Saturday, November 10, 2012

#EndSH : RIP Eman ; the first Martyr of Sexual Harassment

Late Eman 
Her name is Eman Mostafa. A 18 years old teenager from a small village called “Arab El Cablat” in Assuit , Upper Egypt.On the 10th of September 2012 she went along with her cousin to buy cement from the market in the village riding a donkey. “Imagine that image”
In the way back two men one of them called Ramdan , armed and looking for trouble stalked her on motorcycle. Ramadan groped her breast and in quick reaction Eman spit in his ugly face. Feeling that his fake manhood was hurt, the thug shot her with his gun pointblank. Eman died and the bastard escaped along with his partner. On September 21, 2012 , the bastard was arrested.
Here is a video report from EIPR from Asuit about the case which the mainstream media somehow ignored despite its importance.

Her father is proud of her after all she defended her honor and her father’s honor in his own words.
Knowing Upper Egypt’s mindset I know MR. Mostafa is extremely proud on how she defended her honor and I know that if he has the opportunity , he will kill that bastard that shot her in cold blood.
The girls in Asuit University organized a silent stand to commemorate her and to remind the society with her case.
Thanks to EIPR for highlighting the case of Eman. Eman proves that the strongest examples are not always big city rich educated independent ladies , our ladies in those small villages that we do not know that they exist in Egypt are strong without even realizing it.
RIP Eman, your name will be ever remembered in the sexual harassments file just like Noha Rushdie.


  1. Lovely epitaph

    R.I.P dear Iman

    Your day of justice will come.

  2. This was reported in September:

  3. Rbenaa Yerhamek Ya Iman !
    What has happened to Egypt ?!!
    very sad

  4. Rest in Peace dear Eman.

  5. Rip Eman, we are all proud of you. Thanks Zeinobia, for bringing this under the attention, this needs to be heard!


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