Saturday, October 13, 2012

State security , third party , remnants !? Anyone but us !?

These are the headlines of today’s issue of the Freedom and Justice newspaper owned by Freedom and Justice Party about yesterday’s clashes in Tahrir.
After starting to release the defendants of the battle of the camel trial.
Bloody clashes in Tahrir
The residents arrest “State security” in Mohamed Mahmoud street
“Freedom and Justice” paper reveals the details of a secret meeting between businessmen and TV channels owners.

Do not ask how the residents of Mohamed Mahmoud street arrest a state security officer and it was not spread publicly yesterday considering that the Pro-Revolutionaries from Non Islamists were controlling that street  !! Also Is he an officer in the State security or National security !?
Second how FJ Paper spied on that top secret, I do not know but in nutshell they claim that the owners of Al Hayat TV channel “Siyad Badawy of Al Wafd Party” , ONTV channel “Naguib Sawiris” and Al Mehawar “Hassan Ratab” had a meeting to organize a campaign against the president and against the MB.
The MB will not hate to close these channels , in fact I believe they wish they would be closed in order to control the media.
There is no doubt that the old regime and its supporters are the only winner of yesterday’s clashes but I had enough of putting the blame on them all the way. For a whole year , we failed to know who was the third party that used to create clashes and trouble in Egypt !!
Needless to say as they got some injured and two torched buses , the MB boys are still living the victim’s role as they have always been not realizing that they are now ruling Egypt. May be they know and they do understand the implications of being the ruler of Egypt but want to escape the consequences.


  1. No one comes out of this looking good so your overt hostility indicates a partisan mentality. The facts are that skirmishes took place between hot heads from all camps. It takes two to have a fight. As the MB came off worse in terms of injuries and damaged property it would indicate they showed greater restraint as their greater numbers would have allowed them to inflict the greater injury had they so wanted. The fact senior MB leaders and many of the rank and file sought to remove themselves from Tahrir and not to participate in tit for tat squabbling also would seem to show that the MB as a group and their leaders, did not want to see clashes.

    I assume the same is true of the "liberals" hence what we have is a volatile and violent fringe in a very unstable political environment. So my point is why are you trying to lay all this at the door of the MB?

    Also what is the issue. Surely it is one of justice and the need for change. Morsi has tried (within the law) to remover the prosecutor general. He is stymied in that by the system which is still in the hands of remnants. Had all called with one voice for his resignation things might have been very different this morning. The "liberals" squandered that unity for their own divisve and partisan interests.

    1. BRAVO! great to hear a sensible post! I too am sick of the constant attacking of the MB and Morsi. To be honest these days I am beginning to believe that Suleiman was right. Egyptians are no where ready for democracy. They are not developed enough to understand democracy and are still in the old mindset of blame everyone but themself. I am so sick of the caviar revolutionary set who sit there condemning every single thing that Morsi is doing not matter what.It just shows nothing but immaturity. When will Egyptians ever grow up!

  2. Setting alight to the buses of demonstrators who you disagree with is not a very liberal act. Clearly that minority who want to use violence against the majority should be condemned regardless of what political camp they emanate from. True liberals, islamists, secularists or whatever would criticise such thuggery whether by a hot headed islamist or secularist or whatever. It is quite outrageous to attack the MB on this issue when only a few were involved in the fighting and they were matched by those from the other camp who went further and torched property and vehicles. Show some balance

  3. Liberals are as responsible for this mess as the MB. Both have become extremely polarized, selfish, subjective, and more importantly unable to see how ridiculous their actions are.


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