Saturday, November 10, 2012

And this was Shown in #Tahrir square yesterday

Last year during the various sits in Tahrir square witnessed , there were data shows for documentaries and films usually about political and social as well economic struggles in Egypt. I remember that in the July sit in.

Yesterday my friend Ibrahim was passing by Tahrir square to find someone had set up a data show in one of the square’s circular gardens showing clips for Islamist fighters in Syria. He was alarmed because these are not documentaries about the Syrian revolution but rather about operations of armed Islamist groups inside Syria against El Assad regime.

Were the Islamist groups in Egypt recruiting Egyptian youth to fight against El Assad’s regime yesterday ? Everything is possible already the Salafists have sent flocks for young men to fight with Syrians in Syria in the past months.Every two weeks at least you hear that young young man went to fight in Syria and got killed.

One of the main Salafist groups implicated in this is Hazemoon ,one of the biggest and loudest Hazem Abu El Ismail’s supporters.

I think I am known for my support to Syrian revolution. I also know very well the concept of Jihad so I do not need lectures online. When I remember the clips and the speeches I have seen and heard from Tahrir square yesterday , I feel so alarmed.

When I watched that clip above again , I feel that most probably this was used for recruitment proposes.

I do not think Syria needs foreign fighters even foreign Muslim fighters as it got men , Syria needs a true roadmap and someone to lead the way for real.

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