Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#USembassy : Bad day for US embassies in North Africa

And the US ambassador in Benghazi Chris Steven was killed after the attack on the consulate late last night in a huge escalation of its kind.
Allegedly Conservatives in Benghazi attacked the embassy to object the so-called insulting film. The protest already started in Libya hours after the protest in Cairo and according to some sources including a Jihadist Facebook the attack was actually to avenge for the murder of Abu Yahia , the Libyan who was believed to be the second man in Al Qaeda on the occasion of 9/11.
Here is a video showing the Consulate right after the attack on fire.
According to reports Chris Steven suffocated from the fire. Two marines were killed in the blaze and not less than 16 were injured.
There are photos  for  Steven being dragged out of the embassy !!
I do not know if he was alive or dead. I will not share them.
I will not say anything except from theological point of view embassies and diplomats are not to be targeted to attack. What happened is the hugest insult to Islam.
Now Russia Today claims that Salafists in Tunisia are calling their supporters to attack and destroy the US embassy. Anyhow the US embassy in Tunisia is said to be heavily secured. 


  1. Zeinobia,

    There seems to be some confusion over which video caused the protests. You stated in another post that it was produced by Morris Sadek and Terry Jones. However, this article ( points in another direction. Could you clarify?

    Thank you

  2. The movie is made by Sam Bacile, an Israeli American real estate developer.

    who can expect somebody else?

  3. Who indeed. Think of all the Egyptian movies depicting Jews.... including AAdel Iman's latest film. So I guess it's okay to revile Jews.

  4. If anyone wants to see the pic of the ambassador being dragged that Zeinobia doesn't want to show, it's here.

    @Anonymous 9/12/2012 04:28:00 PM, there may be some confusion over who produced the movie (Sam Bacile or Morris Sadek) but there is no confusion over the movie itself, called "Innocence of Muslims". In this comment I linked to English and Arabic clips.

    1. Dear Jason I got horrible photos of late ambassador Stevens from Libya when almost all the U.S was sleeping I did not want to show for the same reason I did not want to show or post the photos of our late soldiers killed in Sinai because I respect death
      and FYI they were trying to save him these men who were dragging him


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