mainly from Homs and I heard horror stories you would not want to hear.
      They got families and contacts, You can check tons of videos.
      El Assad regime is an A Class dictatorship that committed horrible crimes and massacres against the Syrian people for decades.

  2. Dear annonymous.. how is it possible that ignorant people such as you still exist?? .. I would really love to know..

  3. the strange thing is that the protests were nothing really in the beginning and it was only when the US and NATO began getting involved that it spread outwards and I'm pretty sure that many of those refugees are not leaving because of Assad. They are leaving because the opposition has from day one refused to sit down and talk and we all know that this is the ONLY way to solve the crisis. The refugees are caught up in the middle and are fleeing because each day their neighbourhoods are being bombed by rebels and who wouldnt leave in that situation. I'm sorry but I dont trust the media at all. Remember that the exiles who fled in 79 Iran left because they all had a rich good life under the Shah. The Shah was every bit as big a monster as Hafiz Assad with his Savak torturers and look around you and see how many Iranians in exile had no problem living in Iran under that regime.


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