Sunday, March 17, 2013

#MB guards clash with #Graffiti artists ; Watch #ElMoktam now

Today a group of graffiti artists in Cairo decided to head to the stronghold of Muslim brotherhood aka its headquarter in Moktam. They wanted to draw couple of graffiti paintings attacking MB in their heart and mind location.
Instead of painting graffiti on the wall and to avoid any clashes they began to draw on the asphalt in the street when they were attacked and beaten by the MB youth and guards.
Nour El Din El Mahallawi , a Pro-Revolution young activist living in Moktam wrote in his blog in Arabic what happened today. El Mahallawi was that group that organized the Harlem Shake there.  Nour El Din mentioned very interesting point that is from few days ago the MB guards “not police” detained a group of youth from Moktam one kilometer away from the MB HQ and that group was handed over to the police.
Now the videos and photos coming from the clashes are not that shocking after what we have seen last December 5,2012 at Presidential Palace. We saw a video showing a man slapping a girl called Mervat. We saw controversial activist Ahmed Douma beaten in the same video . “Pay attention on how the girl is being slapped” 
From Al Masry Al Youm
A girl slapped at the MB HQ in that video
We saw a young man people are claiming that he is from “Khairat El Shater”’s security guard smearing and swearing to cut the head of anybody coming near to the MB HQ. “I think he is the same young man Nour El Mahallawi saw talked to him.
At the same time the graffiti artists and activists were there , it turned out that there was a meeting in the guidance office with a delegation from Hamas headed by Khaled Mashel himself. Some sources say that this was a security delegation . Anyhow the graffiti youth and activists were not going to storm the HQ and did not know that Hamas delegation was there !!
Now speaking about the GIS and the MB HQ , there is some interesting info leaked from weeks ago about those unknown assailants who stormed the MB HQ on December 5,2012 during the angry protests there and destroyed the third floor in particular in that HQ. Allegedly that third floor including surveillance and monitor equipment used to spy on Egyptians as well army commanders. The info goes on and says that equipment came from Turkey and Qatar. 
Anyhow back to our main event today , the clash of graffiti artists and MB youth did not stop here because the reporters who went to cover both the clashes and the Hamas delegation were attacked and beaten and their cameras were smashed.
Of course now the MB has issued a press statement claiming that the graffiti boys and girls are thugs and that journalists were accompanying them in support. The statement also claimed that those thugs called the MB bad names and got Molotovs etc…
I am tried from debating what has been recording in video really !! I do not think that offensive words on asphalt road is enough justification to that beating and that attack including beating of women.
Of course I know I will open debate about whether graffiti is legal or not and whether I should accept the graffiti drawn on my house and the difference between the private property or public property. Well I hate to break the news that the Muslim brotherhood as a group has not been legalized yet before we can speak about whether graffiti calling MB is legal or not. The graffiti was drawn on the street. It can be removed so easily but beating a lady like that in the street can be removed from our memory.
Now for those interested that HQ in the MB is not owned by the MB as it is not yet a legal entity. I am not sure of who owns it.
By the way the clashes continued in the parameter between protesters and the security forces that showed up at last. The protesters pushed back away from the MB HQ and the MB boys are standing protecting by sticks ready for anyone thinks to come closer to the Holy HQ.


  1. This is what happens to women who oppose Power in the UK.
    We are all fighting the same pigs Z.

  2. Do you think that any tourists will come to Egypt if they think that every day these young holligans are roaming the streets?
    Do you think anyone will pay to come to Egypt to help save it's tourism sector of they think that there are opposition protesters looting and burning and causing sit ins and blocking traffic and having pitched battles in the streets every night?

    Instead of graffitti these unemployed kids would have been better use to the country painting or cleaning the streets or feeding some poor family or doing some community work.
    Graffiti will not help Egypt recover it's economy and it sure wont encourage tourism to revive believe me.


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