Thursday, September 13, 2012

#USembassy : And security forces are back to their normal place "Updated"

And the security forces are back in to their normal place at the US embassy kicking away and pushing protesters to Tahrir using tear gas grenades. According to eye witnesses the barbered wires are back and the CSF are standing behind them forcing angry young protesters back to Tahrir square.
According to journalist Cliff Cheney who went to the US embassy parameter , things were calm considerable earlier when there were couple of hundreds “mainly Islamists” who chanted anti-American chants then a group of young men came and things heated up between them and the CSF that already circulating the embassy.
It started with stones hurled at both sides then the tear gas started to show up. Cheney knew from the Egyptians in the street that these young protesters were from Ultras group as they were singing Ultras songs.

The battle in Tahrir square and to return back to the embassy has not finished yet , we got Adrenaline junkies  who miss the smell of tear gas from time to time !!

According to eye witnesses the security forces arrested a number of protesters, there are injuries among protesters.
Now we moved from the flag conquest to the US embassy’s battle between protesters and security forces. True Egyptian Pro-Revolution supporters and forces fear that this is a game by the current regime to justify emergency laws using the old regime’s technique of creating security problems like that !!
Anyhow on Wednesday after long silence Egyptian Presidency issued a statement about both the offensive film and the US embassy’s protests. The Egyptian presidency denounces the attempt to insult Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” and gives its orders to the Egyptian embassy in Washington to sue those filmmakers who are trying to destroy relations between countries. The Egyptian presidency also assures that Egypt is responsible for the security of foreign diplomatic commissions. He did not mention the murder of the US ambassador in Libya, his advisers may think the attack took place in foreign country but unfortunately as the president of a leading Arab country he should have tackled the issue.
Morsi will be roasted hours later in Brussels and Rome as he will face the Western media in its stronghold, he and his team know it. Already according to analysts the MB is in very critical position. They do not want to lose the States and West as well not to lose their allies form Islamists as well they know that in front of the public opinion that will raise questions about promises of foreign investments and about relations with Jihadists. Of course the Public Opinion is angry from that insulting film which nobody heard about except only yesterday , still the public opinion will ask questions.
I think the Western reporters will have too many questions about these stands the Muslim brotherhood are going to hold next Friday against the insulting according to their statement today.
I do not know how our embassy will sue the filmmakers when Freedom of speech is granted by American constitution unfortunately. Anyhow that entire homemade cheap film Cast and Crew are jumping from the boat claiming that the producer Sam Bacile deceived them like that actress who spoke about Gawker and claimed that the film was about ancient Egypt !!

Update @11:29 AM : 

The clashes are still on between protesters and security forces up till now in Tahrir square near Omar Makram Mosque !! The gas grenades did not stop up till now. Nobody knows who the protesters exactly as most of the major Islamist groups did not participate in the clashes or the protests , it was noticeable that the Islamist parties and groups like Salafist Front and Al Nour Party as well the Muslim brotherhood. Allegedly Hamzamoon group has withdrawn from the scene leaving boys whose ages between 16-20 years old in some sort of useless battle with CSF. Unlike what was spread these boys are not officially affiliated with Ahly or Zamalek Ultras groups. There were no angry men with long beard there.
Currently there are 29 protesters injured, the numbers of detained protesters is not yet clear.
Here is a photo gallery from dear friend Mahmoud Gamal Al Din. 
The CSF is using tear grenades in a way that reminds us with scenes we have not seen for months.
Now unlike what you think people are against this protest and these clashes for real.
It is worth to mention that Muslim brotherhood leading members began to accuse Sabry Nakhnoukh and his relatives of standing behind the clashes at the embassy !!! Sabry Nakhnoukh is from the famous gangster and key thug in Mubarak era and currently detained by ministry of interior !! 
Morsi addressed the public early in a televised speech before speaking to the media in Brussels. He said in the Televised speech that as Egyptians we will not accept any insult to Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" and at the same time Egypt is fully committed to protect diplomatic commission. Unlike yesterday Morsi presented his condolences to the American people for the murder of the US ambassador Chris Stevens.
He spoke to Obama last night.


  1. Hahaha all the insults about Mohamed and Islam were dubbed in post-production! During filming, Mohamed was called "Master George"! Nobody had a clue! ROTFLMAO

  2. There are reports that producer Sam Bacile is not an Israeli Jew as claimed, but an Egyptian Coptic Christian living in the US.

  3. Morsi walks a thin line. On the one hand he can't condone the murder of a foreign ambassador and on the other he can't condemn the protests.

  4. religion of peace...having violent protests, killing people! are we missing something here?

  5. Well, he should condemn both the protests and the murder. The American government has nothing to do with the film and everyone knows that. The so called "protests" are just a manipulation, organised by Jihadi Salafi to create trouble and show their power.

  6. Well, he should condemn both the murder and the protests, if he has any honor. Everyone knows the American government has nothing to do with the movie. So these so-called "protests" are just a manipulation by jihadi Salafi to create trouble and show their power. The fact that they are coordinated over several countries (Yemen, Libya, Egypt and Tunisia) shows only a very worrying trend of a foreign power being involved (most likely one of the Gulf States).

  7. Mmorsi's statement was lame unlike his speech in Iran and he will be grilled by the western media.

  8. Jean-Baptiste, are the Salafis the manipulators or the manipulees? It turns out the film was made by a group of right-wing, anti-Islamist Christian nobodies living in the U.S., including some Egyptians (Nakoula and Sadek) to provoke precisely the reaction they got. Then they could turn around and say, "See how dangerous Islam is, especially since the Muslim Brotherhood came to power. That's what Americans get for supporting democracy in the Middle East — their embassies are attacked!"

    So the Salafis played right into this dirty game. They should have understood better how images are manipulated in the big world out there, and showed some restraint. First of all, by understanding that what the guys who made the film wanted most of all was to get attention — and the Salafis gave it to them. Second, by understanding that these guys WANTED to stir up the kind of trouble you talk about, so they could say "I told you so!"

    Fortunately, these guys are nobodies, like I said. And while Americans aren't happy their embassies were attacked, we aren't exactly happy with the guys who made the film either, who seemed to do their best to put Americans in danger overseas. We don't need any of that.

  9. Of course the film maker is also a manipulator (although a smaller one). And of course, as I mentioned, the Salafi are manipulated. They are not intelligent enough to pull this kind of stuff out. I suspect the manipulator is to be looked for in the Gulf area. Either Saudi or Qatari or Bahraini are all too happy that the proverbial shit is hitting the fan, just as planned. They have the organisation and the money to fund this kind of trouble and it is their advantage to be able to justify more intervention and their own cracking down on dissenters (cf. Bahrain horrible treatment of their opponents).

  10. The actors words in the movie were dubbed into Arabic after the fact. Who dubbed the words into nasties about Islam? I find it very interesting that it was the salafis who first aired it in the Arab world. That says a lot.

    Bottomline: The movie didn't murder the Americans.

  11. There may be no anti-Islamic movie at all (dubbing...):

    Interesting article.


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