Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well Actually this will attract gays more to Egypt !!!

The minister of tourism in Egypt Hisham Zaazoo said very interesting statements last Monday’s night on Tahrir TV channel.

He said that there was no fear on beach tourism from Islamist parties like Al Nour Party and Freedom and Justice Party. He also stated that there is no problem to start having hotels for men and hotels for women only if politics forced us to do so !!!

I do not know what to say except this segregation will not appeal to anyone ironically except gays !!! I can not believe it !! What kind of political reasons can force us to segregate between women and men in hotels !! ok what about families !?

I will be kind and say that the man was speaking about segregated beaches , still it will be controversial. 

I am quite shocked that this talk comes from tourism expert veteran like Hisham Zaazoo would say such statements that would really harm tourism.


  1. This falls very accurately with the planners who put MBs to govern Egypt. It align with bringing this country backward enough to keep their neigbours who despice them happy. I may add to your suggestion Zeinobia , they will ask gay men to wear higab .. mmmmh.. Tourism !!!!

  2. First, I saw that short video, and I didn't see anything in it about separate hotels for men and women. I don't even know what this statement means, and I can't imagine any reasonable person saying it, let alone a minster of tourism.

    Second, I am not sure what any of that has to do with attracting gay tourists to Egypt.

    Third, there is not many people, gays or no gays, who want to come to Egypt after looking at those ugly beards and listening to those stupid imported thoughts.


  3. One thing is for sure.
    Tourists will not come to Egypt when they see niqabis and beards everywhere. Look how successful Thomas Cook is in Saudi and Afghanistan!

  4. mursi and MB are trying to ruin Egypt
    as a british citizen with a holiday home in sharm el sheikh i am worried Egypt depends on western tourism


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