Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year in #Syria : #Mleha celebrates new year El Assad's way !! "+18 Graphic"

The new year in Syria is just like the old year !! There is no difference as people continue to be killed in hundreds on a daily basis and the negotiations with El Assad's criminal regime are still held reaching to the usual back end.
Earlier today a horrifying massacre took place in Ghouta area in Mleha to be accurate where El Assad's air forces shelled a gas station blowing up whatever around it and whoever in it !! The images coming from the scene are horrifying . Warning:Extremely Graphic

These are the injured who survived the horrible attack The photos are horrifying by all measures.
They were real human !!

These are the less graphic photos I found by far !! I do not want to apologize because I feel that as member of world community brags with humanity and so on , I believe that we should apologize to those late humans and their families because the world could have stopped this massacre like many other massacres in Syria if it acted in the same way like it had done in Libya. Of course in Libya there is oil !!
By the way do not be optimistic that Syria will return fast on track after the fall of El Assad regime , this man left too many wounds and injuries that can not be healed fast or easily.


  1. It would not be like this if the terrorists did not invade Syria. Can't you see the U.S./Israel/Qatar/Saudi/Turkey want the arab world to fall under the rule of the Ikhwan? Are you that blind?

    1. terrorists didnt invade syria thats a myth. it is people fighting for their country, normal people that live there and didnt flee. Stop believing the dogma.

    2. Correct @ 08.55.00pm This is the proof!!! Wesley Clark, Supreme Allied Commander NATO, testifies in this 2-minute video that the US planned to overthrow seven countries after 9/11: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran. If you are in any doubt what is really going on watch this very short confession of US policy

  2. Man, I feel sick from seeing that.

    Egypt has respectable armed forces including a decent air force. You should go in there and kick out Assad. But it seems you'd rather sit on your butts and whine about America and Israel. Just do it, faggots. If the West helps either side you'll just blame Zionism. There's nothing in it for us.

    Your Air Force could use the practice. You need to prove your credibility after Israel destroyed all your planes in the six-day war. Perfect opportunity. Not kidding, Z. Armed forces, like other professionals, need to stay in practice.

    1. Yes that would be the typical zionist reply. Kick them out. Let me tell you this. If it were not for Golda Meir crying on the phone begging to be saved there would be no problem here in the ME. You are only there because of your thuggish, war loving, immoral, ignorant and dumb big brother.Once he finally ditches you and the noose around his neck we can all be shot of you for good!

    2. "If it were not for Golda Meir crying on the phone begging to be saved there would be no problem here in the ME."

      Wow, you are delusional. By the way you seem to think I am Israeli. I'm American.

  3. I agree it should happen like Libya.. but yes, no oil. I blame China and Russia for voting against the no fly zones many months ago. those countries leaders dont want the same to happen to them when their people decide to uprise.


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