Saturday, January 19, 2013

#Jan25 : The big conspiracy of #McCain , #NSF and Homeland security again #MB and #Egypt !!

This news was published from two days ago on the official Website of Muslim brotherhood in Egypt in Arabic.
A Screen Capture for the news !!
Ikhwan Online knew that former State security officer M. M who is currently working in the Passports authority in Qalyubia security directorate had a meeting with 4  officers from the Homeland security “formerly known as State security” in the governorate at his office in the directorate !!
The sources assured that the goal of that meeting is to discuss the visit of Senator John McCain to The National Salvation Front and how to implement the American instructions to the front in the upcoming period especially in the upcoming anniversary of the January 25 revolution.
I can not keep myself from wondering from Ikhwan Online reached to that secret and exclusive meeting. Also how the official website of the Muslim brotherhood says that McCain gave orders to the National Salvation Front regarding next  January 25 anniversary , well McCain met with Morsi and Muslim brotherhood’s officials as well.Did he give them orders too !?
This news is a copy cat from the Mubarak media in a disgusting way !! You got now Americans+Homeland Security+National Salvation front X The poor Muslim brotherhood.
Of course this news will not be found in Ikhwan Web and probably if you ask Gehad El Haddad about it he will deny it and probably the news will be removed afterwards
Again this is the official website of Muslim brotherhood in Arabic in Egypt.


  1. How long would take Egyptians to recognize and admit to the fact they are pawns on a chessboard and the like of MBs are stronger controlling pieces like knigths but all pieces are in control of the players hands like US, Britain and ...yes Israel. By keeping compliants and easy to handle with ($$&guns) in the hands of their players, they will keep being the pawns .. May be they enjoy it !!!.

  2. Oh how the anons love their conspiracy theories. Why don't they use their names or are they a part of a conspiracy?

  3. And the controllers like to use the term "conspiracy" to stop the pawns from having "questionable attitude" to diagnose the evil plans to play them. At one time the "Lavon affair", " the Iran Contra affair ", "the Poisoning of Arrafat", even "the death of Nasser" and "the death of Ashraf Marawan" ... were all considered (Conspiracy stories) Do we still consider them as such !!, or do we need to be smarter and keep asking what is the real plan for us!???

  4. Shouldn't the focus be on US senators interferring in Egypts politics!!!!!

    Why the continual attacks on Egyptians all the time instead of the real culprits!

    1. McCain never did and never would give any orders to any Egyptians. It's a moronic idea, and anyone taking it seriously has a single-digit IQ. Even if he were a member of the Obama administration he wouldn't do that. Which he isn't. He's just a Republican senator.

      What "real culprits" are you talking about? Oh, you must mean the Jews.

    2. Agree, even though Anonymous!
      It is moronic to think orders from a Senator to a sitting government. Can't happen. But those who propagate the ludicrous idea of "Bad America, source of all evil", as well as those who blindly follow them in the age of internet, are responsible for the misery of the twenty million illiterate Egyptians living below poverty and misery.
      It seems that some intelligent being would wake up one day and realize that the most prosperous countries in the middle east, do not have this cultural craze of "Bad America, bad west, source of all evil". Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Maghreb are not ruled by subscriber to this type of nonsense.

  5. The Jewish lobby (Money) controls the Congress when it comes to US foreign policy rules pertaining to Israel's safety. The Muslim Brotherhood reached power with US approval, and this means the provision of services. Therefore, Congress will not intervene, unless there is some dramatic excess or unless the Brotherhood deviates from the framework of its understanding with Washington. In any event, the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo understands the rules perfectly and has no intention of breaking them.

  6. First you Jason have no idea what Mc Cain did or did not do since you were not privy to any meetings.
    Mc Cain does not come here all the time to see the pyramids and smoke shisha.
    He is here to deliver instructions and to report back to the Jewish Congress.

    1. Uh huh. The Jews control everything. ;)

      If he were going to report his findings to the Congress you'd think those clever Jews would have chosen a Congressman to do their bidding rather than a Senator.

  7. A few months ago I noticed the French president apologizing to the Algerians for the Algerian occupation by France,that was the signal that something was afoot in France targeting Algeria, but you cannot directly take Algeria you have to take it indirectly, through Mali, there you have it. Oil/Uranium/Africa, up yours BRIC.

  8. Watch it guys, you think outside the board, you are like "conspiracy minded".....hehe. Consider this proposal: What about Egyptians need to include constitutional amendment calling for " The Right to Bear Arms" ?? No I didn't misspell it,I meant 'Bear Arms' not 'Bare Arms' as the MB may like to consider it !!!.


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