Friday, December 21, 2012

#Alex : Nobody sleeps in #Alexandria For real !!

For the second Friday in a row clashes erupted again at El Qaed Ibrahim mosque “a stronghold Salafist/Islamist area” and surrounding areas between Islamists “MB and Salafists” and Protesters “Non politicized and Non Islamists”.
We are speaking now about not less 52 injured including dozens from the police forces “CSF anti-riot forces” that tried to stop the clashes from both sides. It is not good there because we are speaking again about Egyptians VS. Egyptians again.
Today Islamists were organizing another million man protest calling it “To Defend the Mosques of God” after what they considered an attack of aggression last Friday !! Despite Islamists attacked protesters and even tortured them inside the mosque which is huge insult
The tear gas grenades today in Alex by Ali Ghonim
Of course people at first blamed the Non Islamist protesters for allegedly provoking the Islamist protesters who declared their intention to protest at the Mosque first. Well after few hours things should be clarified.
It is true that Islamists declared first that they would pray and protest at the Mosque but it is also true that Islamist icons like Abu Ismail and Foulmouthed Abdullah Bahr threatened Alexandrians if any attack happened against Mosques again.
This video was posted online yesterday where Badr “who turned to be a crock” claiming that he and other Islamists would have killed the protesters who protested outside El Qaed Ibrahim Mosque  last Friday and that Sheikh El Mahlawy would have walked on their dead bodies but he refused because he cared for the constitution.  Side Note : In any civilized State of law Abdullah Badr should be interrogated for what

This provoked many Alexandrians who were insulted by the threats of those radicals for two reasons I believe : The threats of using violence “We will walk over your dead bodies” and the assumption that regular Alexandrians are less Muslim than the Islamists. The threats of Badr were not the only fire that fuelled the Alexandrians anger. The fact that the Islamists from Muslim brotherhood and Salafists like Hazem Salah Abu Ismail mobilized their followers in buses from Cairo “Despite Sheikh El Mahlawy told them not to do so” provoked Alexandrians as they felt they were attacked by outsiders.
The big According to eye witnesses already regular people who went to pray at El Qaed Ibrahim Mosque found themselves forced to present their IDs from the Islamists assigned to secure the Mosque. “Like in Al Quds”
Some say that they were not allowed inside the mosque because they are not Salafists and they had to pray outside !!

Some say that the Islamists truly believed that Christians were protesting outside the mosque last Friday !!
Many Non Islamists prayed outside the mosque. I do not know exactly how the clashes started this time to be frank but according to dear Ahmed Abrass , a proud Alexandrian many of the Non Islamist protesters are locals from popular working class areas in Alex that are fed up from the Muslim brotherhood and Salafists were on the streets today. Abrass added that the MB already was controlling the distribution of gas cylinders and bread and people fed up from them.
Part of the clashes "@MEssamMoawad"
You must know that all non Islamist Political powers like Popular Current or April 6 Youth did not call for a protest on that day there. Salafist El Nour Party claims otherwise as usual. Constitution Party in Alexandria issued a statement denying to have any relation with what happened early today. The Party is already busy in campaigning against draft constitution in neighbor governorates for the big day tomorrow.
The vice-governor “who acts like the governor” MB leading figure Hassan El Prince claims that the former regime remnants are standing behind the clashes. Dr. Hassan should tell us about why young men were tortured in El Qaed Ibrahim mosque last Friday.
Now on the ground after hours of clashes people are having these popular committees outside their neighborhoods and houses for protection despite the bad weather. It seems that Salafists and Islamists in general are not welcomed in certain neighborhood too. The anti-Islamist protesters torched 3 buses following the Islamists.
The buses on fire "Ahmed Abdel Kader"
There are street fights fro time to time. Here is a video from couple of hours showing a fight in a street in Azareeta area.

The situation is not good as the Islamists are claiming that they have arrested and keeping those they called “thugs” at the mosque again !!
The big irony now is the Muslim brotherhood protesters withdrew from several hours ago from the mosque and the clashes leaving the Salafists behind the ting that made the Salafist so pissed from the MB.
On the other hand Non Islamist Alexandrians believed that they beat up the crap out of the Salafists and Abu Ismail’s supporters. It is just sad.Here is a video showing Non Islamist protesters chanting anti-Abu Ismail chants , very offensive actually.

BY way the amount of anger in Alexandria against the Salafists and MB , one must wonder how this governorate voted for Yes as it turned out in the referendum !! Or something else happened and changed the results !??

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  1. What can we say? Only prayer and more prayer and more suffering.


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