Sunday, March 31, 2013

And So Bassem Went To The Prosecutor General Office Today ...

And so Bassem Youssef went to the Prosecutor general office today in a big media presence and bigger supporters presence.
TV channels aired his entrance surrounded by fans , producer and guards.It was another show in downtown Cairo , expected when you think about it.
Bassem among his fans and cameras today
The fans brought to him that big hat like the one Morsi wore in Pakistan when he got the honorary PhD in Philosophy and Bassem wore it making fun from the president whom he is accused of insulting.
The big silly hat outside 
Things even got interesting when people found out MB leading provoking figure Sobhy Saleh there claiming that he was sent by the brotherhood to defend Bassem in order to prove that the MB is not against media !! It was a cheap move and of course it will be used by the MB PR machine abroad. Predictably Bassem refused that legal help. Montasser El Zeyat the famous Islamist lawyer also went and announced that he was ready to defend Bassem and he did attend the interrogation.
In the interrogation Bassem denied that he was insulting the president or religion.
In the end after several hours he was released on bail in three cases. He paid  LE 15,000.The fourth case's interrogation has been determined when exactly yet.

Now interestingly he was tweeting about what was happening inside the prosecutor general office in a hilarious way but he had to stop and delete the tweets. Unfortunately I did not take snap shots but others did like Al Masry Al Youm.
The deleted tweets from Al Masry Al Youm
The deleted tweets in sequence 
  • The officers and the lawyers of the prosecutor general's office wanted to take photos with me , is this why I was summoned ?
  •  They are looking for a laptop with Codex App to show the episodes but they did not find 
  •  They brought to us Rani orange juice ? 
  • When they were taking the description of my features , they said "thin and medium tall" then they asked me about the color of my eyes !!! 
Later Bassem Youssef said on twitter that there were pages on Facebook transferring false news about his interrogation.
Al Masry Al Youm reported that the famous Satirist had to delete his tweets by the request of the prosecutor office.

For God sake I read his tweets and it was not wise thing to do in the first place especially he exposed their failure to have Codex app on the laptop in order to show the episodes and how when he arrived. He should not have denied that they were his tweets , he should have deleted them quietly.
Another thing , I could not believe on how news websites dedicated whole pages for every single tweet the man typed in his account. It was really crazy.
Tarek Qazzaz, the CEO of QSoft , the producer of the show is summoned to the prosecutor general's office next Sunday.
Stand up comedian Ali Quandil  is also summoned to the prosecutor general's office next Wednesday . Quandil was a guest in episode 14 and he is accused of insulting Islam. Quandil criticized the performance of Sheikhs in Friday prayer. As soon as it was known that he is summoned to the prosecutor general's office, his segment in the show on Youtube hit the ceiling.Here is Quadil's segment.
Now according from what I understood the episodes causing all those problems are episodes 12,14 and 15.
Here are the episodes

Episode "12"


Episode "14"

Episode "15"

 I will leave the judgement to you.


  1. Bassem, Bassem, we are all with you (and the others who are accused).

  2. Good it seems that it is back-firing already on el-ikhwan and Morsi himself and any publicity is good publicity so at the end Morsi will appear as a fool and el-ikhwan as a bunch of liars and nasty and mean spirited idiots and Bassem will get free and good publicity and I wish him all the best

  3. Tarek AlQazzaz is Khaled AlQazzaz brother (the president's secretary for foreign affairs). This whole thing will be nicely tucked away with a slap on the wrist. And Bassem Yousef will water it down considerably. Mark my words.


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