Saturday, January 5, 2013

Not a representative Diplomatic Action

At the same time we got this huge political crisis with UAE , we have got a diplomatic crisis with Cyprus, yes Cyprus and it does not involved the offshore gas fields. It involves our ambassador in Cyprus.

From couple of days ago we read in the Egyptian press that the government of Cyprus apologized officially to ambassador Menha Bakhoum after she was mistreated by the security in the Larnaca airport while she was saying goodbye to some of her relatives. Most of us did pay attention to the news compared to the action going on in UAE. Then we found out that despite the government in Cyprus officially apologized that Mrs. Ambassador slapped a policewoman and that’s why she was detained by the security in Larnaca airport aside from all the Diplomatic laws jazz.

Now part of the incident was recorded on tape and it is not good for our ambassador.

I think ambassador should apologize to that policewoman and apologize to Cyprus as well to Egypt because she did not respect her position as the ambassador of Egypt and slapped that policewoman in that way !!! I think she should be recalled to Cairo. She is not above humans. Slapping a policewoman in that way is not a representative diplomatic answer , Mrs. Bakhoum should have known better.

For all those nationalist Egyptians , I hope that you think what you will feel if an Egyptian policewoman was slapped like that by a foreign ambassador !!

By the way late Pope Shenouda III was also mistreated in Heathrow airport in London in 2008 and had to undergo that airport search despite he had a diplomatic passport. He did not make that scene despite he was the Pope of one of the world’s old churches and by the way UK officially apologized to him and to Egypt then.


  1. I think to non Egyptians we find it quite shocking the amount of face slapping that goes on in Egypt. Your ambassador is just doing what seems to be the 'norm' here. She would not think she had done anything wrong at all. I cannot think of any Egyptian movie where there is no woman being slapped on the face and the women actors in a lot of the scenes crying. Seriously just watch the movies or the TV trailers to upcoming series and they always include a few slaps of women to women and men to women and both to children. To us it is one of the very strange things about Egypt. The amount of acceptable violence within the family.
    That Ambassador has to realise she is not back home in Egypt where she can slap people around. She is in Cyprus where that kind of thing is not acceptable. She should be recalled and made to resign. It would be a good example of Egypt finally recognising human rights and the rights of others not to be slapped by Egyptians. It's truly disgusting and a big problem in Egypt.

    1. We like to beat our women. It is the only thing we get to control in our shitty lives in the shithole that is known as Egypt. Most women provoke it. Bitches. THe unlucky ones get thrown on the street to be raped by the scum of our society. They need to have sex also.

      -The Rapist

    2. Yes you are real men eh! Beating up women and slapping women around. It's disgusting to the rest of us though.

    3. Yes I am sure you do. Brought up on a diet of abuse on TV and crying screaming slapping about and punching does that I suppose when it is seen as normal and acceptable.Sad really.

  2. Famous Egyptian actor Omar Sharif was caught on camera in Doha slapping a young lady in front of the worlds cameras. He would not have seen anything wrong in it at all since all the Egyptian movies have at least a few scenes of slapping in them.

  3. It did not appear in the video that the Ambassador showed any identification of her diplomatic status. So in my opinion the police had done what they were supposed to do in this kind of situation. Actually the Cyprian police did not use excessive force with the Ambassador. I imagine if that situation happened in USA, the Ambassador would have been tackled to the ground and handcuffed on the scene.
    Diplomatic immunity applies only in the host country and not in the home country. That means that the Ambassador can be prosecuted in Egypt for assaulting a police officer.

    1. she should immediately be sent back to Egypt and put through the courts as an example. The rule of law must be enforced by Egyptians for them to progress into normal society. Law must be obeyed just like in other countries. Egyptians need to get used to doing the 'right' thing instead of always the 'wrong' thing. There is nothing smart or funny about breaking the law. It's immature and shows extreme childishness.


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