Thursday, January 3, 2013

#Chomsky and #UAE lecture

I can not believe that I will spend my time denying and repeating that Professor Noam Chomsky did not speak about Egypt and UAE in the so-called lecture in Columbia University from two days ago as spread by Muslim brotherhood media !!
The MB claimed that Chomsky spoke about Egyptian revolution and why the UAE is fighting the revolution and Morsi as Dubai will pay a huge price if Suez canal zone is developed !! This talk is used in the current confrontation and on going war between UAE and Muslim brotherhood.
According to my knowledge Chomsky did not say this.
First of all you can check the official website of the world famous professor to know if he spoke in Columbia university or not.Here is the talk section
The last time Chomsky gave a lecture in Columbia university was in October 2011.
Second the news is published in untrusted news websites whether Al Masryoon or Youm 7 , they are untrusted. Already it was published for one hour in Shorouk Newspaper without the knowledge of Emad Hussein , the managing editor and it was removed after knowing it was fake news.
I do no think that Shorouk is untrusted newspaper.
Third a tweet called "Aabed Saud" allegedly sent directly to Professor Chomsky asking him about those allegedly statements and the man denied these statements completely.
Source : Nermeen Bedair
Now when people began to search for the source of this news spread like among Islamists and Muslim brotherhood's supporters , we found out that it started as another Facebook Status page copied among the MB without any mention to Chomsky from near or far.

Dr. Ali El Zeftawy publishes the same claims in MB FB group
The case of detained Egyptians in UAE is extremely important yet it will not be solved through such rumors that will deepen the fight between the two regimes for God sake.
The last screen capture is by @Kazakhelo


  1. Zeinobia, those arrested in UAE are in fact members of the MB. But that wasn't what caused the crisis. The UAE govt found out that someone in the UAE govt (ministry of education) was an Ikhwan. That is the real crisis.

    MB have infiltrated all levels in Egypt (army, police, judiciary, intelligence) and will spread throughout the gulf slowly till they declare their "Khilafa".

    Tunisia is under their control, Egypt is, Syria will be once Qatar/Saudi/US/Turkey get their way, Jordan will then become the next in line and ending with Hamas taking over the the West Bank.

    This line of MB will establish a Khilafah that will eventually be destroyed by Israel like the 67 defeat only even worse. Thus, Israel and the "jews" would have appeared to "beaten" Islam (even though us educated ppl know Ikhwan have nothing to do with Islam)

    1. You are absolutely wrong. The last undoubtful military victory for the Zionist state was 1967. After that:
      1. 1973: clear defeat and the Zionist Aggression army was driven away from the Suez Canal.
      2. 1978 Lebanon: invasion ended up with a war of iteration.
      3. 1982 Lebanon: invasion, war of iteration, long siege ended without a military victory or cage show for PLO leaders in Israel, another war of iteration, and withdrawal to South Lebanon Republic pocket.
      4. 2006 Lebanon: War without any result, except body counting race
      5. 2008/2009 Gaza - 1: read point 4
      6. 2012: Gaza -2: read points 4 and 5. Add to that, they were scared from entering Gaza and resistance rockets reached further occupied cities toward the north.

      The Zionist state is counting it final years...they know it is coming... and they believe in it.

      By the way, the Khilafah will be announced in Syria.. not in Egypt. That is why the Syrian regime is getting behind the scene all the support.

  2. Noam Chomsky is a moron. Typical Chomsky quotes:

    ON POVERTY... “if we ever get anything like a kind of just society, things like my standard of living may very well not exist. In that sense, there will be, I think, material deprivation in some manner for a large part of the population. And I think there ought to be.” (Interview, Black Rose, No. 1, 1974)

    ON THE HOLOCAUST... “I see no antisemitic implications in denial of the existence of gas chambers, or even denial of the holocaust.” (Quadrant, Australia, October 1981)

    ON 9/11... “for the first time in history the victims are returning the blow to the motherland.” (La Jornada, Mexico, September 15, 2001)

    ON AL-QAEDA... “It’s entirely possible that bin Laden’s telling the truth when he says he didn’t know about the [9/11] operation.” (9-11 [Seven Stories Press, 2001], p. 60)

    ON LIBERATING AFGHANISTAN... “Western civilization is anticipating the slaughter of, well do the arithmetic, 3-4 million people or something like that... Looks like what’s happening is some sort of silent genocide... we are in the midst of apparently trying to murder 3 or 4 million people...” (Lecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, October 18, 2001)

    ON LIBERATING IRAQ... “But here’s a way to liberate Iraq... No US casualties, no threat to Israel, good chance of bringing democracy... Help Iran invade Iraq... They have a fair chance of introducing democracy.” (Interview, The New Yorker, March 31, 2003)

    You have mentioned Chomsky with approval from time to time, Z. What you like about the addled old communist I cannot imagine.

  3. Anon your statement " even though us educated ppl know Ikhwan have nothing to do with Islam" is right, but the emerging question is; so who do you think the planners for the MB soap opera are?? and what do you believe the ultimate objective for Egypt is? What is the MB development plan for the Suez area?? how can they promote toursims with their beards and hijabs ??? to my simple thinking's tunnel, I believe Israel is behind the MB role in Egypt. Israel wouldn't mind few millions UAE population pretending to be developed by building tallest tower, biggest malls,..etc. Israel woul worry much if 90 Millions Egyptian live at peace, developing and progressing.. to address their concerns MB is doing their Job.

  4. Smart& educated Egyptians need to dig in deeper to explain to the poor masses the huge danger Egypt is on track to materialize. The MB is just a smart tool created by the british and was/is being used by the US and Israel to implement the big plan for Egyptian division. Don't just takemy words on it , I recommend search and reserach, onegood example was written 5(fivve) years ago in al-ahram weekly by Hassan Nafaa* describing how keeping Egypt weak is a lynchpin of Israel's regional ambitions ; follow the link

  5. To be honest with you those tweets by Dr.Ali is just indication on how some people lack basic economics understanding. Dubai mega logistic industry is based around following:
    1. Largest airport (in fact two airport) in the region and 4th in the world
    2. Very strong airline, Emirates, with a network that is literary reach every corner of the world.
    3. Control of major ports around the world and owning two major shipping lines.
    4. Jabel Ali and Fujuriah Port are both owned, managed, and controlled by DP.

    All the above makes it impossible for such development project to compete with Dubai because simply no shipping line controlled by Dubai will use a port Dubai is not controlling. Egypt air need a feeder / receiver in the logistic value chain to be able to grow to a competing level to Emirates Airlines,

    Also Egypt is separated by sea from Saudi and the major industrial/Business centers in Saudi/rest of GCC are far away inland. Assuming we will connect Egypt with Saudi through a bridge, no business man will export his goods to such Suez project and then truck it all the way to these centers (48-72 hours drive). From Jabel Ali / Dubai Airports, it is no more than 24 hours to get your shipment. Simple math: Suez project lose.

    Any Suez canal project, if exists, should be really carefully assessed.

    Going back to the subject: I agree that both sides should calm down and stop these battles in front of every form of media at their disposal.


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