Tuesday, December 25, 2012

And the turn is on Doaa El Adl now !!

And cartoonist Doaa El Adl has become the latest target in press to be reported to the public prosecutor. Al Masry Al Youm’s famous cartoonist is accused of blasphemy and our new Pubic prosecutor “appointed by Morsi” has ordered an immediate investigation in her case.
El Adly , an award winning is being accused by Salafist lawyer “Khaled El Masry” , the secretary general of the National center for defending freedoms “!!” of blasphemy because of a cartoon Al Masry Al Youm published from two days ago. El Masry is accusing Doaa El Adly of insulting a prophet figure , our father Adam !!!!!!!!
Here is the cartoon

A Yes voter for the sake of awarded with heaven because of Sharia tells Adam and Eve :
If you said Yes like me  , you would not be expelled from heavens !!
I do not know about you but I do not think it criticized Prophet Adam , it criticized the voters who voted for religious promises

 Doaa El Adl is by far the most famous Egyptian woman cartoonist. The young cartoonist proved herself  in the men dominated career through her catchy cartoons whether in Dostor newspaper then in Rosa Al Youssef ending by her great success in Al Masry Al Youm.
Now Doaa El Adl has became the first cartoonist in Egypt to face the charges of blasphemy
Trivia : Doaa is young cartoonist who is veiled Muslim lady.
Here is Doaa’s latest cartoon and it is perfect.

On this occasion I would like to share this musical sketch the famous 1960s Theatre lights trio from “30 days in jail” movie and I am asking the same question the trio asked “Are you happy father Adam ?? Are you happy Mama Eve !!?”


  1. Dear Zeinobia,
    it is not a reason to panic to me that some people file these cases, You have crazy people everywhere. Especially those who say about themselves they are gods men and who have no respect for others at all, calling them infidels, insult them, tell them they go to hell. Is that how you approach other fellow humans, shaped after the creator in his own image? If he wouldn't want us to have our own free mind, why would he create us like that? Or does his creation contain flaws in their eyes???

    The current situation is indeed worrying because the number of people with total disrespect of others belives seems higher then i have hoped or at least they dare to file these cases cause they think there is public support for these actions. However, it would only be really a problem if those journalists / cartoonists would be convicted. That's something we should wait and see. And untill them we have to work on the ground to buily a democratic state of mind in the society of our great country.

  2. Is Adam considered to be a prophet in Islam, Christianity or Judaism?

    1. Yes according to my knowledge

    2. Adam is considered a prophet only in Islam.

    3. Isn't the meaning of the term prophet is to enlighten blinded peoples in existance before him !!!??. How can Adam be a prophet? to whom ????. How can a prophet commits the first sin of violating God's instruction.???

  3. As an American it seems primitive for blasphemy to be considered a crime, because what is considered blasphemy to one person is just speaking truth through metaphor to another person. In order for there to be freedom of religion, blasphemy cannot be illegal because the definition of it is subjective dependent on personal belief.

  4. I have great respect for the Egyptian people, but as American the idea of blasphemy seems primitive at best and not conducive in a modern society. Blasphemy cannot exist as a law if a society should have freedom of religion because blasphemy is subjective depending on one's beliefs.

  5. Well actually it doesn't matter if it is Adam or someone else because this figure is not insulted. The cartoon puts the simple minded yes-voter (of course there are others with more sophisticated arguments) in the spotlight. And that is so important because what i heard as reasons for yes-votes was of frightening simplicity (one could sy stupidity but i don't want to judge that way).

    And one thing is pretty clear. This is not gods constitution, it is created by men (with many major flaws, if you ask me). And so you can't go to hell because you voted 'no' - but that is exactly what some people told me. And that is a major problem for a society because democracy doesn't work that way. God doesn't tell you what to vote for.

  6. i don't think she is accused of criticizing Adam but rather for drawing a man that represent him .. it's forbidden according to islamic laws to draw characters that resemble the prophets even with good intentions .. They consider it as an insult to them.

    and according to our infamous constitution it's a crime now.

  7. If she IS convicted of Blasphemy. Do you realise that you too could be taken to court for reprinting the cartoon here?

  8. I guess the problem as i view it isn't criticizing, it's depicting.
    I hope Doaa isn't harmed in the legal process, but i guess she needs to be "talked to" about the matter not to be prosecuted, prosecution will only provoke stubbornness.
    the sure thing here is that she meant no harm.

  9. ruling the waves at heaven's command.
    do we see any resemblance?
    hilter, however, he possessed an uncanny shrewdness in his estimate of the conduct and psychology of masses and individuals, and developed to a fine degree the art of swaying their emotions. The success he achieved in this field enhanced his contempt for the people, whom he called a "flock of sheep and blockheads," a "mixture of stupidity and cowardice." He was convinced that well-directed propaganda by a determined minority backed by force at the strategic moment, constituted a sure road to victory.
    "By shrewd and constant application of propaganda, heaven can be presented to the people as hell and, vice versa, the wretchedest existence as a paradise," he wrote in "Mein Kampf."
    This contempt for the people and his unbounded capacity for hatred, which found expression in his merciless treatment of opponents and persecution of the Jews, according to psychologists who have studied the man's career closely, emanated in Hitler from the poverty, wretchedness and frustrations of his youth. Censorship was rampant throughout Nazi Germany. Censorship ensured that Germans could only see what the Nazi hierarchy wanted people to see, hear what they wanted them to hear and read only what the Nazis deemed acceptable. The Nazi police dealt with anyone who went outside of these boundaries. Censorship dominated the lives of the ordinary citizen in Nazi Germany.The prime mover in censorship was the Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. It was his responsibility to see that the German people were fed with material acceptable to the Nazi state. Newspapers, radio and all forms of media were put under the control of the Nazis. Even the film industry became controlled by the Nazis where the leading light was Leni Riefenstahl - who, though favoured by Hitler, did not enjoy a good relationship with Goebbels. Music was controlled by the Nazis. Music by Gustav Mahler and Felix Mendelssohn was banned as they were both Jews. Jazz was also banned. Even telling jokes about Hitler became a serious offence - one to send you to the concentration camps and potentially death.

    Censorship was enforced by a number of methods. First, the secret police or the 'normal' police ensured that the rules were kept to. Secondly, anyone who wanted to go outside of the desired party norm faced the most serious of consequences. Third, people in general were expected to report anything unacceptable to their local party chief. Those who knew something but did not report it were deemed as guilty as those who went against the system. Censorship ensured that the Nazis had the German public in their grip as they bombarded them on a daily basis on how their lives had been improved from the day Hitler became Germany's leader.

    1. Maybe you'd like to give us your analysis of the 4 Christian Crusades too and the horror they inflicted on distants land far from their own.

    2. The 5th one still in progress creating horror and destruction.

    3. Anon (12/25), Your essay about Hitler's role in the devilish Nazism era is quite interesting. I need you to examine further, .. Hitler was relatively ignorant individual,weher did he receive the skill to control highly educated,techno and scientists Germans!!!!??. There must have been organized power used him as a tool actor and he did his job. Morsi is in the sames situation .. look who controls the MBs and use them to trigger scenario(s) to divide Egypt!!!!?? He is more dangerous/effective than Hitler was, since he is far more educated than Hitler andthe masses the MBs enslaving. God help Egypt please..

  10. "If you are looking for hell ask the artist where it is. If you can't find the artist then you are already in hell."

    We should all think about that.

  11. Herrenrasse.
    faschism Afghanepakistans Ägypten.
    A soldier threw a knife at one of the girls who was trying to crawlaway. She was left bleeding in the dirt; no one paid any attention toher. Drunken Kalmuks handed women spattered with blood from oneto another, beating them, forcing them to perform odd acts. I recalled the trains carrying people to the gas chambers and crem-atories. The men who had ordered and organized all that probably en- joyed a similar feeling of complete power over their uncomprehending victims. These men controlled the fate of millions of people whose names, faces, and occupations were unknown to them, but whom they could either let live or turn to fine soot flying in the wind . They had the power to decide whetherthe points of thousands of railroad spurs would be switched to tracksleading to life or to death. One day a boy brought back news from the mushroom fields of aJewish girl found by the railroad tracks. She was alive, with only a sprained shoulder and some bruises. They surmised that she had dropped through a hole in the floor when the train slowed down on a curve, and thus escaped more serious injuries.Everyone turned out to see this marvel. The girl staggered along,half carried by some men. Her thin face was very pale.She had thick eyebrows and very black eyes. Her dress was torn, and I could see bruises and scratches on her white body. With her good arm she tried to hold up the injured one.The men took her to the house of the village head. A curious crowd assembled, looking her over carefully. Terrified, she stared about her with eyes that had blue-white eyeballs and jet-black pupils. The village headman conferred with some of the elders of the village. It was decided that, in accord-ance with official regulations, she would be sent to the German post the next day. In another village ,When he ceased to groan and his body sagged, the partisans hauled out the two hired hands,the blacksmith’s wife, and his struggling son.They opened wide the doors of the barn and threw the woman and the men across the shaft of a cart in such a way that, with the shaft under their bellies, they hung over it like upset sacks of grain. One of them rushed into a house and brought out a small girl of about five.He lifted her high so that his comrades could see her well. He tore off the child’s dress. He kicked her in the belly while her mother crawled in the dust begging for mercy. He slowly unbuttoned and took down his trousers, while still holding the little girl above his waist with onehand. Then he crouched and pierced the screaming child with a sudden thrust. When the girl grew limp he threw her away into the bushes and turned to the mother. With them it was just the opposite. During the day they were all alike, running in their well-defined ways. At night they changed beyond recognition. Men sauntered along the street, or jumped like grasshoppers from the shadow of one street lamp into the next. In the dark gaping doorways there were women with open blouses and tight skirts. Men approached them with a staggering gait and then they disappeared together. In the ruins of a bombed house several boys were raping a girl reckless enough tohave ventured out alone. An ambulance turned a distant corner with a screech of tires; a fight broke out in a nearby tavern and there was the crash of broken glass.I was soon familiar with the night city. I knew quiet lanes where girls younger than myself solicited men older than my father. I found places where men dressed in smart clothes with gold watches on their hands.It mattered little if one was mute; people did not un-derstand one another anyway. They collided with or charmed one an-other, hugged or trampled one another, but everyone knew only him-self. His emotions, memory, and senses divided him from others as ef-fectively as thick reeds screen the mainstream from the muddy bank.Like the mountain peaks around us, we looked at one another, separ-ated by valleys, too high to stay unnoticed, too low to touch the heavens.


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