Friday, December 21, 2012

#EgyConstitution : The Finale Tomorrow

Ok tomorrow can be the end of the world as we know , tomorrow we will have the second round of the constitution referendum. In this stage we will have : Giza, Qalubiya,Monufia, El Behaira, Kafr El Sheikh, Damietta, Ismailia, Suez, Port Said, Red Sea, New Valley, Fayoum , Matrouh, Bani Sawif , Maniya, Luxor and Qena.

The big voting blocs this time will be in Monufia and Giza.

I do not have high hopes. There will be more violations and elections fraud I am fraud.

I will be live blogging but not from the street. Last time I got terrible flu that I am trying to recover from it up till now.


  1. Both Behaira and Qalubiya have more registered voters than Monufia, but I understand why there is some buzz about Monufia.
    I hope you get well soon.

  2. The election second round is worthless, like a football game after the league championship has been decided. Each side of yes and no is entrenched and the country is sharply divided. The ability to do something meaningful and constructive is null. I don’t think the current leadership can turn this around.

  3. Excellent work Z.and hard work but don't overwork.

  4. the constitution will pass with 66%

  5. Your fruedian slip where you state " I am fraud." probably says a lot more about the condition of the "liberal" opposition at present.

    I remember ages ago making a comment on your website to the effect that my hope for Egypt would be that a multi party system would evolve in Egypt where all parties would be "Islamic". This is the real challenge for the country. We have the FJP and we have to accept that with the Salafist trend they represent the majority whatever way you look at it. A large minority of us want alternative trends but overwhelmingly we wish for an islamic reference for all parties. The strong Egytians, Wasat and others offer a way forward. Inevitably over the years The FJP will lose some support to these parties. The consitution offers that reference and it will be for its many opponents to argue their position from within through ammendments etc as the Strong Egyptians are doing. Remember AF got 20% and if his supporters voted as he recomended the actual referendum vote is likely to end like this;
    65% in favour (salafists and MB?)
    35% againsts of which 20% are AF supporters (ie an islamic trend)
    10% will be copts. (Sad but true) and that leaves 5% for Baradei and Sabbahi and the old regime elements.
    Please do not try to 'fraud' the blindingly obvious.

    Of course the reality is more complex as Sabbahi for instance got 20% also so presumably the MB 65% is swelled by some who don't support them but want stability etc etc.


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