Saturday, October 13, 2012

And the Egyptian revolution seriously does not need those hooligans

Last week there was a small news nobody cared to read or follow up despite it was extremely alarming.
Unknown group torched two CSF vehicles parked in Tahrir square , lucky nobody was harmed last 9/10.
Nobody claimed responsibility until we found that video online title “Hooligans , operation No.0 : Torching the CSF vehicles on 9/10/2012 on a YouTube channel called “Arab Anonymous” {The channel was made on December 4th ,2010}

From the computerized narrator reading a perfect Arabic in inhuman way and the Vendetta King Tut’s picture , we know that they are claiming to be anarchists. According to that message that reminded us with Anonymous’ video message , we knew that group is just testing its power , this is training “Somebody could have been killed”
The group allegedly claimed that they torched these two vehicles as a retribution for the random arrests of protesters last 15/9/2012 “US embassy protest”  from the street. “The video called the protesters as rebels yet this not an Islamist group”. The group also said this operation is like an answer for how the MOI let Tahrir square to be invaded with “mercenaries” and how the graffiti of Mohamed Mahmoud was erased.
The video called the minister of interior Ahmed Gamal El Din as pig and declared their operations will target in the future the current regime and the Muslim brotherhood.
After that video , this Facebook Page with the name of “Hooligans” appeared.
I do not understand why they used the song of Mobinil Ad “Because we are all together !!”
Now on Friday we found them posting this status update on Friday during the clashes between MB and Non MB protesters with that photo:

Operation No.1 soon : F*cking the MB .. 3:45 PM
Just in case the photo is removed : Molotov cocktails , a guy with fancy watch holding a paper with the name of the operation
Despite they did not claim responsibility of torching the MB buses at night , some people are to know between both incidents. It is worth to mention there were Molotov cocktails hurled at both sides of the protesters , may be
Interesting today we found another Facebook claiming to be the Hooligans page that was created on October 13/10 “today” but in Arabic “El Mshagbeen Movement”
I totally refuse the torching of MB buses because yesterday the MB buses and tomorrow it may be the HQ of Constitution party. I also refuse Molotov cocktails to be thrown at each other like animals and savages.
I think violence made us pay a heavy price in our Egyptian revolution and I will say it again , some adrenaline junkies dragged us in useless battles that made us lose a lot when it comes to the public.
Already we got growing threat of radical religious terrorism in Sinai and in Egypt especially with the rise of the Jihadist Salafism and the constant threats of Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa and Islamic Jihad that they may hold arms again against Morsi and the current regime if it does not apply Sharia from their own perspective. We can not tolerate having a militant anarchist movement. I do not need to tell you that how much we paid in the terrorism years , at least look it from the freedoms we are fighting for. In terrorism years , no cry over the battle cry !!
I do not need to say that these guys will harm and are harming socialists and other anarchists in Egypt with these actions considering the fact this is a society that does not have a clear idea about anarchism.  The MB needs something to play the role of the victim that they excelled for a long time. The ministry of interior and the New National security want to avenge for their dignity. 
You want to know how much we lost , well may be you should check the results of the  first round of the Presidential elections when Shafik and Morsi made it to the runoffs , the stability candidates. The people are looking for an alternative for the MB , more of these people will not go for the MB only but for the Mubarak regime that kept them safe from those kids.


  1. Im not sure I agree with you. Torching empty police vans hardly constitutes violence. Destructive, but not violent. Plus, most people clashed a few days after and caused a lot more harm over a wooden stage than the stated aims of this group. I spare little sympathy for cops.

    1. Think about it the next time you need them.

  2. seriously, im sick of that blabla for fame wannabe activists selling an image to outside and making their living with that image wile not moving anything in th erevolution youre a fake. youre the biggest fake and just shut the fuck up and care for the revolution more then the media

    1. Fame !? why do you see every day on a different a talk show speaking to the media ?
      I do not care and I do not want fame plus I will not shut the fuck up in my blog, go and say this to someone else

  3. You tell him Zeinobia!

    But this situation is to be expected after Mubarak was removed. Radical groups will come out and try to make their name. As I see it you are just reporting on what's going on there so keep up the good work. Every bit of truth is always appreciated.

  4. I am not sure who is this Jan is talking about. His message need to be focused and clean. The talk about torching an empty van not constituting violence is also inappropriate and foreign. May be the writer grew up with those violent Americans enjoying their "demolition derby" on the weekend. Egypt can't afford that nonsense with any car, let alone a police car.

    As for you publishing anything you want on your blog, that is your right. But I would try, when possible, not giving a forum to those hooligans who thrive on publicity, and are happy to see you and others publicizing their stupidity.



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