Friday, October 12, 2012

Tahrir : Why not to have two protests instead of one !!

On Friday Tahrir square will not witness a single hopeful million man protest but two million man protests !! oh yes two protests from two opposing powers mainly : MB and Non-MBs or to be more accurate the Islamists and Non Islamists as it seems. It looks so January 25th first anniversary in Tahrir square !!
Simply we got two protests.
The first protest which is the original was planned by non Islamists to protest the constituent assembly right after the end of the 100 days project period of President Morsi in order to give him his full opportunity.
Now the demands of this protest according to what I understood from posts and statement issued by parties and movements organizing and participating in the protest :
  • A Constitution that represents all Egyptians with their diversity reflecting the demands of the revolution .
  • A minimum and maximum wage limits
  • Lowering the prices of commodities.
  • Allowing independent unions and syndications.
There will be marches from all over Cairo and Giza from the mosques rallies and marches used to be headed from to Tahrir square like Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque and square that will witness the main rally to Tahrir square.
Despite initially April 6th youth Movement “Ahmed Maher” declared that it was not going to participate in the protests because “it wanted to give the president and the government an opportunity” and “Fears from burning the protests card” , I knew that the members had the freedom individually to join the protest. Of course I said that this was the movement’s initial decision , things are different as you will know later.
The parties and movements calling and organizing this protest are :  
The national association for change "NAC" , The Popular Egyptian current, The Constitution party , Masr Al Horreya Party , The Egyptian Social Democratic Party , April 6th Movement "The Democratic Movement", The Democratic Revolutionary alliance "The Egyptian socialist Party , The Egyptian communist Party, The Socialist Popular alliance Party , El Tagammu Party , The labor and farmers Party , The Socialist Youth union , The popular Democratic Movement, Mina Daniel Movement , The popular revolutionary movement", The Youth for Justice and Freedom and The Peaceful Front for Change.
The Constitution Party asked its members not to chant anti-MB or Morsi chants in the rally or the protests because it is not about persons or groups as much about demands.
I believe this is the biggest and first public event for both the Constitution party and the popular current.
The second protest was planned and decided by Muslim brotherhood and its political arm Freedom and Justice Party after hours from the Battle of the Camel’s trial verdict. The orders were given to the members to start rallies and protesting in Cairo to demanding the resignation of the public prosecutor and the purging of the judiciary authority in general.
They did start protesting from Thursday.
Moderate Islamist party Al Wasat Party and Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa also announced that they are going to participate in the protest.
It is kind of hilarious because actually one must wonder why the MB is protesting and against whom !?? Against their own president !? I feel that the MB does not want to understand as a political group that it is actually ruling Egypt and that they are no longer the opposition !! If they want to help Morsi they should not embarrass him with that cheap talk like “We are going to protest in order to give him a public cover and strength !!”
A public strength and a cover for a president !!? What kind of a president that a solidarity protest whenever he takes an order !? I think this would be a weak president !!!
Now April 6th Youth Movement “Ahmed Maher’s front” announced its participation in the protest in order to purge the ministry of interior and judiciary in Egypt.
Non Islamists fear and believe that these MB protests are actually a way to sabotage their own protest.
I fear really clashes between both teams whether in Cairo or in Alexandria. Already the ministry of health announced that it will send over 40 ambulances just in case I really wished that after Morsi’s decree to re-assign the public prosecutor to another position , the MB would cancel their protests but what you know !!

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  1. It sounds to me like their 4 requests or demands are very reasonable ones.

    I hope they are successful and there is no bloodshed over such reasonable demands. Maybe they should wait until the Anniversary of Jan. 25th, and not push so hard however....I'm sure they are tired of waiting (40yrs) for fairness for the people however.


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