Friday, October 12, 2012

Yo Muslim Brotherhood , Muslims should not lie !!

The Muslim brotherhood is now claiming that they got no members in the square during the sorrowful clashes and that those people are attacking the Non Islamist forces and parties are more of Morsi’s supporters. It started with the young Muslim brotherhood members in Cairo and Giza who revealed that they got orders from the Guidance office to meet at Tahrir square at 5 PM before heading to the public prosecutor’s office denying that that the members of the brotherhood are in the square. Then leading MB member Mahmoud Ghozlan also claimed that there are no MBs in the square. Now the International English account of the Muslim brotherhood “@Ikhwanweb” is repeating this claim too I got one answer and it is actually from Essam El Arian , the acting president of Freedom and Justice Party and leading member of the Muslim brotherhood.
To the youth of Freedom and Justice party , our meeting is 4 PM at Supreme Judiciary Court , those who went to Tahrir , gathering point at Egyptian museum to head in a march to the Supreme judiciary court
If this is not enough , here is the official Facebook Page of Mohamed ElBeltagy from short time ago
With deep sadness while I am outside Cairo , I follow what is taking place in Tahrir square , the on going clashes do not suit the free patriots regardless of their political affiliation or motives or difference in understanding the current national situation and regardless of the others’ mistakes and provocation.I call the Muslim brotherhood to withdraw from Tahrir square immediately and to protest only at the Supreme Court “Public prosecutor HQ”. I assure that the fighting political powers fell unintentionally in a trap made by the counter regime.

If this is not enough , well the Freedom and Justice party in Sharkia announced that 20 of its members have been injured in Tahrir square despite there was MB as you can see

There is no doubt that the biggest laugh today is the Mubarak’s regime remnants' !!
According to eye witnesses there are buses all over the square coming from all over the country parked , these buses are usually the MB’s buses and their ladies are actually staying there for fear of their safety.
Already thanks to a tip from a friend I knew that those Morsi’s supporters who attacked his opponents are actually the MB members that came from the governorates earlier and stayed in Tahrir square.
Now one must ask , why does not the MB have any kind of control on those members ??
Anyhow I could not ignore this tweet of Dr.Ahmed Rushdie, the member in the Muslim brotherhood and member in Morsi’s presidential campaign.

No stage was being destroyed , the man who owns the rented equipments and set up the stage “El Farasha” feared on his stuff thus he gathered it and left !!!

Dr. Rushdie did not see the videos or the live broadcast from Tahrir square. Already the man believes that all media and all the people are biased are against the Muslim brotherhood.

Politicians lie all the time but they do not do it hiding behind religion. Muslims should not lie.

Ultras Ikhwan by Sarah Carr

P.S : 6:23 PM according to eye witnesses all Morsi’s supporters who “are not MB as the MB media machine claims” left amazingly to the public prosecutor office just like the MB members on time !!!



  1. Sorry to say but do not blame everything on the muslim brotherhood you should also look on the other side instead of only blaming the brotherhood like you always do

  2. Dear Zeinobia, you do a wonderful job, just take care, and keep safe!

  3. great article :)thanks really

  4. I agree a great job. Try not to let the naysayers get to you, always there are some who love to complain., it's why they were born apparently, to look for someone or something to complain about. :)


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