Friday, October 12, 2012

#Oct12 : Protests , Rallies , Speeches and Clashes too !!

What I fear most  , happened in Tahrir square.
The Muslim brotherhood's supporters along with other Islamists like Al Gama’a Al Islamiyya have attacked the supporters of other Non Islamist forces in Tahrir square after the prayers forcing them to leave it.
There was one stage in Tahrir square said to be owned by Al Wafd Party that attacked Morsi and The supreme guide after the prayers. Couple of Morsi’s supporters attacked the stage destroying it and attacking the speakers and their supporters. Morsi supporters chanted “ Bread , Freedom and Morsi got men in his back”. They also chant Islamist slogans claiming that the revolution is Islamist and Support Your God and the Sharia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
#Oct12 : Clashes between Morsi supporter and opponents
I would say that there are couple of thousands from MB supporters. According to eye witnesses they were brought by buses as usual.

The clashes erupted again but the Morsi’s supporters and opponents in Mohamed Mahmoud , as the MB supporters destroyed the stage of the popular current. You must know the MB is claiming that those attackers are not from its members. They are claiming that they got orders to head to Tahrir square at 5 PM.
Sooner the Anti-MB supporters were forced to move to Mohamed Mahmoud street after they hurled rocks with the MB supporters.
Part of the clashes by Karim Farid
They are current chant Chants: "Down with the Murshid  rule" and "sell, sell, sell, the revolution, Badei" in Mohamed Mahmoud.
On the other hand the marches started from Giza and Cairo heading to Tahrir square. I can not tell how big or small they are.
Here is a march in Ghamara
Morsi is currently in Alexandria and addressed the public there. There is a march from Morsi's opponents that reached to the place of his speech.
From Alexandria @aiayd

@3:45 PM 

Despite the Muslim brotherhood members are claiming that there are no members in Tahrir square
From what I understand and what I see on TV , the Mostafa Mahmoud March arrived to the square and kicked out Morsi supporters from the square for some time but the clashes continue.
There are no security forces or any attempt to separate between the two fighting teams. It is just too sad
There were echoes of bird shot in the square followed by an attack of those MB supporters then the civilians powers attacked back , all people are hurling rocks at each side.
Eye witnesses in Mohamed Mahmoud street say that bearded men are attacking them. Tens of young men have been injured already.

@4:53 PM

Now the clashes continue. My friend Mahmoud Gamal El Din was there at Talaat Harb street where a march led by Constitution Party's co-founder and revolutionary icon Dr. Ahmed Harara. The march was attacked and dispersed. Gamal El Din told me on the phone that he has seen so far not less than 16 injured from protesters , with head cuts.
Media reports are speaking about bird shots and Molotov !!
Several activists have been injured like famous labor socialist activist Kamel Khalil and director Kamala El Zakry
The ministry of health announced that the number of the injured are 12 , I think  it is higher now

@7:59 PM 

The ministry of health declared that the number of injured in Tahrir clashes are 110 so far !! I am receiving reports from friends on the ground that the injured numbers could be more than that !!
The Muslim brotherhood left the square completely and moved to the Supreme judiciary court “The public prosecutor’s HQ” where they protested for his resignation for couple of hours before leaving.
In huge development two buses from the MB buses that transfer the MB members from governorates to Cairo were torched by anti-MB protesters.
One of the buses on fire 
Of course I refuse this totally , already hurling rocks was too much today. There are news that protesters attacked the FJP HQs in Mahala.
Tearing down the MB sign "Al Masry Al Youm"
The ministry of interior calls the protesters to leave the square in order to arrest the rioters !!
The Egyptian popular Current already called its members to gather in Talaat Harb street to protest but there were already clashes between its supporters and the MB supporters that ended by the so-called victory of EPC and the injury of tens or even hundreds from both sides.
6 April Youth Movement “Maher’s front” announced their refusal for what it is happened and declared their withdrawal from all the protests Downtown Cairo whether in Tahrir square or  Supreme judiciary court. The movement leading members slammed the Muslim brotherhood as well other political powers that are fighting over power.
The photo of the day
No comment "Reuters"

@2:17 PM 

And photos are here from citizen journalists and photographers 

From Sarah Carr
From Mahmoud Gamal El Din


  1. غزلان: الجماعة لم تنزل الميدان حتي الآن .. واعتداءنا على منصة التيار الشعبي كذب

  2. This is off-topic for this post, Z, but you and your readers may be interested in an Arutz Sheva interview with Pamela Geller as a follow up on your earlier post Our Mona arrested in NY Subway for defacing racist ads !! which got many comments.

    They ask Pamela "I understand that a female Egyptian blogger has embarked on a crusade to deface the ads in the NYC subway. Do you have any information about this person and do you know if she is being sponsored by CAIR, or groups of that nature?" and she responds "Mona Eltahawy is a frequent analyst for CNN and Reuters. She is noted for having criticized Islam's mistreatment of women in an article several months ago. Also, she was sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square last year by men she termed "beasts." But now she is displaying full-on Stockholm Syndrome, identifying with her oppressors and furthering their agenda. Maybe she was trying to get back into the good graces of her Muslim Brotherhood friends who were angry about her article."

    There's more.

  3. Mona Eltahawy is decent woman.

  4. Mona Eltahawy may suffer cognitive dissonance, unsure whether Tahrir Square rapists are merely exercising the same free speech that subway vandals enjoy.


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