Thursday, February 28, 2013

#HarlemShake at #MB Heart and Mind

And the Egyptian youth did it for real and they performed the Harlem Shake in front of the most dangerous place in Cairo and I am not speaking about intelligence or ministry of defense or Presidency. I am speaking about the Muslim brotherhood headquarter in Moktam area. Yes they went and did as promised.
Hundreds of boys went and did the Harlem Shake
Here it is from Al Masry Al Youm
Al Masry Al Youm coverage
Here it is from El Badil Newspaper
El Badil coverage
Here it is from Al Watan Newspaper
Al Watan coverage for MB Harlem Shake
Here is a video from El Fagr portal
Al Fagr coverage for MB Harlem Shake
Here is another video filmed from the joyful event.
Harlem shake at MB HQ
And another video

You must know that there were security forces protecting that headquarter and the Turkish ambassador was visiting the MB HQ during that time. I hope that he enjoyed the dance as it was more interesting and honest than those he met inside that building.
I will wait for the final video online.


  1. I am so proud of our egyptian revolutionary youth. Imagine 25 people shaking their bodies and simulating sexual acts it is so brave and so meaningful. It is important everyone realises the value of apeing western dance crazes. It is so important at this time to show that we value meaningless dance crazes.

    1. well said
      just shows the level of stupidity and immaturity really

      God save Egypt from Egyptians like this

  2. "in front of the most dangerous place in Cairo"

    That is a very strong claim, do you have any evidence to support it?

  3. Thumbs up to these courageous young men.

    1. dumb asses without an original thought in their stupid skulls more like

  4. People there said there were less than 70 turned up for it not hundreds like you report and all the hype they said it was a failure and the pyramids one was much better.

  5. Drudge links to a Harlem Shake in Egypt story, much to my surprise.

  6. What a sausage fest. Where are the Egyptian ladies? Do they only belly dance?

    Also, what happened to my post quoting a hadith that singing and dancing are haram? There was nothing hateful in it. Your editorial policies are unpredictable, Zeinobia. ;)


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