Wednesday, December 12, 2012

RIP #AbuDief : Another Black Day for Media in #Egypt

Egyptian Journalist El Hossainy Abu Deif passed away today after a week in coma following his head injury last Wednesday at Presidential Palace Clashes. Abu Deif , a journalist working in Al Fagr newspaper was shot when he was covering the clashes last Wednesday, when he was on duty. He was taking photos of the Muslim brotherhood supporters while standing on the protesters' side when he was shot.
Abu Deif at Presidential Palace
El Hossainy was shot in his skull and he has been in a coma for a week in a clinic death condition. Abdel Kader , El Hossainy's friend who accompanied in that last assignment says that his friend was shot down in particular and that his camera was stolen in chaos after he was shot down.
Abdel Kader has not yet written his full testimony on that awful day but he said on twitter Abu Deif was hit 3 times with bird shot yet he decided to complete his job and in the end the MB shot him with live ammunition.
Now officially the death toll of the Presidential Palace is 10.
From short while ago thousands of protesters , journalists and activists held a funeral for the latest martyr of press in Egypt in Tahrir square. His funeral prayer was held at Omar Makram mosque.
Abu Deif's funeral at press syndicate
At the syndicate before the funeral
Abu Deif's funeral at press syndicate
A the syndicate before the funeral
The funeral started with a protest at the journalists syndicate in Cairo where hundreds of journalists and activists gathered at the famous staircase of the syndicate chanting against the Muslim brotherhood like "Sell, sell , sell the Revolution Badie" , "There is no God except Allah and the Muslim brotherhood are the enemies of Allah" , "Oh Hossainy you hero , your blood will liberate a country" and "Down with the Brotherhood's rule".

There was sadness and anger in the stand.
I was there for certain time but I had to leave before the coffin would make it to the syndicate to go to work.Oddly enough in the same building , at the 5th floor the MB detainees who tortured on that bloody were speaking in a press conference !!"
Here are photos from the funeral's later
Talaat Harb street , Abu Deif got a flag now "@Mena Fekry"
The funeral in Tahrir was big at late night "@seldeeb"
I knew later that his fiancee Ms. Siham El Wakeel was leading a march outside the New Kasr El Nil hospital chanting "Down with the MB rule". Ms. El Wakeel considers the MB from her enemies right now.

Now when it comes to the MB ; Salah Abdel Maksoud , the MB minister of information visited Abu Deif and claimed that he was a MB and that he was shot while he was in the MB side !! The irony is that El Hossainy is hardcore Arab Nationalist Nasserite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boldly enough MB leading figure Essam El Arian mourns Abu Deif in cold blood
Freedom and Justice Party English Portal also claims that Abu Deif is a MB member too !!!! I can not believe this amount of lies they are spreading !!
Here is the twitter account about Husseiny Abu Deif "@abojan25" and on December 4th,2012 late Abu Deif published interesting series of tweets about a deal between Al Gama'a Al Ismailiya and MB on how to disperse the Presidential Palace sit in.

Strangely on December 4th,2012 Khairat El Shater did have a meeting and Assam Abdel Maged of Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa.
I will post that tweet from December 1st,2012
This is my last tweet before going to defend the revolution in Tahrir , if I get killed , I do not demand from you anything except completing the revolution.
I want to say something , it is unfair that Egyptian journalists are thrown to hell like that without means of protection whether helmets or vests. Yes it was a direct live ammunition to his head but still I feel that we are too exposed. 
May Allah bless his soul and all other Presidential Palace martyrs from both sides.


  1. May he R.I.P. away from a hateful world

  2. MB don't like journalists.


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