Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#USembassy : Important questions we have to answer

After the huge conquest of US embassy in Cairo yesterday and what followed from implications that have not finished up till now , still there are several questions that many Egyptians “including me” ask themselves today about the whole scene.
  • Why do People suddenly remember that offensive home made film now when it was produced from several months ago ??
  • Why was the first one to air the video publicly on any TV channel was rude Khaled Abdullah on Salafist TV channel Al Nas ?? Khaled Abdullah is said to be from the state security men in Islamist realm in Egypt since 1990s by the way. I do not understand already why Abdullah would air such offensive crappy film for his Ultra-Conservative viewers and to spread the film in this way !?? I did not want to post clips from that crappy short film but I have to post this clip to prove that Abdullah was the first to speak about it in Egypt publicly on TV

  • Where was the police ? Where was the security ?? There was no single policeman , not even the army units that used to protect the embassy since the revolution at the embassy !!? Abnormal scene for anyone has ever crossed two blocks away from the US embassy !?? I do not understand how the security forces beat the crap out of the protesters who wanted to occupy the Syrian embassy from two weeks !? For God sake the security forces protected Borg Al Arab stadium than the embassy !!
  • Where were the security forces when the Egyptian intelligence allegedly warned that there could be terrorist attacks against American and Israeli embassies and interests in Egypt !!!?????? Yes it seems that the Egyptian intelligence warned from that according to former presidential candidate and intelligence officer Ahmed Hossam Khairallah !! There have been Jihadist Salafists yesterday in the protest !!?? What is going on !??
  • Why did the Salafist calling group “which include many Sheikhs that used to cooperate with State security” choose the Ultras groups ??
  • Why do Shafiq and Mubarak support these protests amazingly ?? Are they happy that the Americans are tasting from their so-called poison aka Islamists !?
  • At the same time the Zamalek Ultras was escalating the walls of US embassy , some members of Ultras Ahlawy 07 were at the Mohamed Mahmoud Street after being invited by the group on Facebook for some event, the UA07 cancelled that event and the UA07 boys left.I do not know what event it was but I feel that UA07 felt there was some sort of trap and left.
  • There are four protesters that have been arrested yesterday and accused of breaching the US embassy. Who are they ??
We need answers on these questions because something is not normal about yesterday’s scene.


  1. Remember Zeinobia some of Anon comments last month hinting on a secretive plan to divide the middle east (particularly Egypt)into smaller weaker states and think again how the Saudi money is playing into that dirty plan. Now let your imagination help you

  2. one reasonable question, and maybe the key to the answer.
    Why this all happen on the anniversary of September 11?
    and why Israeli man did it, and US ambassador killed in return?

    1. But it was not an Israeli....check the facts

  3. One of the basics of Analysis used by Intelligence when faced with many unanswered questions is to see who is benefiting -or might benefit- from the situation. And from what I see, the Muslim Brotherhood have now something to scare the American with after they were themselves used by the Old Regime to scare off the Americans. The other winner is Ironically the Salafis themselves who demonstrated to the Americans and the rest of the world that they are a power not to be ignored, since they can mobilise huge crouds and lead them however they want.

    1. Oliver, the salafi is helping the Israely/US plan to divide Egypt. If they claim otherwise why you don;t see similar reaction near the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia??!! Isn't Saudi Arabia claim to the guardian for Islamic Faith ? why not loudly object to the US!?or to Israel??. I disagree with your statement of them being a Power to be noticed. They are a puppet in the hand of the devil.

    2. Dear Olivertwixxx,
      Completely disagree , watching the live scenes infront of Cairo US embassy will prove to any that Salafis have very low participations.. The photos of clashes clearely show either the thugs that appeared in SOME EVENTS in Abbasya & Mohamed mahmoud ...or ... others from their outfits who looks from higher standards & equiped for similar events with gas masks and other stuff loaded in their back bags...
      Moreover, MB are not benificiaries, this only increase the internal pressure that they are facing...

      As for this idea of Saudi Arabia reactions, looks that you never been to Saudi and know how security forces react there ..Specially, that the Embassy is in Ryadh..

      Hope that the next couple of days end well, the scenarios that come in my mind are really scary..

  4. Anon says;
    Being a sincere religous person(Muslim or another) and you hear or accidentally view that kind of movie you can object, feel digusted, voice your opinion in clean way (supposedly maching your honesty).Acting like this salafist Khalid Abdullah and widely distribute the video, it is no different than what the producer want!! Treating religion like supporting a soccer club is fake and stupid and call for lot of questions , what is(are) your motive(s). If egyptians subscribe to that kind of manipulations they deserve what come ahead for them.

  5. Interesting. So you're saying the attack on the embassy was maybe planned by some elements in state security, working with the TV guy?

    The New York Times said earlier that the Obama administration suspects the events in Libya were also planned. That the attackers had their plan ready and were waiting for a convenient time (the film controversy) to carry it out. Now that claim is gone from their site, for some reason.

    They also have a story that for the man who made the film, his identity isn't certain! Remember, he said he was Israeli, and he got $5 million from Jews. But the Israeli Foreign Ministry says they have no records of such a person, and he gave conflicting information about his age. He is unknown in Israeli filmmaking circles, and also in Hollywood.

    Maybe whoever made the film said it was Jews, knowing that would make people even madder? Still, the actors sound to me like they have a combination of American and Israeli accents.

    But we don't really know who made the film, and there is something "fishy" about both the Egyptian and Libyan events? It seems there is is still a lot more to learn about this story.

    Thanks for your reporting from the scene, Zeinobia, I always enjoy it. You know the personalities and you always have someething useful to add to any story.

    1. Dont go looking for Sam Basile as a film maker on Google.

      Sam Basile is here

      and remember that one of the diplomats killed in Libya!!!! this week was

  6. Elections, elections, elections and much more to be gained from this, the question is, who is going to gain from it and how?


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