Thursday, December 13, 2012

A true Banana Republic

When Mohamed ElBaradei once criticized the way Egypt is being ruled comparing it to a Banana Republic state , people mocked him as usual despite it turned out that it was true : We live in Banana Republic. 
Yesterday the general prosecutor "appointed by President Morsi" Talaat Abdullah decided to transfer the East Cairo district attorney Mostafa Khater to Bani Sawif. Mostafa Khater is the district attorney who released the detainees tortured and arrested by MB members during the Presidential Palace Clashes.
The decision was a shock especially that we found a memo presented by Khater and the Heliopolis East Cairo district to the Supreme council of judiciary demanding their return to judiciary and revealing shocking details about the decision of Abdullah to transfer him.
A copy from the memo from Wael Abbas

The memo from Wael Abbas
According to what is mentioned in the memo , Abdullah tried to interfere in Khater's work demanding him not to release the detainees so Morsi would not appear bad. Khater could not keep the detainees for the leak of evidence incriminating them already.
Now today the general prosecutor has cancelled his decision not for any reason but let's say the district attorneys are extremely angry all over the country and the MB needs them to supervise the referendum !!
The MB is extremely angry that Khater released the detainees which president Morsi declared as thugs in his inflammatory speech last Thursday.
Not only that the East Cairo district attorney already detained couple of MB and FJP members with arms
Strangely three days prior to this sudden we find Dr. Ahmed Rushdie , a leading member in the Muslim brotherhood , Freedom and Justice Party as well Morsi's presidential campaign stated that Khater will be transferred from his position because he released the detainees.
From @NermeenBedair
How does an official in a party "even if it were a ruling party" know the future decisions of the General prosecutor who should be independent from any partisan or political attachment or affiliation !?
Sadly enough Khater is being defamed and attacked madly in the MB media claiming that he was Ahmed Shafik's legal adviser!!
Because lying is not good , our friends who got Online search habit found out that that Khater was the representative of the Prosecution in the famous Mubarak's trial and he was praised day and night in their websites and media !!


  1. Ahavat Eretz Israel12/13/2012 04:57:00 PM

    Finally! Like I said before: Egypt is a banana republic LOL

    But even that is better, than IRAN

  2. "How does an official in a party "even if it were a ruling party" know the future decisions of the General prosecutor who should be independent from any partisan or political attachment or affiliation !? "

    NOW do you see why my position is that Egyptian democrats must build up a new and separate law & justice system rather than working with the powers-that-be?

  3. Egypt needs to fire every policeman and start from scratch. Obviously as we all know they are not real police and have no clue at all about detective work, in fact they know nothing at all about police work. Can you imagine one of their top so called detectives being put into an office in Scotland Yard for instance. All he would be good for was making the tea!!! The real problem is we have now real investigation service and that is a fact. No point in blaming the PP when we have no police to investigate these crimes on both sides I may add because there are plenty videos out there of the opposition shooting guns! A justice system CANNOT function UNTIL it has a proper police force, not some illiterate boys as CSF and thuggish cops who only know how to take a bribe and nothing else. To fix the problem focus needs to start at the root of it.After all. Wasn't that what 25th January was all about? 25th January! National Police Day!

  4. correction
    Egypt IS a banana republic

    50% illiterate and the other 50% thinking they are Einstein

  5. There is an ugly tone of contempt in some of these comments. Egypt is suffering a terrible tyranny -- but it has heroes of principle like this district attorney. Today the prosecutors are demonstrating against Morsi's appointed prosecutor flunkey -- in how many other countries are abuses (not limited to Egypt!)opposed at such obvious risk to career? And what about the ordinary people who fought back, in such numbers, when Morsi announced his decree Nov. 22? And by the way, being illiterate is a serious problem, but some of the worst fools have been to school, whereas illiterate people made the French revolution.
    -- Jared Israel

  6. Could you please translate Ahmed Rushdie's tweet into English? It would be a great service!!


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