Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You knew that he was anti-Semitic but you pretend you did not see or hear anything !!

The White House was shocked to hear and see that President Morsi in the past may consider the Jews as the grandchildren of pigs and Monkeys. Senator John McCain raised the topic too thanks to the New York Times’ report about the videos of Morsi in the past.

For the record the video people are sharing about the grandchildren of pigs and blood suckers, Morsi did not say specifically he meant the Jews. The video is edited and he was speaking mostly about Zionists but what said commonly mentioned to insult the Jews.

Mohamed Morsi and his administration think that the American and the Western media are fool enough to believe that Morsi’s statements were tempered and edited to appear like that as well taken out of context. 

But the Western media is not fool because attacking Jews and not Zionism only is part of the Muslim brotherhood’s literature and it is enough to hear the chants and the slogans of the MB rallies in solidarity with Palestine especially the Past. I think MEMRI
got huge archive for the Muslim brotherhood. It is not a new thing. What is new that superficial shock, yes superficial shock of American administration.

The American administration knows very well about how the Muslim brotherhood looks to the Jews and Zionists but it had to act like this after the New York Times’ report in order to keep its image as a fighter of anti-Semitism in the so-called free world.

What was shocking and surprising for Egyptians for real is how Mohamed Morsi and the official MB’s talk changed after the elections when it comes to Israel , Jews and Zionists after years of seeing the MB attacking Mubarak for using the similar talk with Israel and Zionists. I do not understand how after years of attacking Mubarak because of the Qiz agreement , the MB does not only ignore its cancellation completely as they demanded the ousted president but rather extended it in Egypt !!

Of course the hateful talk needs a long post. It is enough to see what the MB members write about Christians and even other Egyptian Muslims who oppose ideologically and politically to know there is something wrong , something hidden has appeared on the surface.

I know very well how positions change people and what is in the heart is in the heart but .. these double standards make many people angry. This is what Bassem Youssef was trying to say in his show last week.

I am not that shocked that the Muslim brotherhood in the leadership changed its talk as politics is truly dirty but I am truly shocked that the MB leaderships are deceiving its young members claiming that the opposition icons and groups like ElBaradei and April 6 Youth are working with the Americans, Jews and Zionists to bring down Egypt.

I ca not take it anymore from the MB double standards honestly.


  1. Check this link to read an excellent article written by Ahmed Eleiba of Al-Ahram explaining the US strategy in dealing with the MB.

  2. Let me get this straight, you are complaining about the MB not deepening the economic turmoil in Egypt by not only canceling QIZ but also with the consequences that will result. So the critique here is that the act in the Egyptians best interest?

  3. Can't really see what you are in such a flap about. Morsi's line is quite plausible. Muslims per se do not hate Jews! It is quite clear that respect for the people of the book is a central tenent of Islam. It would be a heretical position to claim we should harbour any hatred to Jews or Christians when the Quran ehorts us to believe in "all the prophets and make no distinction between them". So for him to qualify his comments as specific criticisms of zionism and the isreali state, make sense. The underlying racist hatred of Egyptians in general is of course wrong, as two wrongs don't make a right. But neither Morsi nor the MB carry the can for that it is a general attitude borne in a large part from to the current global political situation (but nevertheless wrong).

  4. Well, I think this is called Takiya . Am I wrong?

  5. Dear Zenobia,
    Tell me who your friend are, and I will tell you who you are.
    Muhamed Ali Pasha built modern Egypt by working with Ottoman and French Empires. Wasting time being friend with losers brings only loss, befriending a no-one takes one no where.
    If you are really interested in lifting Egypt and Egyptians out of poverty, ignorance, and illness, then chose your friends judiciously. The President only concern should be the safety and prosperity of his people..

  6. Antisemitism, not Antizionism, is a foundational doctrine of the Muslim brotherhood. Hassan al-Banna made the jews responsible for the Holocaust and antijewish pogroms were organized by the brothers many years before the foundation of the state of Israel. What is left to say?

    1. You are drunk
      How can a semite be anti semitic! Arabs are semites!

      Secondly pigs and monkeys are mentioned in the Quran and I was talking to someone today who said that the Quran talks of Jews being turned into monkeys and pigs for disobeying Allah.

      That he was saying that is why we can transplant a pigs heart and a monkeys heart into humans. I thought you were Muslim Zenobia and knew about the Quran and the pigs thing

    2. "How can a semite be anti semitic! Arabs are semites!"

      Durka durka. Now that's what I call takiya.

      That old trope no longer works. Antisemitism means anti-Jewishness.

    3. The Muslim Brotherhood is indeed one of the reactionary Islamist forces who were anti-Jewish and they are responsible for all those pogroms during the 1940s. But to say the word "descendants of apes and pigs" mentioned in Quran is simply untrue. The phrase as it is in reference to Jews does NOT appear in the Quran contrary to what Islamists claims it that way. There is however a Hadith (typically disputed) that Muhammad's wife, Aishah, once described Jews as "brothers of apes" when a group of Jews did not address the Prophet properly according to her, although the same Hadith reports that the Prophet saluted the visiting Jews. This reference is used by contemporary Islamists to justify their language of today. But if one believes in evolution theory, we are all descendants of apes so this should not be insulting to us evolutionary theory believers.

  7. I suppose President Morsi could benefit from anger management class as well as a few old time classes on "How to win friends and influence people"

    This kind of language doesn't play well across the globe really.
    All he does is play into the victim mentality for all the Jewish people, which they will proudly use and point a finger to Egypt now.

    Not a smart move on his part for a politician, imo.


  8. "The Pagan Rabbi "1/18/2013 01:37:00 PM

    The Country against the Pagan Rabbi, the berk and Wall Street Associated.
    While these characters seem metaphoric,they actually are exhibited in reality.but ,to give them some credit,they only exist in a reality that is only their own,and not that of others.Characters like these are always seen as a way to get the discussions going in society, with the purpose of just that,discussing.How do they represent society?Do they really mean anything much at all? If their commercial and televised success is a factor of representation,then you could at least include the egyptian talk shows as representatives of egypt's society. And if one argues that they are representatives by the measure of their current influence, how exactly can you measure that? Is that just when the pagan rabbi says that his victory was a big inspiration to the islamic pretentious cause of a whole country,and this is where he derives his influence?.Or is this influence something more intangible?! The whole pathetic scenario has to include the berkish ,seemingly patriotic secular nationalist,who in reality is the associated member of wall street, with such unhidden impudence. But for all their achievement!, as the year ended, the quality of what they have achieved,in terms of palpable solutions to a disgruntled population, is less than heartening. It sometimes seems that they do actually believe that their eminence has increased throughout the last period !. Their speech has become prolix but not profound. They communicate with smaller and smaller audience with perpetually and historically downsized expectations.May be Wall Street has gotten the message.By they reverting to support the pagan rabbi as an appeasement to the faulty islamic ,socially castrated, sentiments,they are only engaging in stupid tokenism.Thinking that this tokenism could be a corner stone for action.It is not.


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