Sunday, March 31, 2013

“Jews of Egypt” in Cinemas now

This is a belated post but “Jews of Egypt” is now in cinemas. Oh Yes it got the approval from the Homeland security , it seems that the noise was good after all. The Homeland security had stopped its screening at first despite it got an approval from the ministry of culture.

“Jews of Egypt” is now screened in three cinemas “Renaissance Cinemas” in Nile City, Sun City and San Stefano malls” in Cairo and in Alexandria.

Several friends went and they think the documentary is really interesting and important. By the way this is the second documentary to be screened commercially in Egypt and I believe this experience means we got a growing market for documentaries. Of course cinemas owners are still not encouraged but may be if there is enough media exposure and people show interest “especially the young viewers”

By the way Amir Ramsis and his film are now being accused by Pan Arab media like Al Quds El Arabi newspaper of promoting for the neutralization with Israel. Well it is not about neutralization but rather to put the spot light on some of our dark unknown history.

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