Sunday, September 16, 2012

How can we forget #Sabra and #Shatila Massacre “+18 Graphic”

Today marks the 30th anniversary one of the most horrific massacres or rather genocides in the history of the Arab  world in the 20th century, the Sabra and Shatila massacre in Lebanon. Not less than 3000 Palestinians including women and children as well elderly and animal were killed in 36 hours by the Lebanese Phalanges with Israeli approval and support.
Up till this moment the rights of those civilians have not been restored and the real war criminals standing behind it are free like Samir Gaegae.I can not forget or forgive Mohamed Abu Hamed , this hypocrite bastard who forgot himself and kissed Gaegae’s ass calling him an inspiration to the Arab revolution !! What inspiration that war criminal presented to our revolution !!!! The only inspiration he represented is the inspiration he represented to El Assad’s regime and its brutality when I think about it this bastard criminal !!
Of course Eli Hobeika was assassinated after he was ready to testify before a Belgian court Ariel Sharon’s role in the massacre if you remember. 
30 years have passed and still there is no solution for the Palestinian refugees since 1948 , in fact now their right to return has become debatable, Well the West must know that Palestinian refugees have got no home except their own home in Palestine. There is no way to solve the peace process peacefully except by recognizing this right and to work for a solution. Part of the reasons of Sabra and Shatila is the refugees problem and Israeli leaders’ daydream to find the Palestinians either killed or find a substitute home. What happened in Jordan in 1971 and the Lebanese civil war is an example that this solution will not work and to make it short the Egyptians are not going to give Sinai to the Palestinian refugees either.
That massacre is engraved in the memory of my generation in the with the hysterical screams of a Palestinian woman in front of the cameras “Where are the Arabs ?? Where are the Arabs ??”. A question that remains unanswered till this day.
Here is a photo gallery made from shots from the wires during in the camp. Already I feel there is a death smell coming from the photos.

Here is extremely graphic footage from 30 years ago from French TV from the doomed refugee camps

And up till now the Palestinians asking themselves “Where are the Arabs !?” and they got no answer. Of course Syrians now ask the same question and have got the same answer : Arabs and humanity in general are nowhere to be found.
Unfortunately Syrians live Sabra and Shatila on daily basis and unfortunately I would blame on how limited the media was without internet and Satellite coverage in 1982 yet, I can not because after 30 years people are slaughtered in Syria and no one gives a damn.
And as our Arab tweeps say “Syria screamed : Where are the Arab ?? Palestine answered : LOL”


  1. It's not that Arabs dont give a damn although Saudi is a traitor to the region. To oust Assad is to invite Israel to launch an attack on Iran and that will 100% lead to WW3. People need to study the actors in this theatre and their motives and by the grace of God we have Russia and China doing just that. As awful as the Syrian conflict is Israel getting a free pass to start WW3 would be far worse and people need to understand that. Look at the bigger picture not just emotions because as history has shown the world emotions is what Israel relies upon to carry on as it does. The emotion being 'we are victims of the holocaust and we will make the world pay because you will never be able to be anti semitic or we will shut you up and YOU will allow US to to as we please because we are emotionally blackmailing the world'. Dont fall for it again. Saudi and Israel and US the tripartite evil is waiting for you to show weakness and condemn Assad. Wisdom and insight is needed to stop WW3

  2. Don't forget that Eli Hobeika who was right there killing Muslims at Sabra and Shatila was later a cabinet Minister in the Lebanese government! There is no understanding the Lebanese system.

    1. Yes. Wasn't Hobeika named Minister of Displaced Persons after the civil war? Why would the Lebanese put the man responsible for the worst massacre of displaced civilians during the war in this position? I really do not understand it.

  3. The bigger picture is that Assad in Syria backed by Iran, Hezbollah and Russia has slaughtered over 150,000 of his own population and forced a third of the Syrian population from their homes, The arab world does little to protect the Syrian population and Sabra & Chatilla's are being committed in Syria on a daily basis yet the Muslim world does nothing to help them.


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