Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Difference between these preachers and our preachers

This video is circulating in Egypt , of course it is too late now but I found it interesting. It is a video for a famous Islamist preacher called Imran Hussein who is speaking about Egyptian constitution. He is furious from MB and believes that constitutions are made by consensus.

Of course Sheikh Imran Hussein does not know that not only Christians withdrew from the constituent assembly but actually also Non Islamist Muslims and there are many Muslims who are against this constitution.
Sheikh Imran Hussein is speaking about consensus when the Muslim brotherhood and Islamists are speaking about Majority Rule.
Of course Sheikh Hussein would be more angrier if he listened to the MB unethical propaganda and their supporters from alleged sheikhs like Abdullah Badr and Abu Islam.
Here is Abduallah Badr who turned to be an imposter !! He is not Al Azhar graduate
Badr is describing Amr El Lithy , the former President's adviser as a "Pimp son of pimp !!" Ironically the ignorant bastard thinks that Sakina Fouad is a belly dancer !! Or this disaster
Abu Islam , the radical Salafist Sheikh who burned the Bible at US embassy on 9/11 is attacking Bassem Youssef is the worst way ever !! "He is mocking Bassem's manhood saying that he should wear Niqab because he is hotter than Laila Elawy!!" Abu Islam also added that clerics do know and say who will go to heaven or hell based on the Holy Book !!!
 Sheikh Imran would have a heart attack if he heard Abu Islam that God smears in Holy Quran so it is ok to smear !!

Here is a compilation of more Sheikhs' rudeness , I will not translate if as it is enough for Arabic speakers

There is a huge difference between Hussein and those self appointed sheikhs who are now the biggest danger on Islam in Egypt !!I do not know if Hussein's experience around the globe made him different especially with the fact that we have been suffering from major social and cultural problems that gave birth to this new specimen of self appointed Sheikhs and clerics.
It is just sad


  1. dear zenobia the constitutions are approved by election.so just rest u and other liberal wait another election of people house !!!!!

    1. That is what you wish, but you will not get it. Mubarak was elected too and we made him go away. So will this constitution and so will all you religious fanatics ISA.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong but was it not you Zenobia that was jumping up and down demanding Free Speech and Freedom of expression and who was with the opposition all the way wanting assurances that Egyptians could be free to say whatever they wanted to politicians, celebrities, the media and whoever is in the street?

    My Dear be careful what you wish for and be very very careful about demanding things without looking into the implications of the demand.

    Get used to people being insulted and ridiculed and slandered and libeled and joked about on TV and the effects it may have on their children and families because you cannot demand it then decide you don't like it when it happens to affect someone you like.

    This my dear is your first taste of Free Speech.

    You want more of it, and for it to be unrestricted by the MB or Parliament or constitution or courts.

    Well get used to the taste of it and get used to a lot more of it.

    You can't have it both ways my Dear. Egyptians have a lot to learn.

  3. by the way

    you might also reconsider the line

    "Ironically the ignorant bastard thinks that Sakina Fouad is a belly dancer !! "

    That my Dear is called slander in law. Look it up. You might just find yourself taken to court by Abdallah Badr himself. In fact I see two counts there. One of slander and one of libel because it is not spoken but written form. Mr Badr could very easily take you to court challenging your right to free speech. Check out George Galloway and how many times he has won his case in the courtrooms around the world where people have said things about him and he has taken them to court.
    In a world of free speech you have to be very aware of the rights of the victim of your free speech. They too have rights and access to the law courts. Just a warning so you realise the depth of the danger of too much free speech if it includes slander and libel as yours above does.

    1. I see some kid is using law terminologies here like kids believing who are believing there car toys as real cars. Wake up.. and if you have anything against zeinobia's article contents discuss them, agree or use counterpoints, don't spend your empty mind's energy explaining the legal meaning of the term "bastard" . OK we know you want to advertise your law knowledge, but it is boring here.

  4. Be careful also when using English words you don't know the meaning of.

    'Bastard' as you called Badr means a person born out of an unmarried relationship.
    If Mr Badr wanted to he could challenge you in a court to prove he was the product of an unmarried relationship ie his mother was not married when she had him.
    If he had DNA tests to prove he was then you could in essence be found guilty of libel and have to pay compensation or do jail time or both depending on the emotional aspect the trauma caused him.

    Welcome to International Law Zenobia.

  5. Sheikh Imran Hussein talks about having 2 parallel systems one based on Sharia and the other is the current conventional law. He does not know that it has already been done in the banking system in Egypt and other countries. Islamic banks products are very similar to conventional banks products and provide fixed return or interest which are based on conventional banks interest rates. Here is a very interesting article written by a Muslim banker explaining if Islamic banks are really Islamic.
    I really feel sorry for Bassem Youssef because he is so good about what he is doing but I don't think his show is suitable for the Egyptian culture. Egyptians and Arabs in general are very sensitive when it comes to dignity and pride. A lot of people, even here in US, will not accept themselves being a satirical subjects specially on TV in front of audience who are laughing at them. I would be surprised if his show lasts for long unfortunately.
    I believe that it is difficult, but not impossible, to beat the Muslim brotherhood and salafis in the next Parliamentary elections if the opposition powers continue to be divided. If the revolutionaries "squeezed a lemon" and voted for Morsi, they can squeeze another lemon and cooperate with Shafik's party to win the next elections.

  6. Dear Zeinobia, alhamdulillah that you write, you bring information and smiles, you are a light of sun in the darkness of the Egypt of today, (where for example some ignorants dare in your blog to threaten you, like fascists as they are). I follow you from Italy, I have lived in Egypt for many, many years, and I studied arabic, my ex-wife she was egyptian, and Egypt is my second country, I have a blog myself and try to spread yours and your reports always very nice and interesting. I agree with all what you say, don't feel scared by those closed and fascists minds that are not men enough to discuss because they know their ideas are weak and sound opportunistic to everybody. A message for all dirty bastards salafi, ikhwani, fascists....: I am sorry for good egyptians I know, but I am happy that in a while you will all starve, Mursi will have to implement mesaures of IMF and you all will be rejected by the egyptian population that will understand you are just "tuggar din", you are exploiting Islam for you purpoese exactly as Catholic Church did, you even created "wilayat al faqih" in egyptian version, haram 'alaykum...DEFEAT ANY KIND OF FASCISM!!!

  7. What a huge difference between the preachers. Will look up more on the first on youtube. The last two are extremely vulgar. Obviously Bassem Yousef had struck a nerve with the last man.


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