Wednesday, January 16, 2013

And the brotherhood blames the Christians for #Badrashin now !!

Of course this is semi-official directive as it seems : Blame the Christians in Egypt as well ONTV for the horrifying Badrashin train crash.
Officially the MB will not claim that Egyptian Christians and ONTV channel are standing behind the tragic accident but their unofficial media from Facebook Pages of their MB members are spreading these sad and disgusting claims like fire in the past 48 hours.

Exhibit #1 

From “We are the MB youth , know us correctly !!” , we find this photo and FB status saying :

  • The Assuit Train driver : Youssef Yonan
  • The Badrashin Train driver : Samuel Gergas
  • Upper Egypt torched train driver : Mansour Youssef El Kmos “In 2002”
  • Upper Egypt torched train assistant driver : Ashraf Naguib Takla
We will not say that this is a conspiracy but are the Christians specialized only in driving in Railway Egypt !? Or they do not show up except in disasters only !!??

Exhibit #2

And this is from the top MB youth stars aka artist Ahmed Al Mogheer. “I do not understand what kind of arts he presents to be honest” Al Mogheer published the above exhibit with that comment “The Nation’s partners {in reference to Christians} unite with the the National salvation Front” !!
Screen capture by Nermeen Bedair
Of course Al Mogheer had another theory : It is the opposition and the evidence is that disasters always happen in Morsi’s term before his big decisions to create public anger.

According to some source Al Mogheer is close to Khairat El Shater’s office. He was among the MB youth that participated in the Presidential Palace clashes and he is reported to the prosecutor office like Abdel Rahman Ezz.

Exhibit #3

From “The MB_Beat” {what kind of name is that !!} published this conspiracy theory by a MB member in Assuit called Dr. Mohamed Essam El Din who claims to be working in media. “Here is an op-ed by Essam El Din in the Muslim brotherhood’s official website in Assuite attacking Bassem Youssef” 

Dr. Essam El Din claims that there is a conspiracy by Sawiris in order to bring down the MB and his proof was that ONTV live was the first to reach to the crash site.
Ironically Naguib Sawiris sold ONTV to Tunisian Media Tycoon Tarek Ben Ammar last month !!
The Egyptian people are slamming these claims on Online in the social media.
SO much for tolerance. This shows you what we are dealing with. This is too much for individual behavior , it is a group thinking. It is published and spread by members in the brotherhood including influential young members like Mogheer or local members like Essam El Din.

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  1. May I prepare an online list of exhibits that suggest that the earth is flat? :-)


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